Get along with loneliness

  I have a friend who is 85 years old and has been retired for many years. He has been living in a small county in a peaceful corner. He is sharp-eyed, energetic, and active in thinking. Every day, he captures the local customs and new things he sees and hears, compiles them into simple and plain words and sends them to me on WeChat, and sometimes sends some small comments of his own. People who live deep in big cities have opened a fresh “window”. Not only am I not bothered by the frequent messages of this octogenarian, but I admire him in my heart. His words contain fireworks, and contain his efforts to eliminate loneliness and love life.
  My old friend’s children are not around, and he is not like some old people who like to go out together, or dance and sing. But he has his own way of getting along with loneliness, keeps paying attention to new things in life, and constantly conveys knowledge to friends, relieves emotions, and does not lack casual, comfortable, and optimistic emotional expressions. In my opinion, this is a valuable “solo dance of the soul” behavior, with the wisdom of life, without depression, without complaint, but with a broad “childlike innocence” to capture all kinds of fun and new things in life , and bring spiritual abundance and physical and mental happiness. When life starts an upward mode that suits you, loneliness is no longer loneliness, but a good opportunity to gain insight into life. People can think calmly, have exclusive time and space, do what they want to do, and enjoy The rich connotation of self-satisfaction.
  Loneliness is actually an unavoidable life experience. It is not terrible. What is terrible is that the mentality is not good, which magnifies loneliness, fears being alone, makes the personality become closed, and the mood becomes depressed. When loneliness and loneliness come, the correct attitude is not to be afraid, not to shrink back, to accept yourself bravely, to meet challenges, to obey your own heart, to find the “exit” that suits you to relieve your emotions, to maintain your love for new things, and to devote yourself to it. In a colorful life, such as cultivating hobbies, gathering and chatting with friends, participating in group activities, taking a walk-and-go trip, or observing every flower, every tree, every day’s weather and current events, Or learn a new skill, read a book, write a spiritual monologue, sit down and drink tea, listen to a piece of music… Now on some social platforms, you can also see old people taking videos, writing copywriting, sharing their daily life, busy and happy. In short, let yourself be intoxicated in the beauty of the flowers before the moon and the moon, revel in the ever-changing life, be happy in the beautiful world, accept loneliness, and find the joy of being alone, so that the loneliness will be far away.
  Loneliness, everyone may encounter at different stages of life. In the second half of life, many people’s work and social activities gradually decrease, and their own time alone increases significantly. If getting along with loneliness is a compulsory course in life, then you might as well face it with a calm and open-minded attitude, find a solution that suits you, and maintain your love for life, life will continue to sway and develop new brilliance.

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