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Fitness expert Cameron

  Transformation into a slimming warrior Cameron has always paid attention to physical exercise
   , whether he was a student or after he stepped into politics. So over the years, Cameron has always maintained a good figure. It’s hard to find signs of fatness in middle-aged men. However, after Cameron was sworn in as British Prime Minister, things changed.
   Due to the tremendous mental pressure he endured during the general election, Cameron once lost control of his daily diet. Like many Britons, he has a bad habit of eating to relieve stress, especially meat and sweets, two very high-calorie foods. In addition, after he was elected, he was busy with government affairs every day, and the housework that worried him was one after another—from renting out the house in Notting Hill to the birth of his youngest daughter, and then to the death of his father. Lun’s exercise time decreased again and again. As a result of having no time to exercise, he gained weight rapidly, and his “general belly” became more obvious day by day. At first, Cameron didn’t realize the seriousness of the problem. It wasn’t until one day that he was photographed embarrassingly by the media that he had to take it seriously.
   At that time, the Cameron family was vacationing on Polzeath Beach, and everyone was happy to relax. They didn’t realize that the sharp media had already occupied the favorable terrain on the beach in advance, and lay in ambush there for a long time. Unsuspecting, Cameron was wearing a towel and was about to change into his beach shorts on the beach. In order to keep his face in front of other tourists, he didn’t take off the towel directly, but planned to put on the beach shorts under the towel. However, due to too much fat on the waist and legs, the process of changing the beach shorts became extremely difficult. It took a lot of effort, and he managed to change it after stumbling, but his slightly bloated figure has already been reported by the media. It’s all there in the lens.
   Early the next morning, news with pictures about “Prime Minister Cameron couldn’t lift his trousers on the beach and suggested he lose weight immediately” appeared prominently on major news websites in the UK. Cameron learned the news from his wife Samantha. He smiled awkwardly as he flipped through the pictures showing his thick waist on the web. It seems that things can no longer be allowed to “deteriorate”. Weight loss is imminent, but where should we start? Cameron had a flash of inspiration and had an idea.
   It turned out that as Cameron’s right-hand man, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Craig also encountered similar embarrassment because of his skyrocketing weight during that time. Although neither he nor Cameron can be regarded as seriously out of shape, they have already bulged their bellies just four months after taking office. According to Cameron’s idea, he will start a weight-loss competition with Craig. The two will urge and compete with each other, and the weight loss effect will definitely be twice the result with half the effort.
   When Cameron told Craig about his plan, the latter readily agreed. Next, the two started a weight-loss competition without gunpowder. Cameron not only hired a personal fitness trainer to help him formulate a comprehensive exercise plan, but also picked up tennis, which he hadn’t practiced for a long time, and fought for two hours on the tennis court every weekend. On the boulevard near Downing Street, there was also a figure of him running in sweat. However, Cameron’s biggest weight-loss measure was to give up taking the prime minister’s private car and ride a bicycle instead. This allowed him to lose 7.5 kilograms in three months. Not only did he become more well-proportioned, Mental state has also been greatly improved. Later, when he went on vacation, he no longer had to be wary of the pervasive tracking shots of the media.
   After this weight-loss turmoil, Cameron realized that fitness exercise should not be done before the battle, but a protracted battle. Of course, you can’t be opportunistic, otherwise, you can only swallow the bitter fruit.
  The cycling prime minister who is popular all over the UK
   Speaking of Cameron’s love of cycling, it goes back to when he was the leader of the Conservative Party. At that time, he loved sports and went out by bicycle almost every day. And when he went to have a verbal debate with the then Prime Minister Tony Blair every week, he never took a special car, but rode to and from his home in Notting Hill, West London, and the House of Commons building. At that time, some people questioned that he was performing a political show, creating his own political image close to the people, so as to bridge the psychological distance between him who was born in the aristocracy and ordinary people. But Cameron doesn’t think so: “There is no doubt that cycling can help you consume excess calories, make your body more stylish, and definitely improve your mental state. It is also energy-saving and environmentally friendly. I think This is something that is beneficial and harmless to oneself and others.” Cameron took every opportunity to travel by bicycle, and even sent his youngest daughter, Florence, to kindergarten, riding a bicycle to and fro. Fitness is integrated into every detail of life.
   After the news of Cameron riding a bicycle to work became widely known through the media, many curious Londoners wanted to witness the true appearance of their “bicycle prime minister” on the streets with cars and people. In fact, this is not difficult. With enough patience, it’s easy to spot Cameron in the mornings in casual attire, sneakers and a professional cyclist’s helmet, weaving through the streets on his geared bike. Even after Cameron was successfully elected prime minister, the fitness habit of cycling to work has not changed.
   But once, Cameron’s cycling fitness plan was interrupted because a thief took a fancy to his bicycle and rode it away at lightning speed while he was buying milk in a convenience store, which killed him. The dignified Prime Minister had no choice but to walk home with two buckets of milk. That morning, Cameron took the prime minister’s car to work, which made him very uncomfortable, who was used to exercising by bicycle, and felt as if something was missing throughout the day. Fortunately, the “Sunday Mirror” made a big “advertisement” for Cameron looking for his car that day. The thief didn’t expect that he would accidentally steal the Prime Minister’s head. He put the car back in the same place that night and called Cameron was very relieved to inform the newspaper that he had returned the property to its original owner.
   For a period of time, in order to protect the personal safety of the Prime Minister, when Cameron was riding to work, the guards would drive behind him all the time. This drew criticism from some members of the opposition party, accusing Cameron of making a show with obvious intentions. Seeing that his fitness exercise was so misinterpreted, Cameron asked the security personnel to stop following him. He even carried all the stacks of office documents with him, and jokingly called it “weight-bearing exercise.”
   Under Cameron’s lead and influence, cycling has become a group exercise for the family. Under the vigorous advocacy of the Prime Minister’s family, cycling, a healthy exercise, has also set off a wave of national fitness in London. The London Municipal Government has cooperated with Barclays Bank of the United Kingdom to launch a large-scale bicycle rental program across the city, renting up to 5,000 bicycles to citizens through 315 sites throughout London, encouraging people to join in fitness. Environmentally friendly cycling. It can be seen that Cameron’s fitness role model must not be underestimated.
   For the 47-year-old Cameron, the British Prime Minister is an important job that requires not only wisdom, courage and enthusiasm, but also energy and physical strength. Without a healthy body with all the components in normal operation, it is difficult to complete the task competently. The most important way to get a healthy body is to keep exercising. Today, David Cameron has become an athlete at No. 10 Downing Street, and he has influenced everyone around him with his actions: cherish life, gain health, and start with simple exercise.

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