Canada “sends a smile to the door” for the elderly

   Many people who go to Canada will say vividly that Canada’s Senior Citizen’s Day on June 21st every year is very interesting. This day is also known as the “Laughing Day” because on this day, the gifts given to the elderly by their children are not precious. Souvenirs or tasty treats, but humor and laughter. In the eyes of Canadians, this is the best holiday gift for the elderly.
   A friend of the reporter went out by bus on the day of “Old People’s Day”. Suddenly a few “clowns” came up, they kept dancing in the carriage, and they were still muttering words. A “clown” stopped in front of an old woman, first politely put his right hand on his chest, then bowed to her, and then changed various expressions on his face, which made the old man laugh. Several other “clowns” also found different old people in the car and performed various acrobatic skills in front of them. There were bursts of cheerful laughter in the carriage from time to time. A passenger next to him said: “Today is a festival for the elderly, and the best gift for the elderly is to make them laugh.
   ” On a long day, Ottawa and many Canadian cities hold the “Send the Elderly Laughter” event. At that time, the bookstore will be filled with various humorous books and magazines for young people to buy as gifts for the elders. There are also clowns and comedians performing specially for the elderly in shopping malls, community centers, and even on the squares and streets of some cities. Some volunteers will bring humorous books and comedies to nursing homes to condolences. Some comedians and even politicians On this day, I will go to nursing homes and community centers to “send smiles to the door” for the elderly. On this day, the city channel of the TV station will arrange humorous programs especially in the evening when the elderly have the highest ratings, with the same purpose of “making the elderly laugh”.
   In fact, this “Laughter Day for the Elderly” was originally an activity carefully planned by some chain bookstores to meet the actual needs of Canada’s aging society. , warm, and have a happier mood, so the initial form is limited to the longest day of sunshine in summer each year, arrange more humorous books, and provide special discounts and benefits for the elderly, some stores also specially organize clowns to add to the fun Humorous performances to enhance the atmosphere of the “Day of Laughter for the Elderly”. The activity soon extended to public places such as activity centers in business circles, and gradually developed into a “festival” with a public welfare nature. Many social organizations and individuals will deliberately choose this day to “send smiles to the elderly.”
   However, not every place and every city in Canada has the same date for Senior Citizens’ Day, and some of them will be slightly different. For example, some places set it on June 21, while others choose June 22. Genius is “the longest day of sunshine” Opinions vary, even in different neighborhoods in the same city.
   Some cities, communities, and ethnic groups will also set their own “Old People’s Day”. For example, the Toronto Asian community will designate September 26 as “Toronto International Senior Citizens’ Day”. It has held 11 consecutive events, and some cities and communities will “International Day of Older Persons” (October 1) is celebrated as “Old People’s Day”, and activities such as “Send warmth to the elderly” are chosen to be held on that day.

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