Beggars in Australia also need to “work with a certificate”

   Last month, I flew to the house of my daughter who has settled down in Australia. The next day, my daughter said she would take me to visit Banks Pond, and I readily agreed.
   At 8 o’clock in the morning, we were sitting on the armchairs on the platform of Belmont Railway Station waiting for the train. Suddenly, an old Australian man with a gray beard and a cane came straight to me. The old man stopped beside me. He was very gentleman. Spoken a bunch of foreign languages.
   I don’t know a foreign language, and I don’t know how to deal with the elderly. When the clouds were in the fog, the daughter beside me whispered to me: “It’s a beggar, just shake your head.” So, I quickly shook my head like a rattle. Seeing me shaking my head, the old man smiled politely and walked away peacefully.
   Seeing that the beggar left, I was surprised and said to my daughter: “Don’t you all say that Australia is a paradise on earth? How come there are beggars in such a prosperous place?” My daughter said: “Australia is not full of gold. There are also differences between rich and poor
   . People are so poor that they beg along the street. Among the begging crowd, there are ragged old people and neatly dressed young people. Most of the young people are oily, while the old people are mostly depressed and pitiful. Australian law prohibits begging on the streets Beggars, but most of the police turn a blind eye to them.”
   “It’s as dark as beggars in the world!” After hearing my daughter’s introduction, I couldn’t help feeling like this.
   “Mom, you are wrong. Beggars in Australia are very different from beggars in China,” said the daughter.
   Seeing my puzzled look, my daughter continued: “Strictly speaking, there are no real beggars in Australia. Australia is a country known for its welfare. Government subsidies are divided into categories, such as unemployment allowance, youth allowance, family allowance, etc. Beggars on the street , is a special group, for example, some people are lonely; These beggars are not begging every day. A popular saying in Australia is quoted, that is, “Australians are emperors on the first two days of the week and beggars on the last three days.” After begging a certain amount of money, beggars in Australia, Will use it all to enjoy.”
   “Enjoy again, if you don’t pretend to be pitiful, you won’t be able to get money?” I said.
   “It’s not exactly like that. In Australia, you don’t usually see someone standing up a simple card on the street, writing their tragic experience, begging for mercy with tears and snot. Their concept is that they get something for nothing. Australian beggars generally have a magnificent excuse when begging for money, ‘I don’t have any change, can you lend me two yuan to buy a ticket?’ etc. “Some beggars are ingenious in their begging – using their expertise to please the audience in order
   to Rich ‘rewards’… This kind of beggars are generally some street performers, some of them are even handsome and neatly dressed, without the slightest trace of ‘beggars’, only the paper box containing change in front of them will be begging The meaning is shown to people. ”
   My daughter was talking to me, when suddenly, a burly middle-aged man came from the opposite side. My daughter immediately pulled me up and went straight to the waiting hall. While pulling me, my daughter said: “Look at the chest of that man. Is there a sign with English written on it? “I looked in the direction of my daughter’s finger, and sure enough, I saw a very conspicuous sign pinned to the man’s chest. The sign, with red letters on a yellow background, was as big as an adult’s palm. My daughter said to me: “This Class beggars are beggars with a ‘permit’. The sign pinned to his chest is a ‘permit to beg’ issued by the religious organization ‘The Salvation Army’. He is begging in the name of religion! ”
   “Then why are we avoiding him? ” Are they different from other beggars? I asked suspiciously.
   “Yes, this kind of beggars are generally difficult to deal with. If you don’t give them money, they will pester them endlessly and even fight violently.” Therefore, if you encounter such beggars, if you don’t want to give them money, you’d better stay away from them! As my daughter was talking, the train we were waiting for arrived, and my daughter hurriedly pulled me into the train. A few minutes later, the train roared towards Bankstown.

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