Unforgettable French old man

  Living in France for half a year, I traveled to many places in France, and the few old French people I met during the period left me with a particularly unforgettable impression.
  Restaurateur who sets limits on drinking
  On that day , I went to a French country restaurant for dinner with my friends. The combined age of the restaurateur and his wife does not seem to be less than 160 years old. When we presented the wine menu we ordered, the boss said: “No, no, no, it’s wrong for you to order wine like this. You should know that you should drink red wine from Weissang when you come here.” The guests are tasting the red wine. The wine recommended by the boss is really good. When the wine was down to the brim and I wanted another bottle, he seemed inappropriate and asked, “Who will drive later?” “He!” I pointed to my friend on the opposite side. After hearing this, the boss went to the wine cabinet to look for it, and said: “There is no half bottle left, you can only drink here.” Hearing this, although there is a slight regret, he respects the old man’s hard work.
  Drunk old people also donate blood The other
  day I saw a notice saying that a child was in urgent need of a large amount of blood due to illness. I went to the village office with my friends to donate blood. Waiting for the blood test, in front of us in line was an old man with a red nose and a battered hat who staggered along. The nurse tried many times, but failed to insert the needle into his thick callused thumb. He seemed to find it amused, and asked, “Do you want to find a butcher to help?” The old man groaned, and a grain of blood gushed out. The nurse shook the liquid and asked: “How did you come here?” The old man replied: “You came here by bicycle.” The nurse was a little incredulous: “It’s strange that you didn’t stumble on the road! From the test results, you are drunk “Impossible, I only drank a little wine for breakfast. Besides, wouldn’t the blood concentration be stronger if you add some alcohol?” My friend and I couldn’t help laughing secretly. The nurse asked the old man to eat something and come back near noon. The old man staggered away with a puzzled expression on his face. When my friend and I went to get the blood donation card at noon, we saw the old man again, and he was in the blood donation line again. I thought, this time he must not be drunk.
  millionaire shoveling driveway
  During that rainy season, I stayed at a friend’s country house. One night of heavy rain, the driveway of a friend’s house was severely damaged. He called for a mechanic. Early the next morning, an old truck crawled up to the door and stopped shaking. A man and a woman got out of the car, with round bodies and weathered faces. My friend thought it was a pair of out-of-town villagers who came to help with the work, and they chatted about the change. Changing 喜比佔lang 虾眠 Playing 蚋九┮Huan catfish appearance  hard  Huan catfish Mei Jing Yi beer 6   solitary square  Chun shui 朐   change gang  make rich you loot plant  system Straw H  waiting for the eyebrows   acyl  apologetic flash tearing I lied Nang Ao ⒐ Sword  Xiang 薃 巴 Nie 托 谢 赵 赵 拍 Ding @First Counseling About Nucleation Huang Huai Cricket Yaya Tantu Play   Therefore, the key is not to squat It is said that the French enjoy romance, but I find that the French are actually more industrious, friendly, frank
  , and humorous, especially for the elderly.

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