Time goes by and never turns back

  The years are ruthless and time flies. At first glance, the golden autumn leaves are falling down, weaving a dreamy blanket on the ground and spreading it on the sidewalk. When a gust of cool wind blows, people can’t help wrapping their clothes tightly. It was only in a trance that I realized that 2022 is already drawing to a close. Suddenly looking back at all the things I have experienced this year, I have a lot of emotion.
  Time never stops for people, but people should always think about what to do with time. At the beginning of each year, I will cheer myself up, look forward to what to do in the new year, and continue to learn some skills. For example, learn graphic design or 3DMAX to keep yourself up to date with the development of the digital age. For another example, try delicious food that you have never made before, try to plant a potted flower by yourself, or raise a puppy to make your life more alive…
  On my way from work, I can always meet students of different school ages. The immature and pure face is full of sincere smiles, which will always make me unconsciously infected. I always consciously restrain the smile at the corners of my mouth after passing by these hopeful young people in a hurry. Every stage of life has different troubles, and the life of adults is always less innovative. It seems that looking at the appearance of young people can remind you of the years you spent when you were a child. After all, your dreams were bright at that time. , with a sincere smile, hope for everything in the world is burning in my heart, but the biggest worry is how to get good grades and how to get closer to the person I like… Life is so boring, you should always look for something new
  . Just like walking on the road occasionally in the early morning, I always look up at the clouds in the sky and create an active image for each strange cloud. Sometimes I also think, I am so happy to give fun to clouds, is it because my life lacks this kind of fun, or am I yearning for this kind of fun-filled life?
  2022 is a year in which our country has made major progress and gratifying achievements in various industries and fields, and I am sincerely happy. However, when I look at this joy to myself, I am inevitably a little discouraged. The plans I made for myself accomplish so little, and the more vexing troubles of life ensue. Just this year, an elder in a good friend’s family passed away, and the day of her death happened to be her birthday. Prior to this, my friend gave up looking for a job after graduating from university and concentrated on taking care of her with her father. However, the elder passed away after suffering from illness for three years. After the elder passed away, the cold and thin face contrasted sharply with the rosy and slightly chubby face in his lifetime. Especially after a few hours after the sound of firecrackers, a once-alive person turned into a dark and solemn box, which terrified me even more. I am not afraid of death, but I am afraid that death will eventually take away the people I value. I am even more afraid that I have grown to the point where I need to accept this inescapable pain at any time.
  Every autumn leaves fall, and every year I seem to have different views on fallen leaves, just like in a certain late autumn when I was young, my grandmother, my brother and I stood outside the door, the yard outside our house The knife sharpener here is sitting at one end of the wooden bench he carries with him, and at the other end of the bench are half-polished and half-stained knives, and a whetstone dripping with rusty water. “唰唰” sound. The warm sunlight can shine on the ground through the gradually thinning canopy, and the withered yellow autumn leaves occasionally fall slowly with the breeze, falling in the pile of golden leaves that have been piled up overnight and yet to be cleaned. That year, I thought this kind of autumn was very beautiful, it was golden everywhere, as warm as a pure watercolor painting with warm colors. But this year, the dead leaves are falling as usual. There is no grandma or knife sharpener in the picture. Occasionally, when I think of the light rain in the drowsy sky, the fallen leaves are washed clean and cold. I don’t remember this year more than death, or nothing compared to death. This year, it seems that my own life has just opened a new chapter, but there seems to be a more invisible and oppressive shadow covering me. And I, unable to escape, unable to cope, can only be forced to accept the cruel fate that will come one day. I have never been so deeply aware of the responsibility and weight behind the two terms “adult” and “adult” in the previous year. Fear stems from unpredictability and powerlessness. Such a fate inevitably makes me want to escape, and it is also inevitable to laugh at myself for my cowardice. No wonder some people say that adolescents think that if they are elders, they can do better than their elders, and when they enter the society, they can understand the difficulties of elders.
  Indeed, the achievements and things worth boasting in life will eventually fade into nothingness with the departure of people. All kinds of experiences in a person’s short life seem to be normal compared to the overall development of human beings, and all experiences cannot affect the existence of time. “If you look at it from its change, the world cannot last for a moment; if you look at it from its unchanging, things and I are endless.” At this time, I see that mountains are not mountains. When will I see mountains like mountains? ? Thinking about all this, but seeing another year of flowers flying away.

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