That poor papaya tree child

  I have been waiting for the fruit of papaya, but what I have been waiting for is the news that it is about to wither. Look, it is downcast and silent. I don’t know what kind of struggle it has gone through to become what it is today.
  Perhaps splendor does not need a reason, so does decay and decay. Humans have their own language, it is just a papaya tree, do you still want to shout?
  Perhaps it did cry. I watched its delicate leaves day by day, slowly growing to the size of a palm and shiny green. I used to look at it obsessively, and always thought in my heart: you, you, my dear papaya tree, when will you give me a small papaya? Papaya remained silent, shaking her head in the breeze. It is the bride who wants to be the wind, singing to the wind happily!
  well! My poor papaya tree, Feng’er didn’t feel its love in the end. You see, how busy the wind is! Northeast wind, southwest wind, the world is so big, it wants to wander around.
  Silly papaya tree, it doesn’t know how many lovers this wind has! The mango tree, the kapok tree, the jackfruit tree, the bauhinia tree, the flame tree, the crape myrtle tree, and more… Anyway, I can’t count them all.
  I knew that Feng’er was naughty and cute. Wherever it passes, even the beautiful dresses of the girls are waving to it: “Come, come, dear, I love you, I love you…”
  What a beautiful world this is, a romantic world, everywhere There is beauty everywhere, love everywhere…
  oh! My poor papaya tree, my poor papaya-like child! Your enthusiasm was wrong after all…
  Looking at the wind going away, you still shook your head gently. Under the clear sky of Shenzhen, you raised your head unyieldingly, looked at this beautiful world with a smile, and said loudly: “I am about to decay, I am about to decay, but I have been in this world! I have loved this world, and I am here for you It hurts. Although I am about to leave, I am still a proud and happy papaya tree!”

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