Slow life in Finland

  In the eyes of most people, Finland is a mysterious Nordic country. Many people envy the scenery of Finland, the natural environment full of forests and lakes, the dreamy aurora appearing in the star-studded night, and the Santa Claus with gifts descending from the sky on reindeer… But for me, Finland’s Slow life is the most enviable envy. Watching the Finns jogging in the forest around their homes, fishing leisurely in a boat in the lake, and whispering with a bonfire outside the log cabin in the dark after the Finnish sauna, Christmas markets with colorful lights hanging everywhere on New Year’s Eve… …Finns love life, enjoy life, take their time and take it easy. The end of life is the same, no one can avoid it, can’t avoid it. Slow, everyone feels fast, why do people rush to the finish line? Learn to enjoy the slow life in Finland and learn to enjoy the leisure time in nature.
  Finland is a Nordic country, and winter is always a little bit more than other times. Perhaps only when it is rare, people will cherish it more. In Finland, Vappu Festival on May 1st is their festival to celebrate spring, and people rejoice for the arrival of spring. Love winter and yearn for spring, maybe this is what most Finns think. If you haven’t been to Finnish Lapland, you haven’t been to Finland. Here is a vast expanse of whiteness, which makes people feel joy and peace in their hearts. If you can occasionally see one or two small squirrels or other small animals in the snow, the heat of excitement will erupt from the thick clothes people wear. come out. Walking on the traceless white snow is a kind of fun and a kind of enjoyment. Take a branch, draw a pattern you like, write your own blessings, and leave a trace that belongs only to you.
  In such an environment, take a walk with your own reindeer every day, read a book quietly, go skiing, take a walk wearing big “duck webs”, drink a glass of beer at night, go to the sauna, count the stars, watch the aurora, Finland The day is over for the rice people, simple and merry, as they say. Are you bored? It’s okay to play snow football, roll in the heavy snow, or knock out an ice hole, sit for an hour or two to catch a few small fish, or take out a shotgun and shoot a snow fox to make a scarf. Raw but true.
  To be honest, Finland is not very lively, and sometimes people feel that this is an empty and quiet place. But that’s it, in the forest, by the pool, on the snowy lake, sitting on the bank or fishing small fish, or drinking a small wine, watching the little squirrels and little hares running and playing in the forest, I can Sitting happily and obsessively for a day, my heart is completely at ease, I have nothing to ask for and nothing to fear, like a child sleeping peacefully in a cradle, looking at what I have, thinking about things far away. Finland also has lively places, but that situation is more similar to Tai Chi, where there is stillness in the movement, and strength in the softness.
  Finland is a country close to nature. It is naturally beautiful. Although the country is not big, it has the reputation of the country of a thousand lakes. Forests can be seen everywhere, and all eyes can see the freshness of nature. It does not have the smoking factories in industrialized cities. Everything pays attention to design, everything pays attention to environmental protection, and pays attention to the integration of man and nature. There is space everywhere in Finland, which allows people to breathe freely; a country or a city does not lie in the number of beautiful buildings, but in the fact that there are free spaces around the buildings, making them a dense and well-organized beauty. A normal family of three or four has its own small yard around the house, planting some flowers and plants, attracting butterflies and birds to inhabit, watching the elderly lying on the deck chairs and bathing in the sun, it should be regarded as enjoying the happiness in China Bar.
  Bai Yansong once said that it is increasingly difficult for Chinese people to be happy now, because they are not peaceful, so they are not happy. The ancients were smart and turned many reminders into Chinese characters, so that people can understand them anytime and anywhere. Take the word “blind” apart, which means “eye” and “dead”. It means that the eyes are dead, so you can’t see. So what about “busyness”? Don’t let your heart die because of being busy. Once your heart dies, what’s the point of running around?
  Recently, a Finnish friend came to China on a business trip to chat with me. He has a very stable and superior job, and his contract is due in one month. Baby, change his wife out to continue working before maternity leave. Although I have lived and studied in Finland, I already know that there are many families in Finland where the husband takes care of the children and the wife goes out to work, but when my friends actually practice it, I will still be a little surprised. My friend said: “Why not, the child only grows up once in childhood, if I can’t make time to grow up with him in my life, what is the meaning of my life? My wife has enjoyed a year of hard work and It’s good, now it’s my turn.” Happiness is not only when you have everything you want, because desires are always endless, and happiness becomes far away. Happiness is not owned by all members, but a state of being in grace all the time. Take control of yourself, cherish the present, don’t put yourself in a package, and mail it to a future that has no address to deliver. It’s great. Children accompanied by their parents are happy, and parents accompanied by children are happy. Looking at the smiling and confident eyes of the children in the photos, I think this is the continuation and the future.
  Don’t lose your patience, let life slow down, listen to a performance carefully, read a book in its entirety, enjoy a pot of tea leisurely, chat with your parents, play games with your children, talk to your lover, and friends Let’s talk about my thoughts… Some things need to be pursued hard, but not everything needs to hold a mentality of robbing. Everything should be fast, accurate, and fast. The letters and diaries in the past have now become text messages and blogs. , and now we are in the era of Weibo and “headline parties”, communication and exchanges have become shorter and shorter. There are so many scenery waiting to be appreciated on the road, why should people be in such a hurry to get to the finish line. Do we suddenly stop and laugh like the man in the Mexican fable: “Going too fast, the soul is left behind, I’m going to wait for it.”
  Yeah, we’re all going too fast. But who is going to stop and wait? If you go too far, will you forget why you set out in the first place? Don’t envy Finland’s slow life, don’t care about other people’s opinions, touch your own heart, as long as it is still there, you are your yearning.

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