Life is beautiful because of its own splendor

  The blooming and falling of flowers are all scenery, and the sunrise and sunset are also beautiful scenery.
  Youth and old age are both life, and so are youth and old age.
  In the early morning of autumn, I strolled in the community, and the gentle breeze brought coolness. The autumn in the south is still full of flowers, which is gorgeous, and I can’t help but feel happy. Walking and walking, I can’t help but find that there are flowers scattered on the green lawn. This should be the natural law of autumn. I am not sad about autumn. I calmly appreciate the colorful fallen flowers here. The bright green is dotted with bright pink , It’s really beautiful. Going forward, I suddenly found a twig in the bushes, I couldn’t name it, and there were dots of buds on the branch. When I was pleasantly surprised, I suddenly said to myself: “Spring in autumn?” Not far away There is a clump of pink flowers in front of the temple gate. I walked quickly under the tree and saw yellow-green carambola hidden among the branches and leaves. Isn’t fruitful fruit the norm in autumn? However, nature is too all-encompassing, rich and magical, but no matter what kind of state it is, it is a gift from nature. As long as you appreciate it with joy, it can bring you unparalleled beauty. .
  Similarly, in the early morning of autumn, I came to Jiangtou Park. The flowers, plants, trees, pavilions and pavilions in the park have long been covered up by the lively crowd of morning exercise, which has a good chance to show the world. Men, women and children in the park are a beautiful scenery. Old women practice Buddhist exercises, old mothers dance square dance, folk dance, fan dance, old aunts do aerobics, and there are ballroom dancing, brisk walking, shuttlecock kicking, badminton, lion dance team and so on. There are also some people who like quiet sports: playing cards, playing Taijiquan and Taijijian, writing big characters on the ground… Activities alone are also very exciting: those who practice martial arts, those who do morning exercises, those who watch live broadcasts on mobile phones and learn aerobics from the anchor … The children are even cuter: a three or four-year-old boy is standing in front of the old mothers dancing in the square, twisting and twisting, like a leader, and there are elementary and middle school students running… a small Jiangtou The park presents the positive and uplifting attitudes of people in the world, reflecting the rich and colorful beauty of life.
  Different postures of the world are beautiful, and life is also beautiful in various poses and with different expressions. The same is true of personal life status and lifestyle, no matter whether you are poor or rich, no matter how humble or noble; whether you are full of children or grandchildren, or alone, every kind of self-improvement and independence, as long as it suits you, is your best life Way. I used to have hesitant days, entangled, depressed, looked away, let go, proved myself with practical actions, comforted my parents and those who cared about me, and the days were still calm. I have also been a matchmaker for many people, feeling their confusion and hesitation, as well as their parents’ anxiety and expectations. Human nature is also the only way for everyone. But please believe in yourself, look at the world with a smile, yearn for it, and blossom on the ground, all choices will be the best arrangement, and all arrangements will be the most beautiful scenery.
  Life is wonderful because of their differences, and life is also wonderful because of their own!

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