India’s ‘alien murals’

  In July 2012, Indian archaeologist J.R. Bhagat discovered cave paintings in Chhattisgarh, India. The murals depict silhouettes dotted with red and yellow, exuding a unique sense of presence.
  Researcher M.J. Parnaias said: “Although they are designed based on ordinary people, the heads are too large. The hands are a different color from the head, body, and are obviously different from the drawings of people around them. The law is different.”
  Although it is very similar to human beings, it is not human.
  As Banaias said, although there are human-like objects drawn around the strange figure, its appearance is obviously different, so it is also possible to explain it as something foreign. Also, the fact that disc-shaped objects are painted on the ceiling of the same space cannot be overlooked. Parnaias described it as “the flying saucer-like shape that pop culture said in the 1950s and 1960s.”
  Could this strange-looking figure come to the earth in a disc-shaped object? And the murals should be painted under a big theme, namely the flying saucer and the “people” who came on the flying saucer, as well as the earthlings who guard all these. Perhaps, the entire mural is a wide perspective to show the possible occurrence of ancient contact with extraterrestrial life.
  Biological anthropologist Dr. Michael Masters said, “There are many similar paintings that survive in other ancient civilizations.”
  In the murals, there are many cases of wild animals as the theme. If we use the word “normal” to describe these things, then these murals with the theme of discs and things with obvious human-like appearance may have the qualifications of being a prehistoric heritage.
  Among the disk-shaped objects on the Chhattisgarh murals, there are radial beams and columns, and there are parts that resemble windows. Although the exquisiteness of the pattern cannot be compared with the Mayan Palenque sarcophagus, it is enough to remind people of the “ancient astronaut theory”.
  Anthropologist Dr. Kathy Strain said: “Since it is described as a core theme, it should be an important thing.” Archaeologist Dr. Ed Bernhardt disagrees, “will I think there is a high possibility that the images that appeared in the shaman’s mind were actually painted on the mural.”

Chhattisgarh state in central India. It is said that there are many murals painted 10,000 years ago in the caves here.

  ”This is actually a clever trick to put people into a limit state through hallucinogenic herbs and fasting. The disc-shaped object on the ceiling is definitely not a UFO, but it just shows the sun shining in broad daylight.
  ” Isn’t the nature of objects depicted in Tisgar’s cave paintings the original impression of UFO by ancient people?

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