I’m in Poland and I’m a UNICEF volunteer

  With the advent of a winter snow, Poland has officially entered winter, because of the time zone, the time difference with China has also become 7 hours. It dawns earlier and gets dark earlier. I once heard a friend who went to school in the Northeast say, “In winter, it gets dark after 3 o’clock in the afternoon.” At that time, I didn’t believe it, it was dark after 3 o’clock. It’s not like half the day is dark. At this time, Poland, which has entered winter time, is exactly the same as the Northeast. It is bright at 5 o’clock in the morning and dark at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. In the evening when the weather is good, I stand in front of the window of the dormitory to watch the moon rise from the sea level, from the hazy orange to the bright moon in the sky, from yellow to white, the bright white moonlight is no different from the moon in China, the magnetic field Strength pulls my steps. Time dissipates in the scenery, and I am eager to unlock new life experiences and explore more unknown scenery.
  At the end of November, the Christmas holiday is still far away, and the school is already warming up for the St. Nicholas’day (St. At the same time, there is also a fundraising activity for UNICEF to contribute warmth and love to children in Ukraine. I hope that students who want to be volunteers can contact the teachers of the International Office. The number of places is limited.

Volunteers in festive attire.

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  Smith once said three sentences. The first sentence is: People are selfish. If a person is not selfish, if he doesn’t even love himself, if he gives up on himself, then others will not think highly of him. But the second sentence of Adam Smith is precisely the negation and supplement of the first sentence. This sentence is: people are also sympathetic. He will take other people’s happiness as part of his own happiness, and turn other people’s painful feelings into his own pain. Human beings are born with this ability. This is the capacity for empathy, which is the basis of all our love. At the same time, his third sentence is: sympathy will become weaker as the distance between people gets farther. And in my eyes, volunteers are the bridge that brings people closer to each other. We use love to call for the compassion of all species called human beings living on this earth, and don’t lose the ability to empathize because of distance.
Volunteer activity site

  St. Nicholas’ Day is here. After getting up in the morning, I prayed that today would be a good weather, preferably without wind and snow, with clear sky, and people could spend an unforgettable day together with tea, soup and good weather.
  The official event starts at 11:30, but volunteers should arrive at the event venue in advance to prepare. So, at 10:30, I had already set off from the dormitory to the activity place in the main building of the school.
  I went to the teacher to get a volunteer ID card and a donation box. The blue donation box said “UNICEF”. “UNICEF” is the abbreviation of United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. The blue collection box is like the change box of my childhood, with a cutout at the top for dropping money, and a tight sealing strip at the bottom. After the fundraising is over, only the staff of the foundation can open the box, count the amount of donations, and complete the entire fundraising process. The money will be used to help children in Ukraine.
  Bringing the work badge and the donation box, I glanced at my watch, and it was only 11:10. 20 minutes before the official start, I hugged the box and started wandering around the event site. What grades will I have today, and how should I start my volunteer activities? Is it possible that there are very few donations today, and the biggest donation comes from myself. The beginning is full of unknowns, and I am looking for other volunteers. Because it was too early and the other volunteers hadn’t arrived yet, Ruirui, a Chinese student who came to the activity site with me, was making a video call with her family. Suddenly I heard Ruirui calling me, “Senior sister, I want to donate.” That’s how I opened my business!
  The first donation came from my countryman, the lovely freshman Ruirui, and I would like to thank her sincerely. Then, I took out my wallet and gave my heart as well. And just like that, I made two donations before other donors arrived. I imagine that the moment the donations are delivered to the children, they will know that there is a place in this world called Gdansk, which is in Poland. A big sister from China raised the money for them.
nice “job”

  A smooth start bodes well for a good day. The crowd slowly gathered, and the students who arrived one after another received activity cards with different patterns and contents from the teacher. When two activity cards with the same pattern were combined, they could go to the activity table to exchange for gingerbread and drinks. When the teachers saw my volunteer card and donation box, they smiled and handed me an activity coin, asking me to find my “destined person” to exchange for gingerbread, and praised me for “well done”. Holding the donation box in my hand, I didn’t have the slightest intention to look for “good people”. Compared with gingerbread, I hope to raise as much money as possible. But who knows, my “destined person” came to me by himself. She dropped a coin in my donation box, then took out a card with the same pattern. I got a 3rd donation at the same time that the patterns came together as one.
  At the gingerbread place, I finally met other volunteers. They were dressed in appropriate red and white festive outfits and handed me a Santa hat, wishing us all a successful completion of our “work” today. They are always there if I need any help. I immediately asked: How can I better complete my work and raise more charitable funds? The boy with the brown pupils answered me: Go to a crowded place and let them see your donation box. We set off together to a crowded place, and sure enough, many kind-hearted people threw coins at us. But at the same time, we all found that when three donation boxes appeared together, people would not know whose box to put in, even though we were all volunteers working for “UNICEF”.

  A cute girl with a sweet smile walked towards us. She looked at the three of us, walked straight to me, and put the banknotes in her hand into my donation box. I happily thanked her: “Thank you, are you Polish?” She replied, “Yes.” I thanked her in the Polish I learned from my roommate: “Thank you, have a nice day.” Girl Surprised me with a big hug and the same wishes. This hug made me feel so warm. It was actually a cold day, and my hands were a little numb before this hug. Our interaction was seen by the other two Polish volunteer students, who smiled at me and said, “It seems that you have studied well, then you should work hard, and we are going to work.” Then, our 3 The small group of people became myself again. But I have already mastered a lot of “skills” in fundraising. I will thank the Polish students with a sincere smile, thank them in Polish and wish them a good day; I will thank the international students in English and send My best wishes; I thank my compatriots in Chinese for their kind donations; I will sincerely thank all the donors and praise them “you have a heart like gold”. These sincere wishes not only make those donors feel happy, but also make me full of passion.

Volunteers use collection boxes with seals.

Gingerbread Exchange for fundraisers.

Distinctive gingerbread.

  At this time, Charles, an American volunteer, came to me and said to me with some frustration, “Volunteer friend, is your work going well?” By the way, it sounds like my “results” are good. Frustrated but assured, Charles said to me, “You’re a good volunteer, it’s my first time volunteering in this country, but I’m finding it hard, people aren’t that willing to donate.” He felt useless . I told him earnestly that no matter how small the contribution is, maybe we can form a team together, like the Polish volunteers, to mobilize everyone’s love. So, in the following time, Charles and I formed an international team. Carrying candy baskets, we sincerely thanked all the donors with smiles and returned candies. Sincere and full of warm smiles, many people came to us on their own initiative. Not only did we receive a lot of coins, but also large banknotes. Someone even put such a large banknote of 100 zlotys into the donation box. As I told Charles: even the smallest contribution counts.
  We worked together to raise funds for Ukrainian children regardless of each other. This actively attracted school and TV station staff to shoot videos, leaving us with images of serious work. A great sense of happiness and satisfaction fills our hearts. It was very cold, and my hands were too cold to bend. When Charles saw it, he took off his gloves and handed them to me. In the last minute, the teacher came to us and told us the arrangements after the end, and reaffirmed our dedication, our work and our kind deeds. After the teacher left, Charles suddenly took out a large amount of banknotes from his pocket and put them into my donation box, and then told me with certainty, “You are the best volunteer I have ever seen.” I also took out the money I had prepared early in the morning notes into his donation box. When the moment of the end came, we hugged tightly. A day as a UNICEF Volunteer, comes to an end.

  The school’s official website posted a group photo of me and Charles for fundraising, and announced the results of our fundraising that day, which was gratifying. After seeing the news, I only had one thought in my heart: I want to be an influential person, do more things that can help others, and use my influence to pass on this kindness and sincerity to more people who need warmth. It doesn’t matter where I go, it doesn’t matter who I meet, the places I’m going to are the hometowns I’ve never met; the people I’m going to meet will all become my friends. I can’t choose how to live or die, but I can choose how to love and live. I hope, world peace.

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