Focus on interests rather than positions

  Two men are arguing in the library. One wants the windows open and the other wants them closed. They bickered over how much to open the windows: slits, half, or two-thirds. There is no one way to satisfy the requirements of both parties at the same time.
  The librarian came over. She asked one of them why she opened the window, and the man replied, “For fresh air.” She asked the other why she closed it, and the man replied, “I’m afraid of the wind.” After thinking for a while, she went to the next room and opened
  it A window, so that the two people can breathe fresh air without being blown by the wind.
  This has become a classic example of “focusing on interests, not positions”.
  When listening to others express their views, what you should focus on is not only their position on this issue, but more importantly, through listening, you should understand their potential requirements, needs, values, concerns and priorities, that is, ability Let them stand their ground.
  In other words, the question is not just “what do they want”, but “why do they want it”. This is what your response ultimately has to address.

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