Coconut crab encounters in Malaysia

  I went to Malaysia with my friends for vacation. We lived in a remote seaside resort with not many tourists, so that we could better experience the charm of the tropical seaside jungle.
  On a sunny afternoon, my friend and I were basking in the sun and chatting on the beach. Suddenly, there was a muffled sound behind us. Looking back, it turned out that a big coconut fell on the beach. It was fresh, and my friend and I ran over immediately Look carefully, when we were approaching the coconut, my friend suddenly screamed: “There is a spider! It’s a big one!” I looked on the beach, and sure enough, there was a quite big octopus monster, about the size of a coconut. Big, I’ve never seen such a big spider, and my friend and I turned around and ran away in fright.
  After returning to the hotel, I told the owner about this experience. The owner laughed and said, “That’s not a spider, it’s a coconut crab. Because they eat coconuts, they are called coconut crabs.” Coconut crabs can be said to be The overlord of the coastal jungle, they live ashore after completing their metamorphosis in the sea. Adult coconut crabs generally weigh 2-5 kilograms and are very large. People who see coconut crabs for the first time will be frightened. They use their flexible claws to climb the tree, then use their powerful pincers to cut off the coconut, and then peel off the coconut shell to enjoy the delicious food. The strength of the coconut crab can be seen, and it is no joke to be caught by it. It is precisely because of the existence of coconut crabs that it is very dangerous to enjoy the shade under a coconut tree, because a coconut may fall from the tree at any time. After listening to the owner’s introduction, we are still afraid of coconut crabs and dare not go to the beach. The owner waved his hand and said: “Don’t worry, coconut crabs have a good temper, and don’t look at coconut crabs as scary, but they are It’s delicious in the world, and I’ll invite you to taste the taste of coconut crab tonight.”
  When it was time for dinner, the host really steamed two coconut crabs for us, and the overlord on the coconut tree became a Chinese meal, still majestic and imposing. Break open a piece of coconut crab claw, and a fresh fragrance rushes to your face. Take a bite, the taste is even more delicious, a bit like lobster meat. The belly meat of coconut crab is fat, delicious and chewy. The most delicious part is the crab roe at the tail. Compared with the crab roe of ordinary crabs, it is more mellow and fragrant. The locals call this crab roe crab paste, which is very delicious. It’s addictive.
  Encountering coconut crab in Malaysia is the impact of an exotic culture and the enjoyment of primitive style. Unforgettable trip to Malaysia, unforgettable overbearing and delicious coconut crab.

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