Clean up the house full of material desires

  In 2007, American David Karp founded Tumblr, a creative blogging platform. This light blog provides a more convenient platform for bloggers to publish and share logs. The company’s growth performance has been good, with annual revenue reaching hundreds of millions of dollars. Yahoo bought the company for $1.1 billion in 2013.
  However, Karp, who is only 26 years old and has such a social status, lives a very simple and low-key life. Although he travels a lot around the world, he walks or rides his motorcycle to Tumblr headquarters almost every morning because it’s cheaper than taking a taxi. His employees say he’s always looking for ways to get rid of things, and that even Cap himself is extremely “finish” and skinny, making him look like a teenager whose body hasn’t grown yet. It is in this way that calories are burned.
  Karp’s $1.6 million, 1,700-square-foot apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is his only luxury. He doesn’t like to show off and is a minimalist. Forbes magazine described his room as “a spartan bedroom with half-empty closets”. His living room is empty except for a table, sofa and TV. When Cap traveled, he carried only the lightest luggage, hoping to be able to move freely. Even Tumblr, Karp can’t tolerate its bells and whistles, he made it more simple and intuitive, of course, this also won him a very high return.
  ”I’m always amazed when people fill their houses with all kinds of stuff,” Karp said. Continuing to fight for Tumblr is his biggest goal. He said: “My biggest dream and ambition is to be able to work for Tumblr thirty years later and develop products that are used by hundreds of millions of people.” It is precisely because Karp is far away from the fetters of material pursuits that he can relax , devoted himself to his own pursuit, and achieved success beyond the reach of ordinary people.
  Compared with Karp, our life must be much more complicated, because we always feel that there are many material interests to pursue, and we always feel that our house still needs many things to fill. So we spend more energy on comparisons, showing off wealth, showing off wealth, pretending to be cool, squandering, and even ignoring the difficulties of our family and the hardships of our parents, complaining mercilessly and “gnawing on the old” greedily.
  The ancient Greek thinker Socrates said when passing through the bustling square of Athens: “I have always been interested in seeing how many things I don’t need in the market.” But we are often just the opposite. He also said: “Others live to eat, I eat to live.” “In this world, what else do we need besides sunshine, air, water and smiles!” Doing nothing has created his brilliance and immortality.
  Many things are not because of necessity, but just because of habit. We are used to making our lives so complicated, but we rarely stop to ask ourselves, are these really necessary? In fact, as long as the heart is simple, the material life will naturally be simple. Complicating life in vain will only put shackles and burdens on yourself. Simplifying life and purifying the mind will improve the quality of life and make us feel relaxed and happy!
  Clean up the room full of material desires and leave room for healthy development of life! Let us live a simple life and achieve an extraordinary self!

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