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  ”It’s 24:00, it’s time to suppress the cloud” “I’m emo again” “You’re in love too? I’ve been sick for days”…Many people have seen such sentences on the Internet and were confused Water, what are “Internet Suppression of Clouds”, “Emo” and “Jade Syndrome”? It is a very popular Internet term in the past two years.
  ”Net Ease Cloud” was originally an app called “Netease Cloud Music” from the Internet company NetEase. This app is very popular because of the song list sharing and comment functions. Later, people found that more and more song list sharing. They are all sad music, and these music are accompanied by many comments about sadness, loss, depression, loneliness, etc., and there will be more such comments in the middle of the night. Open this APP in the middle of the night, You will find that everyone seems to have experienced unbearable pain. Everyone is a “big writer” of sad literature. 9 out of 10 users are depressed. It seems that there is no sad story to use this app to listen to music. Over time , People changed the original “NetEase Cloud” to “Net Ease Cloud”, which means depression in the “cloud” on the Internet. Part of this title is the resonance among these “sad users”, but part of it is the irony of other users’ comments about this “groaning without illness”. The meaning of “emo” is similar to that of “net suppressing cloud”, and it is also a product of melancholy culture and mourning culture on the Internet. “emo” was originally a genre of punk music, Emotional Hardcore, which means emotional hardcore, emphasizing real and profound emotions. The expression is opposed to rational analysis, and the lyrics are mostly fanciful verses or personal confessions. However, in Huo   Xi  Si Qiao  × Su An Zhong quilt site lock 裰 裰 outfit small ⒂ timid 舻 milk 卣 莎  commission  weft flash Shu 癳mo” is a new word on the Internet. Compared with “net suppression cloud”, The usage of “emo” is more diverse. When anything goes wrong, you can say “I’m emo”. The directionality of “Yuyu Syndrome” is very clear. This word comes from a short video platform and is a homonym for depression. .Nowadays, many people add “Jade syndrome” to their personal tags, and often use “I’m jaded” on social media to express low mood, melancholy or even depression, but many people also use “Jade syndrome” “It is used to satirize people who say that they are depressed. Although these words come from different sources, the final point is almost the same, that is depression.

Hippocrates is known as the father of medicine.

Emo was originally a rock style. Meaning emotional hardcore, the typical image of emo is wearing tight jeans, with long black hair, characterized by impulsiveness, sensitivity, and melancholy.
The Past and Present of Depression

  Depression is a very terrible disease. It is different from melancholy or depressed mood. If the two belong to the psychological level, then depression is a group of symptoms including psychological, spiritual and physical levels. According to relevant reports in our country, 10%-15% of patients with severe depression end their lives by suicide, but unfortunately only 12% of people know that severe depression can be fatal. Statistics from the World Health Organization show that depression has become the second largest source of disease burden after cardiovascular disease. In fact, the observation and research on emotional disorders such as depression and depression did not appear in recent years. Many people do not know that people’s research on depression began in BC.
  In ancient times, depression was the main feature of mood disorders, and people usually used depression to describe it. It was not until around the 19th century that the word depression began to be used, and systematic scientific research was carried out on this disease. As early as the 4th century BC, the ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates, known as the “father of medicine”, noticed the impact of depression on people. He may be the first to describe depression as a specific disease. people. According to Hippocrates, the main features of depression are depression, anorexia, insomnia, irritability and restlessness, which is very close to the description of depressive disorder today. Hippocrates believed that depression is a disease caused by biological causes. His theory holds that there are four kinds of body fluids in the human body, namely blood, mucus, yellow bile and black bile. The proportions of these four kinds of body fluids in the human body are different, but they are in a balanced state. At this time, people are healthy , but if the fluids are not in balance, then disease can result. Hippocrates believed that melancholia was caused by an excess of black bile, and that the disease was associated with autumn, cold, and dryness. Aristotle suggested that the melancholy temperament might be associated with creativity and intelligence, arguing that it is often found in philosophers, politicians, artists, and writers.
  In the 1st century AD, two doctors from Ephesus had new views on the theory and treatment of depression. Solanus first believed that depression and mania were chronic diseases related to loss of sanity. He proposed to improve The treatment of physical health can also improve mental health, and psychological intervention is also a kind of treatment for patients. For example, he believes that inducing patients to fall asleep with the sound of water drops can alleviate the symptoms of patients.
  For a long time afterward, many cultures generally accepted that humoral imbalances were the cause of depression, but different approaches to the treatment of depression evolved. Ibn Sina, an Arab medical scientist known as the “Father of World Medicine”, also mentioned melancholia and humoral theory in his far-reaching book “Canon of Medicine”, and he believed that both body and soul would be affected by melancholia , and advocated the use of persuasive talk as a form of therapy. It has been suggested that this may be the forerunner of cognitive behavioral therapy.
  In the Middle Ages, due to the influence of religion, people’s views on depression changed significantly, and they began to believe that mental illness was a symbol of immorality, sin and evil, and for patients with mental illness, people no longer involved doctors in diagnosis and treatment. Instead of healing, let the clergy intervene. In this way, people began to think that depression was a challenge to religious belief, and patients with depression were inevitably demonized, and many patients were burned to death on the stake like “witches”.
  In ancient my country, there were actually studies on depression. The “Huangdi Neijing” in the pre-Qin period had the concept of “depression” disease. The book not only recorded emotional words such as “sorrow”, “unhappiness”, “worry” and “fear”. , It is also believed that excessive emotions will cause damage to the five internal organs. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, Chinese medicine’s understanding of depression within its own system had matured. In the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Jingyue recorded in “Jingyue Quanshu Depression Syndrome”: “Whenever the five qi are depressed, there are all kinds of diseases. Depression. If there is emotional depression, it is always from the heart, and the disease is caused by depression.” Today, with the development of science and technology and the improvement of medical level, people have a new understanding of depression. Depression is a A type of complex disease is a comprehensive manifestation of a huge system, not just caused by a certain reason. The first is the genetic level. Depression has a certain family heredity. Comparative studies have shown that genetic factors can account for 30% of depression, and abnormalities in some brain regions can also lead to depression. In addition, the influence of drugs and the imbalance of the biological clock may cause depression, while the stimuli brought about by changes in the external environment, traumatic experiences in childhood, and stress in life, etc., which we usually think of as psychological factors may only cause depression. a part or cause of However, for depression, which is such a complex disease and various influencing factors interact with each other, people’s research on it is far from thorough, and there is room for further development in the diagnosis of depression, but no matter In some ways, depression, while relatively common, is nowhere near as prevalent as it is on the Internet.

Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the mental health of South Korean young people is on the red light. Relevant statistics show that in the first half of 2020, self-mutilation behaviors frequently occurred among people aged 20-30 in South Korea, and the number of people receiving depression treatment is also increasing.
Transformed into a synonym for personality

  Today, depression is such a common label on the Internet that people seem to be more than willing to take this terrible disease on themselves, which has led to the fact that almost “everyone is depressed” on the Internet today. Just like the sarcasm in a video, “My friends, you don’t have a mental illness these days. Are you embarrassed to go out? Are you embarrassed to surf the Internet? Are you embarrassed to call yourself Fashion?” Why are some people willing to “claim” this terrible disease? Woolen cloth?
  One of the reasons is that more and more people now “romanticize” depression. Many people think that suffering from mental illness is a “cool and proud thing”. They associate mental illness with literary and artistic creation, avant-garde art, etc. Contact in Yizhen H⒄挗Tong ⒋ stretching waterloggingRen MuShuoji and Zhongmai⒒cheek rolling饩leg milling line┤Si titleZhong糁⑹and the recovery site is shallow! The case is based on the following information: the most important thing to do is to add to the good fortune. G6. Just scarred and twisted barium plaque 跫Ksend⒚wielding zinc and blowing straw┎∪sucking arm≌勰サNaichunbo料拰打色色草草草plant∪sugua breeding buckwood-paclover Another reason is that while people are pursuing uniqueness
  , they are also seeking Identity. This pursuit of “labels” and identity is especially common and important in the Internet age. The New Yorker magazine once published an article in its psychological column, saying that the Internet has a natural property of alienating people. The study found that people’s sense of happiness and social connection showed a continuous decline in the first 1-2 years of using the Internet. Among them, the use of the Internet has the greatest impact on people’s family relationships. In addition, with the shrinking of the social circle, depression and loneliness will increase.
  Nowadays, a mobile phone has almost become the whole of people’s life. With the development of social networking, interpersonal relationships are becoming superficial and low-quality. Simple “interpersonal communication” seems to be replaced by an inexplicable vanity. The number of likes Whether there are enough people and whether the persona is good enough has become the most important thing for many people in online socializing. This kind of interpersonal relationship based on vanity makes many people feel insecure. On the one hand, people yearn for more authenticity. On the other hand, they do not want to give up the “dream of happiness” brought to them by the Internet. This kind of gap will inevitably bring people anxiety, anxiety and even depression. Under this kind of mood, people label themselves depression one after another. On the other hand, they hope to rely on this label to find similar people and increase their sense of belonging and identity in a certain circle.

Nowadays, a mobile phone has almost become the whole of people’s life, and the use of the Internet has the greatest impact on family relationships. Long-term Internet dependence will not only damage the brain, but may even lead to depression and dependence.

Poverty makes people more prone to psychological problems such as anxiety and depression.

Caring is one of the best medicines for depression.
Pandepression on the Internet

  Nowadays, it is no longer the era when mental illness is regarded as “mental illness”. People’s acceptance of mental illness is much higher than before. This also makes many people label themselves “depression” without any psychological pressure. And the “depression” test questions that can be seen almost everywhere on the Internet have given people a lot of misleading, because most of the test questions will point to depression when taken when they are in a bad mood, but this self-diagnosis is actually Inaccurate, even dangerous in some ways. Therefore, some people regard depression as the cause of depression, some people regard depression as a label for looking for “similar”, and some even use depression as an excuse to avoid responsibility after causing trouble. Depression is often used as a weapon to fight back, “Don’t talk about me anymore, I am already depressed!” And this is why more and more people on the Internet are beginning to dislike the label of depression.
  Whatever the reason, today’s simplistic, casual use of depression hurts the real depressed people the most. Some patients with depression have fallen into deep self-doubt, because everyone around them seems to be complaining about whether they have depression. This is even more so on the Internet, where many people even show more intense emotions than real patients. Of course, other people return to normal emotions after complaining, but for truly depressed patients, the anxiety caused by self-doubt cannot disappear after complaining. And some patients with depression finally confide their feelings and tell their relatives and friends about their illness, but what they may get in return is “There are a lot of people suffering from depression now, and it is everywhere on the Internet.” The
  precious concern of relatives and friends may be lost The environment of “everyone is depressed” on the Internet is diluted, and the helping hand that might have been extended is pulled away by the “wolf is coming” on the Internet again and again. In many cases, this has become the last straw that broke the camel’s back. From the perspective of the whole society, people ignore the largest group of depression in life – low-income people. According to survey data, the proportion of depression among people receiving social relief is three times the prevalence of the general population, and surveys in the United States have also shown that 85% – 95% of patients with severe mental illness are unemployed or poor, and depression occupies the largest proportion. the vast majority. The recognition rate of depression among these people is low, and they lack professional diagnosis and treatment. Many people don’t know that they are already depressed patients, and they don’t even know it.
  With the rapid development of society, the external environment is changing faster and faster. People have unprecedented choices for the future, but they are also unprecedentedly confused. In a strange city, facing various pressures, occasionally feel sad, “emo “For a while, it’s actually quite normal to “suppress the clouds” in the dead of night. Fundamentally speaking, the reason why people are sad is because they still have goals and expectations for life; the reason why people are “emo” is because they hope to become better; Everyone wants to be the hero of their childhood fantasies, but when they grow up, the inevitable ordinary is unacceptable, which makes them frustrated and “yuyu”. There is a comment on the Internet that expresses the aspirations of many people, “The universe is so big, but I am so small”, but the reply below also expresses the aspirations of many people: “Although I am so small, I am unique.” Don’t No more “Yuyu”, everyone can be their own hero, as Romain Rolland said, “There is only one kind of heroism in the world, that is, after knowing the truth of life, but still loving life.”

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