Win in the details

  There are two large supermarkets near the community, one is 500 meters north of the gate, and the other is more than 400 meters south of the gate. The two supermarkets are about the same size, and the types and prices of the goods are roughly the same. When I first moved in here, I always went to one of them at random if I wanted to do some impromptu shopping. Later, gradually, I basically only went to the one in the north.
  The reason for this is only because of a small detail. In the lockers of the supermarket in the south, when the button is pressed most of the time, the locker that pops open the door is either “upright” or “upright”. Sometimes I have to tiptoe to use it, and sometimes I have to crouch down. As for the supermarket in the north, as long as you don’t go shopping during peak hours, the storage boxes that pop open the door after pressing the button are all located in the middle “floor”, making it very comfortable to store and retrieve items. Later, I asked an insider for advice. They said that the management of the supermarket in the north was very careful and adjusted the smart program of the locker. The locker will open the middle “floor” first. Only when the middle is full, will the uppermost floor and Lowest level. Perhaps because of this small difference, many customers are more inclined to choose the supermarket in the north as their first choice for shopping.
  In a city with such dense supermarkets, convenience stores can still survive in the cracks. Our community is “vast” with nearly 20,000 residents and more than a dozen convenience stores. The competition between them is very fierce, because the target customers are the same group of people. In the early years, the competition was mainly concentrated in the field of price. Now that the price is transparent, it is necessary to compete for affinity. Every year, several will close down, and new small shops will open.
  The convenience store downstairs in my house has been open for 20 years. It is the same age as the community, and it is the longest-lived among the colleagues in the community. In terms of product types and prices, they are not comparable to big supermarkets. Regular customers like me usually patronize for emergencies. For example, when the fish was burning in the pot, I found that the vinegar was gone, and it was too far to go to a big supermarket, so I went straight to his house nearby. In fact, there are 3 convenience stores nearby, and his home is not the only option. The reason why I subconsciously went straight to his house is because I am used to using cash, and his service is good when I give change. In the other two, when I got the change, the boss or the landlady always gave me worn-out or slightly stained money, which of course annoyed me. As for the one downstairs, the change that was given every time was relatively the newest and cleanest in the drawer, which made people feel a kind of sincerity. There are many elderly people in the community, and most of them like to use cash. They must have a similar psychological experience when giving change, so the convenience store downstairs has retained more customers.
  Every detail reflects the operator’s intentions. This is true for small shops, as well as for large enterprises.

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