What every woman should know about cervical cancer

  Cervical cancer is one of the more common malignant tumors, which has a very large negative impact on women’s health. Comprehensive clinical treatment will find that this disease has no obvious symptoms in the early stage. Because the patient does not pay attention to himself and does not perform regular physical examination and screening, bloody secretions, abnormal bleeding, fishy or turbid secretions will appear when the disease develops to the later stage. Symptoms, the probability of cure during this period is very small. So in daily life, we need to understand what is cervical cancer? How does cervical cancer develop step by step? How to prevent the occurrence of cervical cancer? Let’s discuss together below.
  What is cervical cancer? Cervical
  cancer refers to the continuous abnormal division of cervical epithelial cells, resulting in abnormal proliferation of epithelial tissue and gradual canceration. This disease is a malignant tumor arising from the lining epithelium and glandular epithelium. Combined with the analysis of clinical treatment data, it will be found that there are no symptoms in the early stage of this disease. As the disease progresses, patients will experience abnormal bleeding or bloody secretions, and the lower body smells heavy and unpleasant, and even has a fishy smell. secretions. Increased leucorrhea is also a more significant symptom in cervical cancer, and more than 80% of patients will experience a significant increase in leucorrhea.
  Causes of cervical cancer
  HPV infection High-
  risk HPV infection, also known as high-risk human papillomavirus infection, is an important factor in causing cervical cancer. Almost all cervical cancers are related to HPV. Combined with clinical treatment, it will be found that early cervical cancer screening is mainly to identify whether there is human papillomavirus infection, and timely treatment after early detection can cure cervical cancer. For a period of time, people believed that HPV infection is a sexually transmitted disease, mainly because HPV infection is mostly related to premature sex life, sexual life disorder, uncleanness, etc. Therefore, women should pay attention to cervical cancer screening and establish a correct sex life awareness , which can prevent the occurrence of cervical cancer.
  Irrational sex life
  Sexual life for the first time before the age of 16 will lead to an increase in the prevalence of cervical cancer, mainly because the cervical epithelium of women during this period has not yet matured, so the immunity of the entire cervix is ​​weak and cannot resist the invasion of viruses and bacteria. Moreover, premature sex life will also cause the cervical epithelium to be stimulated by carcinogenic factors and cause various problems. In addition, some women have multiple sexual partners in their sexual life, and lack of safety measures can also induce cervical cancer.
  Do not pay attention to personal hygiene
  Some women have poor self-protection awareness, and do not pay attention to hygiene after sex or in daily life, resulting in infection in the genital area. Specifically, some men do not pay attention to personal hygiene, do not pay attention to cleaning before sex, or do not wash in place, which will cause the pathogenic bacteria and viruses in the smegma to be untreated, and the pathogenic bacteria and viruses will be transferred during sexual life. Brought into the female body, these bacteria and viruses will continue to stimulate the female external genitalia and cervical epithelium, and gradually cause chronic cervicitis, which will eventually transform into cervical cancer.
  Bad living habits
  Simply put, some women have staying up late, smoking and other bad living habits in their daily life. Among them, substances such as arsenic and benzene contained in smoke will have a negative impact on human immunity, resulting in low immunity of the human body. Coupled with the influence of other factors, it will also induce cervical cancer. And staying up late for a long time will cause other organs in the body to be affected. Under the dual influence of endogenous and exogenous, immunity will be reduced, and the probability of cervical cancer will increase significantly.
  How cervical cancer is formed Based on the analysis
  of the above viewpoints, it will be found that the main factor causing cervical cancer is high-risk HPV, and more than 90% of cervical cancers are accompanied by high-risk HPV infection. So far, there are more than 200 types of HPV, and only 10 types can cause cervical cancer, but the most influential ones are HPV16 and 18. HPV is relatively common in daily life. If the human body’s immune system is good, these viruses will not have adverse effects on the human body. If the human body’s immunity is insufficient, it will give HPV an opportunity to “dominate” in the human body Among them, HPV16 and 18 are the main factors causing cervical cancer, anal cancer and oropharyngeal cancer.
  The early HPV virus is like a “seed”, lurking in the body, and enters the basal cell layer along the small damage on the surface of the cervix. During this process, some women do not pay attention to personal hygiene and usually do not pay attention to gynecological inflammation. Inflammation of the cervix or ectropion of the columnar epithelium of the cervix will cause HPV to “stay” in this link. During this period, the human body’s immune function is weak, or the immune system does not “discover” the HPV virus, and the HPV will quickly begin to multiply. The early HPV virus infection has no obvious symptoms, and many symptoms are similar to general inflammation, so many women will also Not concerned. At this time, HPV will gradually develop, and when it occupies 1/3 of the cervical epithelial cells, it will form low-grade lesions (CIN1); if it is not found during this period, it will continue to infect and form moderate lesions (CIN2); If it is not discovered during this period, it will occupy all the cervical epithelial cells, and even spread. During this period, severe lesions will form, which can also be called cervical cancer. However, this process will take 5 to 10 years to complete. If women can check regularly, they can detect and deal with problems at an early stage, and can kill them in the cradle. If you don’t pay attention to the examination, it will lead to the seriousness of the disease, and the probability of cure is very low when it develops to the later stage, which will have a very adverse impact on women themselves and their families.
  How to prevent the occurrence of cervical cancer
  Regular screening of the two cancers
  Combined with the actual treatment and disease introduction, it can be found that the occurrence of cervical cancer takes 5 to 10 years, and there will be a certain period of time to “expand” the scope of infection after HPV infection , It is not found that HPV infection is cervical cancer. Therefore, in daily life, women need to pay attention to cervical cancer screening and conduct regular gynecological examinations, because early detection of HPV virus infection can be treated, and the treatment effect is significant. Therefore, early detection and screening are also the main means of preventing cervical cancer.
  Vaccination against HPV
  In addition to regular inspections and screenings, vaccination can significantly improve the prevention effect of this disease, and it is also the most effective and convenient method of prevention.
  keep a good attitude
  Women’s thinking is more emotional. Under the influence of various pressures in daily life, they will experience depression or excessive negative emotions, which will also cause damage to the immune system. That is, negative emotions will lead to adverse phenomena in the human neuroendocrine system, resulting in hormone imbalances in the human body and other phenomena, and the immunity will also be reduced, giving the virus an “opportunity to take advantage”. Therefore, in actual prevention, women should pay attention to emotions. adjust.
  The formation of cervical cancer is gradual. Therefore, in order to prevent this disease, it is necessary to understand its causes and the evolution of the disease, and fundamentally eliminate the pathogenic factors, thereby avoiding the negative impact of this disease on women.

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