The Shameful Rich Man

  In downtown London, two noble ladies came out of a high-end residential area. They stopped a taxi together and went to the largest jewelry mall in London.
  On the way, one of the curly-haired ladies looked at the gradually rising fare meter and complained, “Taxis are getting more and more expensive now, and I can’t afford to take them!”
  ”Yes!” The other wore a hat. The lady squinted at the driver, and said in response, “The income of taxi drivers is getting higher and higher, and they will soon become rich. The most important thing is that they don’t pay much labor. They just They just sit in the car all day, don’t they think it’s shameful to be rich?”
  At this moment, the curly-haired lady looked at the fare meter dissatisfiedly and lit a cigarette. About half a minute later, she suddenly yelled: “Is there an ashtray in this car? It doesn’t seem to be! What if I want to flick the ashtray?”
  ”Oh! You can roll down the window and flick the ashtray out of the car!” The taxi said the driver.
  ”You are such a disgraceful rich man! You earn so much money, but you don’t even have an ashtray!” The curly-haired lady rolled down the car window and flicked the ash outside in her complaint.
  At this time, the lady in the hat also rolled down the car window, and then lit a cigarette. After she blew out a smoke ring, she casually asked her companion: “Do you have an ashtray at home?”
  ”Oh, There are 4 of them, one of which is made of pure gold, the other is made of crystal, and the other two are also inlaid with precious sapphires…” The curly-haired lady flicked cigarette ash out of the car, and then asked about wearing a hat The lady in the hat said, “There should be more in your house?”
  ”No, I don’t have an ashtray in my house!” said the lady in the hat.
  ”Where are your ash bombs?”
  ”I can play them wherever I go, whether it’s on the carpet or on the dining table!” The lady in the hat said in the same casual tone, “There are 36 servants in my family. , and two of them are responsible for cleaning up the soot for me…”

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