The New Wars of the British Royal Family

  Watched Netflix’s latest documentary about Harry and Meghan? Meghan was crying, and Harry said to the mirror over and over again, “I must protect my family”, “No one knows the truth, we fully understand the truth.” After accusing the British media of violating their privacy, they ran to the United States, relying on Self-revealing privacy, attacking the royal family and making a lot of money. Moreover, this film specially selected William and Kate to be released online during their visit to the United States, obviously to embarrass them. Regarding their inconsistent behavior, Harry and Meghan explained that what they opposed was “structural racism” in the monarchy. resistance to oppression”. Harry has always had a kind of paranoia, that is, the royal family is focused on ruining his marriage, and the cynical Meghan has formed a “resonator” with Harry, and they jointly raise the voice of narcissism even higher. However, at present, their various accusations lack solid evidence, and have the opposite effect of bringing Charles and William closer together. In recent years, staff of the British royal family have been preparing to deal with accusations and slander from the two men, and with the publication of Harry’s memoir in the near future, corresponding legal action cannot be ruled out in the future.
Operation Coup d’état – the wild fantasy of “Prince Royce” and his guards

[Germany] “Der Spiegel” on December 11

  ”Prince Reuss” Heinrich XIII came from an old German nobleman who ruled parts of Thuringia until the end of the First World War. Heinrich XIII himself was an entrepreneur, famous for his real estate business and production of champagne in Frankfurt. Early Wednesday morning, more than 3,000 police officers and GSG9 special forces launched simultaneous raids in 11 federal states to root out a suspected right-wing extremist terrorist organization headed by him. The group is said to have at least 25 members and aides, with another 29 under investigation. It was one of the largest operations against extremists in the history of the German Federal Criminal Police. For weeks, investigators from the Federal Criminal Investigative Service’s State Protection Division tracked down the suspect, tapped hundreds of phones and cellphones, scoured accounts and monitored channels on sites like YouTube to pin down the terrorist group. The organization’s goal is to overthrow the current political system in Germany with a coup d’état. Some members have also formed a “military department” to go to extremes and kill “representatives of the current system.” Surprisingly, many members come from good social classes, among them judges, lawyers, doctors, etc. Investigators said some conspirators hoped the move would spark nationwide unrest, culminating in a coup with a transitional government led by “Prince Reuss”. While it is doubtful that their plans will actually be carried out, the authorities consider these would-be putschists to be very dangerous and their zealotry could do great damage. Investigators found weapons in more than fifty of the 150 buildings searched. In addition, more than 130,000 euros in cash and several kilograms of silver and gold were found.
New Rules for Investing

[English] “The Economist” December 10

  The era of cheap money that lasted more than a decade is over, and investors find themselves in a new world that requires a new set of rules. The pain in the market is clearly visible: the S&P 500 has lost nearly a quarter of its value this year, and government bonds, often seen as safe havens, have not been spared, with U.S. Treasuries having their worst year yet. At the same time, from Vancouver to Sydney, housing prices in major cities around the world are falling, Bitcoin is plummeting, and gold prices are bleak. Only commodities are doing well for the time being due to the war. After the 2008 financial crisis, central banks across the world cut interest rates one after another to save the economy. With interest rates falling, asset prices soaring, stocks soaring, S&P up 7x from 2009 lows to 2021 peaks, venture capitalists writing big checks for startups of all kinds , the scale of various funds continued to hit new highs. The reversal comes as the Federal Reserve began this year with aggressive rate hikes by the most on record since 1980, initially aimed at curbing persistently high inflation. Inflation in major developed countries also set a new record since the 1980s. A new era of more expensive currencies is upon us, and the rules of investing are changing.

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