The male god of Russian contemporary pop songs

  As long as there are human beings on the earth, the melody of music will not stop. After the unique Russian music reached its peak from the 18th century to the early 19th century, the national school of music represented by Tchaikovsky not only became popular in Russia, but also spread all over the world. Everyone knows about the brilliance of Russian classical music, but what we are unfamiliar with is today’s Russian pop music. Because Russia’s entertainment industry has been underdeveloped, compared with the widespread spread of European and American pop music, Russian pop music is only spread in the country and Europe. This makes Russian pop music not familiar to the Chinese public, but this does not mean that The development of Russian pop music lags behind. After Russia experienced a series of great changes such as the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, its social life has also undergone earth-shaking changes. It has accepted a large number of Western cultures, and is also influenced by Russian traditional culture and its more than 180 ethnic minority cultures. Such collisions are in contemporary Russia. It is also reflected in popular music.
  Tima Biran Tima Bilan
  (Russian Дима Билан) full name Biran Dmitry Nikolaevich was born on December 24, 1981 in Karachay-Cherke, Russia. Republic of Sri Lanka. He is famous in Vivetas in Russia, but not many people seem to know him in China. He has many sad songs, such as “Believe” who won the runner-up of the Eurovision Song Contest.
  His family moved from city to city from time to time. While at school, Jima Bilan participated in various amateur competitions, sang songs and recited poems. He likes to perform in the school hall. Later Jima Biran entered the music school to learn the accordion, and at the same time he became a soloist in the children’s choir. After graduation, Tima Bilan went to Moscow to study at the Gnessin Academy of Music, the best classical guitar school in Russia. In his junior year, he met his later producer Ю·ШАйзеншписом. Dima Bilan made his Russian debut at the “New Wave 2002” singing competition in Jurmala, Latvia, where he came in 4th place. After this competition, several Jima Bilan songs began rolling on pop radio. He spent a lot of time recording in the studio, actively preparing for the release of his debut album. His fans began to emerge at this time. In 2003, he completed his studies at the Gnessin Academy of Music and entered the Academy of Drama. In October 2003, Jima Bilan released his debut album “Night Hooligans”, which achieved good sales results. In October of the following year, he made persistent efforts and released his second album “Shore of Paradise”.
  Jima Bilan’s high-quality voice and good potential have attracted the attention of major European and American music producers Shaun Escoffery and Diane Warren. These two production masters who have worked with music superstars Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mary J.Blige, Ricky Martin resolutely joined the ranks of the album production of this young Russian singer. Jima Bilan himself has created two works, showing his plasticity in creation. Now he is studying English very hard, preparing for the release of English albums and opening up the international music market.
  At the MTV Russian Music Awards Ceremony, Jima Bilan defeated all powerful male singers including VITAS, the high-pitched prince, and won the two most important awards of the annual performance and the annual male singer. Although representing Russia in the European Song Concert on May 20, 2006, he was the runner-up due to referee factors, but in the minds of most European audiences, he is the real champion.
  On February 25, 2005, in the 2005 Russian National Music Competition, Jima won the runner-up with an English song “Never let you go”. As a young singer of the new generation, he has an unlimited future. At the European Song Concert in Belgrade in 2008, Jima won the championship with “Believe”. This is the first time Russia has won the Eurovision Song Contest.
  Jima Bilan’s voice is full of magnetism. The songs have iconic treble and classical singing, sometimes melodious, sometimes low, affecting your thoughts and provoking your heartstrings. It is as soft as summer drizzle, warm Like the sunshine in winter, it dispels the haze in your heart and brings you the purest love.
  Alexey Goldman
  Alexey Goldman, born in Murmansk on September 12, 1983, is the champion of the first “Russian Idol” talent contest and a famous Russian pop singer. Screenwriting, videography, photography, recording, video editing, post-production, and novel creation all in one, can be described as an all-round talent. His blue eyes like lake water and hair color as bright as the sun are so eye-catching, and his handsome appearance makes him known as the incarnation of Apollo, the sun god. He conquered the hearts of countless audiences with his elegant and charming temperament, and his voice seemed to come from heaven. Alexei Goldman has released three solo albums so far: “Russian Guy” in 2004, “Golden Sunshine” in 2006 and “May” in 2008, each of which has achieved It has achieved good results, especially the album “May”, which perfectly reflects the personal characteristics of Alexei Goldman.
  Alexey Goldman was originally a very ordinary young man who never dared to think of becoming a singer, and would also participate in the “People’s Actor” singing contest. It was his mother who discovered his singing talent. Alexey himself recalled: “At first, my mother didn’t want us to go to music school, saying that it would affect our studies.” In his spare time, his mother and brother taught him to learn notes on the guitar. However, his happy life was interrupted when he was 15 years old. When he was 15 and 18 years old, his parents died of illness one after another, leaving him and his elder brother to depend on each other. Alexey also began to pursue his father’s occupation – after graduating from technical school, he obtained a No. 14 vocational certificate and worked as an electrical equipment repairman in the city’s trolleybus company.
  However, he started to sing on stage when he was in technical school. At the same time, he also went to the city cultural center to learn music, and met music teacher Ginaji Migerev, who introduced him to the trio TRIO (two boys and a girl). The trio has achieved success in Murmansk, won various rankings in singing competitions, and gained both fame and fortune, because many restaurants and restaurants invited them to perform. Coincidentally, many of the songs sung by the trio at that time were the songs of the “Prime Minister” group that Russians liked very much. It was the initiator of the “People’s Actor” singing contest, so they signed a long-term cooperation contract with Alexei Goldman, and Bradberg King created a song “Russian Boy” for him, It was this song that became Alexei Goldman’s “golden business card”, was named the best song in the “People’s Actor” singing contest, and became a well-known song in Russia. A dazzling singer, known by the Russians as “Alexey Goldman, a beautiful Russian man who is as handsome as a god and as elegant as a prince”. This handsome guy with blond hair and blue eyes, who belongs to the combination of Pofille and Apollo, is simply the incarnation of the legendary God of beauty. He explains to people what beauty is, and you can’t hear the slightest bit in his songs. You can only feel the purity and sincerity of the cruel and surly spirit.
  Many singers of Russian pop music enjoy a high reputation in Europe and have won many awards. These handsome men and beauties are not only outstanding in appearance, but also outstanding in singing and artistic attainments.

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