Suzuki Ryomi decides to swing in chaos

  The first time I saw Suzuki Ryomi’s name was after the announcement of the Akutagawa Prize in Japan in 2022. Many articles on public accounts described her like a hero: she is beautiful enough to see through the cuteness and stupidity of men, and to be precise Ruthless sarcasm; she is rebellious and provocative, she has a good background but ran to shoot AV, became a public relations lady, went to the moral boundary and then retreated; she is smart, an excellent political and economic reporter for major Japanese newspapers, and a sociologist who studied with a university student A researcher, a newcomer novelist whose debut work was shortlisted for this year’s Akutagawa Award.
  Suzuki is so extreme that it seems that all expectations are pinned on her: a woman with wisdom, beauty, and ability, a woman who walks in all walks of life but can guarantee that she will not be harmed. Those homogeneous articles have a feeling of “finally letting out a bad breath”. However, the admiration for Suzuki in this context is not a kind of admiration?
  In the book “Beginning at the Limit: Feminist Reciprocating Letters”, facing the academic senior Ueno Chizuko who is old enough to be her own mother, Suzuki appears stubborn and fragile in correspondence. Everyone can learn from her indifference , Seems like dissecting herself as a material, gaining heartfelt empathy, “Her rebellion, sarcasm, anger, powerlessness and disappointment, her attitude of resignation and deconstruction of everything towards the world.”
  Suzuki is again So pervasive, she’s a paradoxical amalgam of “East Asian women.” In the correspondence, when Suzuki talked about his disappointment, he always assumed an attitude of being indifferent, unhurt, and letting it go with a smile, and even treated his life as material without caring from a sociological perspective-so unwilling to use the weak Isn’t it what Chinese women have been gritting their teeth to insist on showing their image? There were also several male friends who finished the book and expressed their grievances while discussing the topics in the book with me, “We are not hopeless.”
  In the process of preparing for an email interview, I was also able to look back at what shaped me. During the period when I was watching a movie with my friends, my male and female friends said at the same time, “You are too straight and aesthetically pleasing”, I was angry and even a little bit sad. This male-centered aesthetic system was originally a logic that I was unwilling to follow, but putting my likes and dislikes into this coordinate to judge, I felt that it was depriving me again. I like the state of the female lawyers Alicia and Dania in the American drama “The Good Wife”. They enjoy everything about being women, have their own resilience and the way of facing the world, which is naturally different from the male lawyer Will, but this is Their idiosyncrasy, they don’t have to mutilate themselves to rebel.
  Even when I was on a business trip in Jiangxi in October, I suddenly mentioned this matter once, and I would still be angry because of it. Meng Yiyi, who is on a business trip with me, is also my good friend. She is also reading “Beginning at the Limit”. She asked me nicely, “Then why do you like cute things? You like cute things because of the anime characters you watched when you were young.” Influence. Then, how did the character setting in the anime come about?”
  When we received Suzuki’s email reply and Chinese translation, it was already November. This interview started from my curiosity about Suzuki, and also from my examination of myself and the environment. By the time of final press, a long cycle had passed. The editor Zhou Jianping and I were worried that the email interview would not be effective, but we read Suzuki’s reply to the end, and we couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. We really didn’t give in, Ms. Suzuki.
  In answering each specific question, Suzuki emphasized and implemented the matter of “women’s active choice”. I originally hoped that she would take a step back and discuss some issues as a researcher, but she still insisted on talking with Stubborn to the end. Frankly, although she chose to avoid some questions, I was still impressed. I think she is very cute. She is not in a hurry to remove herself, and finds a correct position for the relationship between herself and the system with the academic perspective that she has already used freely, but directly plunges into the chaos of life and reality.
  ”Are we being too harsh on Suzuki?” I also introspected with the editor during the writing period, and finally adjusted some words. If this is the life that Ms. Suzuki is determined to carry out, the editor and I should also be considerate and respectful, “The reason is very simple, this is your life, because you like it.”

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