Qatar’s “half body boy”: mutilated body, unyielding soul

   When the eyes of the whole world were focused on Qatar, countless amazing moments were staged at the opening ceremony of the World Cup that was full of brilliance and “trench”. Among them, the warmest picture comes from a boy with only “half body”. The “half-length boy” was named Ghanem Al Mufta. At the opening ceremony, he smiled and talked with Hollywood star Morgan Freeman, which is a certain portrayal of his life experience.
   He was born as if sentenced by fate, suffering from an extremely rare disease-Caudal Regression Syndrome (CRS). The condition causes patients to gradually lose their lower body after birth. But he was not defeated. Perhaps it was the warm and strong smile that moved “God”. He met sports, and also met dreams and hopes. His figure appeared on the green field, swimming pool, skateboarding field, and now he appears in the center of the stage of the World Cup!
   From time to time, the camera captured the innocent smiling face of the boy, which deeply moved us in front of the screen.
  Shining World Cup
   Opening Ceremony The venue for the opening ceremony is located at the Gulf Stadium in Doha, with luxurious facilities and a unique shape.
   Seen from a distance, the white stadium looks like a tent with a retractable top. The entire stadium is also equipped with a unique cooling system, which can cooperate with the retractable roof to reduce the internal temperature of the stadium.
   In this magnificent and colorful stadium, wonderful performances are staged in turn.
   At 5:30 local time, the last champion French football star Desailly entered the scene holding the Hercules Cup in his hand, kicking off the opening ceremony.
   When the “Hercules Cup” came to Asian countries for the second time in history and the Middle East for the first time, the Gulf Stadium with a capacity of 60,000 people suddenly boiled.
   A few minutes later, Raib, the mascot of this World Cup, appeared on the big screen at the scene. Its shape comes from the Arabic hijab, which means “highly skilled player”.
   When the theme song of previous World Cups resounded throughout the stadium, the stadium was immersed in a sea of ​​joy.
   Classic theme songs such as “The Cup of Life” for the World Cup in France, “Waka Waka” for the World Cup in South Africa, and “We are one” for the World Cup in Brazil brought everyone’s memories back to countless passionate summers: Beckham in 1998 The impulsive red card, the sound of the vuvuzela in South Africa in 2010, the sad eyes of Messi in front of the Hercules Cup in 2014…
   Of course, the most interesting thing for Chinese people at the opening ceremony was the fireworks blooming in the sky . Because this is “Made in China” from Liuyang, Hunan.
   There is no shortage of “Chinese elements” in this World Cup. There are 4 Chinese companies in the list of official World Cup sponsors, namely FIFA sponsor Wanda, World Cup sponsor Hisense, Mengniu and VIVO.
   In addition, Yiwu, Zhejiang has once again become a “winner”. Countless trophies, medals, toys, clothes, and national flags that appeared in the World Cup are all from businesses here.
   In general, Doha was full of stars last night, and the stars were shining brightly. But the most special figure is probably the mufta.
   During the first half of the opening performance, 85-year-old Morgan Freeman walked up to the mufta and sat cross-legged. Under the spotlight, two figures, one black and one white, sat opposite each other, talking about a bright and peaceful future.
   This “two-way running” scene touched countless netizens. A foreign netizen left a message: “You inspire and inspire the whole world, especially the younger generation.”
   Mufta himself reposted this post, which read “more than sports (not just sports)”. This is just like his life redeemed by sports, and it is also the greatest meaning of sportsmanship.
  ”Anything is possible”
   On May 5, 2002, a baby boy was born in Qatar. Unlike normal babies, his lower spine is underdeveloped, including the buttocks, legs, tailbone and other vital organs.
   He is Mufta, a CRS patient.
   Unlike many families with rare diseases who suddenly received bad news, Mufta’s family made psychological preparations early.
   While pregnant, Mufta’s mother was told by doctors that one of her twins would be disabled. Many people, including doctors, advised her to give up the child.
   However, the mufta’s mother refused. She decided to give birth to the child and to raise him with all her strength. She said to her husband: “I will be his left leg, and you will be his right leg.”
   In this way, the couple wrote a gauntlet to fate.
   The elder brother Ahmed came to this world only 1 minute earlier than Mufta, and his body is completely normal. In the following days, he also became the mufta’s strong backing.
   For this unfortunate boy, the strength of his family has become his greatest reliance.
   Congenital physical defects made him obviously “different” from ordinary people, and he suffered from strange eyes. After going to school, being ridiculed and discussed by his classmates has become a common occurrence for him.
   Whenever Mufta felt discouraged, his mother’s encouragement always came to his ears: “The world is beautiful, and everything is possible.”
   So they tried their best to create this “possibility”.
   His mother encouraged him to take the initiative to talk to his classmates to let them know about his situation. In order to help people understand Mufta’s condition, Mufta’s family members also compiled a number of CRS-related materials and distributed them free of charge in their area.
   Mufta himself is also very upbeat. The loss of the lower body prevented him from walking like a normal person, and he could only move around in a wheelchair. But with the help of his family, he learned to use his arms to support himself to walk.
   He believes that “you should use everything you have instead of hoping for what you don’t have”, so he endured the pain and practiced repeatedly, taking a step first, and then going further and further… Until now, he is holding on Arms, half of the body can jump down a few steps freely, and then smile mischievously at the camera.
   It is not easy to get to this step, not only to overcome physical pain, but also a great test of willpower.
   Since he was a child, he knew that every day he lived was declaring war against death. The doctor once predicted that it would be difficult for him to live beyond the age of 15, but his mother’s words have always supported him-“Everything is possible!”
   He didn’t want to admit defeat. Day by day, 15 years old, 16 years old… 20 years old. This brave boy has truly performed miracles. Even he himself felt, “incredible (unbelievable)”.
  Using sports to declare war on fate
   If the family is his backing, then sports is his weapon to declare war on fate.
   After being able to use his hands flexibly, he became a “sports fan”.
   He likes swimming and diving, and often posts clips showing his skills in the water. He also plays extreme sports very smoothly, such as wearing cool clothes and skateboarding; he even challenged high-altitude flying; The top of the mountain; football is his most favorite sport. Only the upper body? It doesn’t matter, he wears the sneakers in his hands, “runs”, defends, and bounces the ball on the green field; after being selected as the Qatar World Cup ambassador, he also “competes” with Beckham on the same field. In the photo, he has a sunny and confident smile on his face. Although the beginning of his life was full of misfortunes, sports taught him the word “dream” and he used it to resolve suffering.
   As a child, Mufta looked forward to one day competing in the Paralympics. He is eager to prove to the world that physical disability does not mean surrendering to fate.
   “I want to tell people that everyone has the right to chase their dreams and be ambitious about it.”
   More and more people are starting to see this “miracle boy”. On social platforms, Mufta has more than 3.3 million followers.
   When he realized that he had a certain influence, he set up a charity association with the help of his family to buy wheelchairs and donate them to children in need.
   He wants to pass on hope to more people.
   The young mufta is constantly expanding his dreams. He is studying political science at Loughborough University. In his future plans, he hopes to become a diplomat.
   He used his own actions to show that what he lost was only his legs and feet, not the way to lead his life to infinite possibilities.

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