Ping-pong, the Germans are having fun

  Table tennis is called a national game in China. It is estimated that the population of table tennis in China may be around 100 million. However, after I came to Germany, I discovered that Germans also love table tennis very much, and it can even be said that they are a little crazy.
  A German table tennis enthusiast made a table tennis map website, marking all the locations of table tennis tables on the map. When I saw it for the first time, I didn’t believe it at all, because the ping pong tables in Berlin can be said to be densely packed and dotted. I purposely selected a few places at random to test, and it turned out to be very accurate.
  Taking my own place of residence as an example, within a 5-10 minute walk, there are 8 table tennis tables around me, including 2 indoors and 6 outdoors. Just imagine, in Shanghai, how many table tennis tables can you find within a 5-10 minute walk? It is said that many Germans with basements also have a table tennis table, so I estimate that the number of table tennis tables in Berlin has surpassed that in Shanghai.
  Outdoor billiards can be said to be a major feature of Berlin. It is commonly known as the cement platform, which has almost disappeared in China, but it shines here. The Berlin cement table is probably made uniformly in the city. The table is not like ordinary cement, and there is a metal frame around it, and the ball net is also metal. Compared with the wooden billiard table, there is of course a certain gap, but the overall experience is still good.
  It may be because the table is outdoors, the Germans enjoy playing more, beer is standard, there is music, and they dance to the music twice during the interval, or show off their footwork when stopping and picking up the ball with their chest, as if to remind people Germany is a big football country.
  Objectively speaking, the popularity of table tennis in China has been greatly reduced. Table tennis is no longer fashionable, and it seems to be becoming a sport more popular among middle-aged and elderly people. The younger generation prefers gyms, marathons, and even badminton has overshadowed table tennis. This is not the case in Germany. There are people of all ages, men, women, and children, especially many children and young students. A large number of people fight there.
  Germans are really passionate about table tennis, and many play for half a day or even a day. The biggest problem with outdoor table tennis is that you can’t play at night, so many golfers buy their own lamps to solve the lighting problem, and some people can play all night.
  Many communities have a fixed competition system. I just went to our community’s annual tournament, held in a park with 20 teams, BBQ, beer. I was eliminated in the first round of the knockout round, which was an embarrassment to the table tennis powerhouse.
  3. As a table tennis powerhouse,
  China still has a huge influence on German golfers. Most of the German golfers are equipment experts. As soon as I took out my racket, they immediately said, “You are a Hurricane 3”, and then said a series of parameters, which is quite professional.
  The national table tennis players are quite well-known among German golfers. The most famous ones are Ma Long and Xu Xin. Therefore, I strongly suggest to the General Administration of Sports and Chairman Liu Guoliang that when will Ma Long and Xu Xin be sent to a park in Berlin to show off? It will definitely be crowded, this is the best sports diplomacy!
  Not long ago, I was shocked when I chatted with a musician and golfer here. He knows the Chinese team so well, not only the first-tier players, but also the second-tier players. He obviously watched a lot of Chinese team games.
  It is precisely because of the good table tennis atmosphere in Germany that many Chinese professional players have found a second spring in Germany. The German women’s table tennis team is dominated by Chinese players. I also know several Chinese professional players who work as coaches here. Since there are more Germans who love to play table tennis, their business is quite good.
  Many Chinese met and made friends with Germans because of table tennis, and even maintained lifelong friendships. Because the hearts of all golfers are connected.

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