Laughter in the rain

  The sky is like a huge faucet, mercilessly spraying heavy rain on the earth.
  A little girl who looks only 6 years old, together with her mother, is standing under the shed at the entrance of Wal-Mart to hide from the rain. She is a very cute girl, with brown hair, sky blue eyes, and innocent face.
  Everyone under the awning was silent, but this could not conceal the anxiety and irritability in people’s hearts. Silence is not necessarily calm, sometimes it is more a kind of helplessness—for example, now, each of us is frowning, some of us look up at the dark gray sky with dull eyes, some He lowered his head and looked at the splashing water and the flowing sewage on the street with the same dull eyes.
  Suddenly, a sweet and childish voice sounded: “Mom, let’s run into the rain!”
  I followed the sound, and it was the cute little girl who shook her mother’s hand gently and looked up Mom, looked at Mom with expectant eyes, but her mother didn’t seem to understand her, and asked in confusion, “Baby, what did you say?”
  ”I said let’s run into the rain!” She repeated Say.
  ”No! Baby, we should wait until the rain dies down,” Mom replied.
  The little girl stopped talking, and everyone remained silent. After a while, the little girl shook her mother’s hand again and said, “Mom, let’s run into the rain!”
  ”God! We can’t do that, or we’ll get soaked in the rain.” Mother She seemed a little impatient, but she still tried to control her emotions and told the little girl.
  ”No, we won’t! Mom, you didn’t say that this morning!” The little girl still held her mother’s hand.
  ”This morning? Did I say that we won’t get wet in the rain?” Mom was at a loss.
  ”Yeah! Dad has cancer and he said he might die soon. At that time, you told Dad that as long as we face it bravely, God will give us a pass and let us go through everything!” said the little girl.
  After the little girl finished speaking, the crowd became quieter, not even the sound of smoking. Her mother seemed to think of something, smiled and said to the little girl: “Baby, you are right, let’s run into the rain! It doesn’t matter if we get wet, we can wash our clothes when we get home… …”
  ”Yes, mom, let’s wash together…” the little girl said excitedly to her mother.
  Immediately afterwards, the mother and daughter held hands and rushed into the rain together. Their figures became more and more blurred amidst their hearty screams and laughter, until they disappeared at a corner not far away …
  I can’t help sighing: sickness and danger may take away our health and money, but no one can take away the most precious wealth in our life – laughter! Sometimes, not bowing your head in the face of difficulties, facing them bravely, and rushing in bravely, will make us feel another kind of joy and fun.

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