Germans love topless sunbathing

  Expedia, the world’s largest online travel company, recently released a survey about sea bathing enthusiasts in the world. The results show that the Germans are the most fond of naked sunbathing. About 17% of Germans said they have done nude sunbathing in a public beach. . In addition, the proportion of Canadians and Americans who like to sunbathe naked is as high as 15% and 8%, respectively.
  On the other hand, it is the French who have the hardest time accepting bare breasts or sunbathing naked in Europe. From a global perspective, Indians, Koreans, Malaysians, Singaporeans, and Japanese also find it difficult to accept naked sunbathing in beach resorts.
  In surveys about tolerance for shorts for men, about half of Americans said they could tolerate them. The highest tolerance for this is the French, with a proportion as high as 91%.
  In contrast, the Japanese and Norwegians are the most tolerant of this, and they think it is not wrong to wear shorts-type swimsuits for men in public beaches. The proportions are 29% and 34% respectively.
  In addition, among the various activities by the sea, walking on the beach is the most popular among Americans, with a proportion as high as 78%, followed by viewing the scenery (64%), swimming (61%), and sunbathing (56%).
  When asked what to do before going to the beach, 46% of people answered “buy a new swimsuit”, followed by “exercise” (33%), “lose weight” (26%), “deal with excess body hair” ( 13%) etc.
  When asked what they are most afraid of when they go to the beach, Americans answered “stealing”, “drowning”, “shark”, and “jellyfish”. 85% of Singaporeans answered “shark”, of which 40% of Singaporeans said no. Will swim in shark-infested seas. About 40% of Americans say they are afraid of sharks, but only 7% say they will not swim in shark-infested seas.
  Interestingly, the one who likes to build castles on the beach the most is Indians are also Indians who like to enjoy water sports and enjoy beach massage the most.
  In addition, the Germans are the ones who like to swim in the beach the most, accounting for 90%. The second favorite activity of the Germans in the seaside bathing place is to read books and periodicals. However, some people joked that some people seem to be reading books, but they are actually spying on people who are sunbathing naked under the guise of reading.

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