Danish Geranium Restaurant

  Geranium is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. You can see it when you walk into Field Park in the city center, and then come to the eighth floor of the National Football Stadium. In the restaurant, the beautiful scenery and food are blended. Diners can feel the changes of the four seasons through the canopy outside the window; overlook the blue roofs of different heights in the city;
  As the earliest three-star Michelin restaurant in Denmark, Geranium Restaurant will rank first in the list of “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” in 2022. Received the Michelin three-star honor and has maintained it to this day.
  In the hearts of professional gourmets, Geranium Restaurant has always had an irreplaceable position. It is sublime, attracting many gourmet lovers to come here for pilgrimage; it is also low-key, silently cultivating unique dishes, allowing you to have a wonderful resonance with the chef in the details of each dish.
The extraordinary visual enjoyment of the talented chef

  The 47-year-old founder and chef Rasmus (Rasmus Kofoed) is the world’s top Michelin master. His most well-known achievement is that he has won many awards in the Bocuse d’Or, where many experts gather, and has become the first chef in history to win all gold, silver and bronze medals. Regarding the Bocuse competition, Rasmus said frankly: “Joining the Bocuse competition is like going to jail. The only way out is to win the gold.” After that, he also guided other chefs to win the gold medal. Therefore, he is also known as the Oscar mentor in the culinary world.
  Rasmus spent a happy childhood in nature, which allowed him to fully integrate his respect and love for the earth and nature into his understanding of ingredients. He chose Geranium as the name of the restaurant precisely because Geranium represents his hope for this restaurant: green, life, change, fragrance, from nature, and strongly appealing to people’s senses. He hopes that the restaurant can allow diners to enjoy the food comfortably, naturally and fully.
  In addition, Rasmus has a mind full of aesthetic talents, and he makes every dish very meticulously and exquisitely. It is not so much a delicacy in the world, but a painting like a fairyland, because every dish is pleasing to the eye. He created an ultimate sensory experience for diners with a modern Nordic special menu.
  Every dish at Geranium Restaurant looks simple on the surface, with the minimalist spirit of Scandinavia, but it actually requires a lot of time and energy from the chefs. Rasmus’s aesthetic talent is perfectly displayed in it, and he also successfully made the dishes at Geranium Restaurant more aesthetically pleasing than other Scandinavian dishes, giving people a more shocking visual enjoyment.
  For most diners, the most alluring thing is not the taste of the dishes, but the design and shape of the dishes—enthusiasm hidden in restraint, sensibility intertwined with reason. A food reporter also praised: “The dishes are so exquisite that many women want to put them in their jewelry boxes.”
  In addition to the chef Rasmus, the restaurant also has two important figures. They are Rasmus’ best partner.
  One is wine director, restaurant general manager and partner Sören (S?ren?rbek Ledet). He was also a chef before turning into a sommelier and manager. For him, introducing a new winery or discovering a new bottle of wine is equivalent to a child opening a New Year’s gift, and the natural curiosity is always there. That’s why there is no shortage of top quality wines in Geranium’s cellar. He has always had a view: “The best bottle of wine is the one shared with the one you love, and the time spent drinking together is the most precious.”
  Another partner is Virginia Newton, Director of Media Relations and Events. ), a lady from the United States. When she came to Geranium Restaurant for the first time, she fell in love with this place, and then boldly recommended herself to the chef, and took charge of the restaurant’s publicity and promotion business.
  Therefore, a talented chef and two partners make the Geranium restaurant continue to create legends. Especially the chef, he uses out-and-out perfectionism to make the dishes exquisite to the extreme.
Do not mainly eat meat so that the stomach will not have too much burden

  Rasmus, the chef of the restaurant, is a vegetarian himself. Therefore, the Geranium restaurant is also a restaurant that does not focus on meat.
  From January 20, 2022, Geranium Restaurant announced that they will no longer cook meat dishes, but will go meatless and only serve vegetable and fish dishes. Although this made many diners who went for the restaurant’s signature meat dishes deeply regret, it did not affect the popularity of Geranium Restaurant.
  Rasmus believes: “It is a natural choice not to eat meat. I live a life that does not eat meat. I hope that the menu of the restaurant can reflect my life, my preferences and what I eat. If If you don’t do it, it feels unreal.” Therefore, the idea that this real chef has always insisted on is: to provide the most delicious and healthy food for the guests, and let the diners enjoy the food without having stomach problems. Too much burden.
  He always firmly believes that the taste is not necessarily conveyed only by meat dishes. After some spices, herbs and other plants are cooked in a special way, they can also have a strong taste similar to meat. For example, Jerusalem artichoke can be made into puree, juice, or even soup, which is very delicious.
  Geranium won last year’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants list for its autumn Jerusalem artichoke leaf and pickled walnut dishes, both plant-based. The judges also described the food made by Rasmus as “pure art on the plate”. It can be seen that he has already won more than half of the victory in the artistry of the plate.

  Rasmus also suggested: “We should be inspired to create, this is how I see my character, plant-based diet inspires me to explore new directions”. He woke up in the middle of the night with the idea of ​​removing meat from his menu, and by morning he had 15 new meat-free recipes: “I think we need a clean board, and we’re adding to the signature meat dish. Waving goodbye, this is a big step forward. In my opinion, change is good, we grow from change, we learn from change, we step out of our comfort zone, and we benefit from change.”
  Vegetarian menu at Geranium In the restaurant, each dish incorporates the chef’s careful design, leading diners into a vegetarian paradise.
  Ice cream made from beeswax and pollen is paired with dried apples and elderberries, giving people a double enjoyment of sight and taste. A “crispy leaf” made of Jerusalem artichoke, which has a fine hollow like ice flower, and is matched with fermented walnut leaves, ham oil and walnut oil. charm. The “false razor clam” made of minerals and sour cream was once his signature dish. The subtlety is that it is “both real and fake”. It looks like a complete razor clam on the surface, but the shell is actually made of flour. , and then colored with charcoal and seaweed, the inside is genuine razor clam meat, and seasoned with sour cream, tarragon, parsley, dill and lemon zest, etc., fresh and fresh.
The menu is changed according to the season, and the details are unique

  Diners’ impression of Geranium Restaurant can be summed up in two words, one is light and the other is beauty. This comes from the chef’s mother’s passion for nature. She always buys a lot of vegetables and makes dishes that taste simple and pure. For Rasmus, who perfectly inherited this trait from his mother, a never-ending curiosity drives him to seek out unusual ingredients. In his concept, plant parts such as flowers, leaves, roots, stems, juices, and seeds can be used in dishes, and the endless flavor changes brought by nature are the core of cooking. This is especially evident in the selection of materials.
  Geranium Restaurant has very strict standards for the selection of ingredients, and pays great attention to the natural flavor. Five years after Rasmus stopped eating meat, Geranium uses ingredients mainly from organic biodynamic farms in Denmark and Scandinavia. The seasonal vegetables and seasonal seafood produced here make every dish in the restaurant present the original ecological flavor that is closest to nature.
  In addition, the Geranium restaurant’s menu is adjusted according to the seasons, and there will be seasonal menus with an adventurous nature. For example, the restaurant’s 2021 autumn menu is called “The Autumn Universe” (The Autumn Universe). When eating food, let the soul and taste buds feel the tenderness and lingering of autumn. There is a very unique dish on this autumn menu – “Is it over”, it looks like a golden skull, made of heat-clearing and detoxifying hay mousse, it is a must-order dish with a very traditional Nordic flavor.

In addition to meals, desserts and fine wines at Geranium Restaurant are not to be missed. In the picture on the left page, the restaurant has a rich collection of wines of excellent quality, and although the desserts look simple in shape, they can be perfectly matched with the dishes; in the picture on the right page, the furnishings of the restaurant are quite atmospheric.

  The seasonal menu is not only an emphasis on freshness for diners, but also a full consideration of healthy eating. The seasonal menu launched by Geranium Restaurant takes care of the gastrointestinal health of every diner in detail, avoiding the harm of cold food in winter and the embarrassment of hot food in summer.
  It is worth mentioning that the desserts at Geranium Restaurant also achieve the ultimate in lightness and beauty. Each dessert makes full use of the characteristics of the plant itself, delicate and delicious, mixed with the natural flavor of the ingredients, allowing you to taste the natural fragrance and the heart of the chef in the simple ingredients. The white chocolate cucumber dessert here, although the ingredients are very common, but the taste is very novel, which is very popular among diners. A bite of beetroot, black currant, and marigold is the pre-dessert when the main course is turned into dessert. The cold fruity aroma calms the whole person down and relieves the heavy taste of the main course. “Forest” wood sorrel and woodruff are inspired by the trees outside the restaurant window, bringing people a kind of green and natural fun. Caramelized toasted multigrain and chilled chamomile tea are restaurant classics.
  Over the years, Rasmus has been oriented towards vegetable food, following the tradition of French cuisine on the basis of a minimalist Nordic style, touching the senses of diners with delicate, exquisite and smart dishes, and turning the restaurant into a gourmet theater. Both chefs and diners can have intimate interactions and witness every wonderful moment of food creation.

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