Astronomical reptiles

   There is a place in southern Germany preparing to build a new highway. The plan has been approved, the funds have been put in place, and the start date is imminent. At this time, the local animal protection organization submitted a report to the relevant department. The report stated that the planned new highway will pass through a swamp where a very rare and endangered amphibious species lives. Animals, unfortunately I haven’t found the name of this animal in any German-Chinese dictionary, so I can only call them reptiles for the time being. They were as long as a finger, had four legs, were black, very disgusting, very ugly.
   The report pointed out that every spring, these reptiles will gather in groups and slowly crawl to a small pond more than 100 meters away to breed offspring. And this future highway is right between the swamp and the small pond. In other words, after the highway is built, if the reptiles continue their way of life regardless of their care, they will be run over to death by passing cars. If they have scruples and no longer climb to the pond, their reproduction will be affected, and they will face the danger of extinction.
   The report concludes with a strong call for an immediate halt to the construction of the expressway. And warned that if they insist on their own way, they will resort to the law.
   Since then, the construction of the expressway has been in the foreseeable future. Builders, zoologists, government officials, and green groups engaged in a heated debate. Although the proposals put forward by everyone are different, there is a consensus on one thing: this group of animals is very precious and belongs to the species that human beings should do their best to protect. They cannot be allowed to go extinct at the hands of our generation.
   The final plan was to build the highway into a tunnel in this area, and the additional expenditure would be as high as 50 million euros, which would be equally distributed among the existing reptile heads. A reptile would be worth about 10,000 euros.

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