4-year-old Australian girl suffers from rare disease and even air allergies

  According to the “British Mirror” report, a 4-year-old girl in Queensland, Australia, could not even eat small food because of allergies. The girl’s name is Clara. Clark suffers from mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), which is a disease of the immune system. Once stimulated by “allergens”, it may lead to anaphylactic shock, which is very dangerous. Terrifyingly, everything in everyday life, even the air, can trigger the disease.
  Over the past year, Clara has been unable to go to kindergarten due to her deteriorating condition. Without timely medical treatment, next year’s Clara will not be able to enter the campus with her peers. Curious about the world, the little girl is now stuck at home all day, and when she’s hungry, she’s limited to special baby formula and ice-packed treats.
  Clara’s 33-year-old mother, Alyssa Clark, told the Daily Mail Australia: “She was very sad and asked me why other children didn’t have sick bellies.” “She would imagine that she was cured and could eat Something delicious.”
  American grandma lived to be 117 years old Suzanne Mushter-Jones,
  who lived in Brooklyn, USA, was born in July 1899. In 2016, Suzanne died before her 117th birthday. This amazing death makes her one of the oldest people in the world. The “New York Post” explored Suzanne’s longevity secrets and found that this grandma is really different. The first rule of her regimen is to eat bacon for breakfast every day.
  According to the magazine, Suzanne’s daily routine is quite regular. Wake up at 9:30 in the morning, eat breakfast at 10:30, and eat bacon and scrambled eggs for decades. In addition, Suzanne’s three meals are also meatless. Although it will be accompanied by staple food and vegetables and fruits, Suzanne always eats meat first. At its most exaggerated, bacon can be eaten with all meals. Grandma often chews gum as a snack.
  Cured meats like bacon are actually quite controversial. According to nutritionists at the Cleveland Clinic, bacon is rich in protein, B vitamins, and the minerals zinc and selenium, which all help cell metabolism and prevent disease.
  It can be seen that health preservation really varies from person to person. But longevity is not metaphysics. Only by developing good daily habits can we be healthy physically and mentally.
  British police confiscating children’s toy cars has become a laughingstock Staffordshire police in
  the United Kingdom have recently become the “laughing stock” of the local people because the police confiscated a children’s toy four-wheeler from a two-year-old child and used obstacle removal The truck tow it away.
  According to the British “Daily Star” report, the Staffordshire police in the United Kingdom arrested Huan Huan on suspicion of violating the provisions of the “Road Traffic Act”
  . , The police used a large wrecker to transport the toy car. There was a police car clearing the way in front of the wrecker, and there were police “escorts” beside it. The “incident” happened on April 21 in Tunstall Park.
  The decent law enforcement behavior of the police officers has drawn ridicule from the local community. Some people in the local area revealed that after calling 999, it took the police three hours to arrive at the scene. The person jokingly said: “It turns out that the police in Staffordshire are busy catching two-year-old children for traffic violations.” Of
  course, some people said objectively that the police can tell children that the above-mentioned toy four-wheeled vehicles cannot be driven in certain places, and if they are considerate enough, they can also tell the children which places are allowed to drive this kind of vehicle.
  A German man received a traffic ticket from his pet dog.
  For friends who drive, the most terrifying thing is to receive a ticket, and there are many fines, but what if the perpetrator is his pet dog? A driver in Germany encountered a strange situation: his dog was fined 50 euros (about 325 yuan), which left the driver speechless.
  The photo on the ticket is not the man himself, but his pet dog. The puppy’s face appeared behind the steering wheel, gazing blissfully at the road ahead. It turned out that when the man was driving, the pet dog had been sitting in the co-driver, but when they passed the electronic eye, the little guy jumped on the owner’s lap, and this perfect photo was taken as a result. The man added: “Usually, dogs wear a special car seat belt for safety. That day, I forgot to fasten it and the dog came and acted like a baby while driving.”
  The dog only spent three seconds on the driver’s lap during the entire process. In just a few seconds, I didn’t expect to take a picture, and the man also said that he had paid the fine for the dog.

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