Walk fast, heart slowly

  In fact, people are generally the same: when they were children, they wanted to grow up, when they were young, they lingered in the past and looked forward to the future, and when they were old, they liked to replay the past in fragments over and over in their minds. Looking around, a person’s life is like a road, which flows like a breeze and moon, and passes away like a beast. The torrent is surging, and it seems that if you don’t paddle quickly like sailing against the current, you can only sink to the bottom of the water in the next second.
  I have always walked very fast, not only because of the need to survive in the fast-paced life, but also because I feel that the fluttering clothes attract the attention of the crowd, and secondly, it is a part of urban life. The turbulent gathering has already forced the concept of “every second counts” to fill my entire spiritual world. Whether it is life, emotions or personnel management, they are like a torrent. I can only get a little respite when I am running fast. So in my timeline, I have always just stared ahead and walked forward quickly, and the people and things on the road were gradually faded away.
  A long time ago, on the road I had been hurrying through, I, who was walking as fast as usual, accidentally collided with another person who was busy running around. While staggering, I squinted at a grassland beside me, and suddenly found that the grassland was in the withered yellow field. I also kept a hard-to-find touch of green, but time was running out, so I hurriedly packed up and moved on without thinking about it.
  If the bright daytime is to let your hurried body see the distance and move forward rapidly, then the darkness at night must be to blur your eyes and recall the past. That night at the end of the day, I was lying on the bed after a quick shower, and I inadvertently remembered the stagger during the day. I have to admit that the grass that suddenly came into view brought a small but huge shock to my heart. Recalling the glimpse of spring, it is rooted in this busy city, people come and go, flowers bloom and fall, the dawn of dawn, the afterglow of sunset… the vicissitudes of life in this world are all contained in its spring birth, summer prosperity, autumn withering and winter death inside. The reciprocal cycle is the same. Although I have to change the color in the annual rings in a hurry in order to cope with the wind, frost and rain in different seasons, and the withered glory is disillusioned, but I am still stubborn and slowly fade the green before the snow cover…
  I always feel that things that disturb the soul and mind are worth thinking about. I agree with this idea: the rapid growth of grassland and the rapid change of seasons are the needs of survival; just like today, thousands of men, women and children are born in the world The hustle and bustle of life, education, training, learning… Hurriedly walking through the comings and goings of people.
  The world is really big, with mountains, rivers, sun and moon, green smoke and glowing clouds. Listing pearls in the market, Hu Ying Luo Qi is not just a libretto. Wuhua Tianbao, outstanding people, counting romantic figures, it is not just a verbal boast. The criss-crossing railway network connects the world together, carrying the ideals of countless people, allowing the train to go far away; the long and tortuous coastline can swallow all the beauty and fantasy in this world… We have no choice but to go further and further in the world. Hurry up, if you don’t keep up with the times step by step, no matter how strong the country of Qiancheng is, it’s just a piece of loess after all, if you don’t let your body take the lead to face the difficulties, the heroes who are extremely talented and famous in the eyes of everyone today are just nothing; everyone knows The “fast life” that is necessary for survival is easy to make people feel empty, and the endless race against time always makes people doubt the value of rushing all the way. Everyone wants to walk slowly, look at the trees and grass on the road, and listen to episodes Crying and making noise in the city, but to really slow down the body is just a utopian fantasy in reality. Finally, the so-called “fast life” is just to put the haste that has always been in the face and learn to get used to it. The so-called “slow life” “It’s just to temporarily put down the things that are not indispensable, and then continue to move forward after a short rest.
  But in addition to the hasty change for the needs of survival, the grassland is still slowly retaining its bright green in the midwinter. Maybe this is the poetry and the distance beyond the so-called hustle and bustle of the world; just like us, when we were young, people used to write about the sea in the mountains of books. Suddenly, the urge to kick off the schoolbag, pack up the bags and travel the world emerged. The youth with a single word, the age with unlimited vitality, although the impulsiveness is naive, it continues to lead people to this strange world, groping step by step, happy all the way, although we have been deceived, we still choose to believe, although we have been harshly criticized We still choose to be kind, even when “we want to cross the Yellow River with ice and snow, and climb the Taihang Mountains with snow”, the innate peace of mind that is born with human beings still makes us look forward to “hanging directly to the clouds”. Sail to help the sea”. Keeping a touch of green on the grass is to preserve the signal and desire of life, while we keep the beauty and joy of life, abandon the self-doubt and drifting with the tide while walking forward, and choose to let the heart walk slowly in the rush of the body.
  Beware of going too fast, we always force ourselves to do things we don’t like to do, we are ordinary people but fear our own little emotions, we like things but refuse them thousands of miles against our will, we are full of beauty and warmth but with the body’s Running as a last resort, extinguishing the warmth, throwing away the tenderness, and forgetting the original intention… Born to walk in the world, living is the unity of body and mind. We can’t slow down the body to enjoy laziness, so don’t let the mind Go too fast and sail to perdition.
  No matter what the outside world is like, we are always on the road. Even on the road, I can’t turn back, continue to walk fast with my body, but also keep my heart slowly, rest when I’m free, think about it when I’m tired, vent when I’m suffering, cry when I’m in pain, reveal my true nature, keep my warmth and original intention, the world is struggling Don’t change your mind, accept and adapt slowly, experience and discover slowly.
  The heart walks slowly, the fishing boat sings at night, everything is the rhythm, listening to the wind, appreciating the rain, watching the sun, singing the moon, sighing at the mountains, looking for water, this is how the heart walks slowly, remember the kindness, remember the innocence, remember the simplicity, Also remember the good. Grass is lucky. The moon is full and the moon is waning, and it is just a bystander on the road.
  I am lucky. The big waves wash away the sand, the wind and smoke are exhausted, and I am still the same me on the road.
  The body walks fast and goes far, the heart walks slowly and walks well!

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