Nirvana’s withered vine

  Frost fell one after another, and the desolation of winter had already appeared. The field has long since lost any vitality. The vegetable garden, which used to be so grand, is like a tragic ancient battlefield, scattered and in a mess. Standing between the high sky and the thick soil, I let the wind blow through the depths of nature, and an inexplicable complex feeling filled my heart, which was similar to tragic, but not as simple as tragic.
  The prosperous curtain call, the ground is full of dead vines. Loofah vines, wax gourd vines, long and short, crooked, like a Song poem expressing sad emotions, every word reveals infinite sadness. The horizontal vines are fragile and dry, often broken by the wind, and fall to the ground in embarrassment. The dead vines that have completely lost water have no weight at all, and of course they have lost the ability to fight against the cold wind. They trembled in the wind, and sometimes they were even rolled and beaten by the wind, looking pitiful. The withered vines here are like a face that has experienced many vicissitudes, full of years of hardships and helplessness in life. Withered vines have always been the spokesperson of loneliness and desolation. In fact, anything with the word “ku” in front of it is doomed to have a withered, yellow and dark background.
  Two months later, the place is still full of vitality. At that time, thousands of green vines jointly created a prosperous and prosperous age of singing and dancing. I was once shocked by those thin vines. They look weak, but in fact each vine is like a small universe, bursting out amazing energy. Sometimes you feel that they almost have the power to pry the earth. Just one green vine can produce fruits ten times and a hundred times heavier than green vines. Winter melons are huge, and some weigh dozens of catties. Such a heavy fruit, hanging under the green vine, looks very mismatched. But Winter Melon didn’t worry about sinking to the ground at all, instead they all looked calm and composed. They smiled peacefully in the sassy wind, showing an amazing scene. Thin vines and huge melons seem a bit out of harmony, but in fact, it can be seen that the ability of vines to pull a thousand catties.
  In addition to winter melon vines, there are also loofah vines that seem weaker. Loofah vines are purposeful plants, they are always upward climbers. Cleverly take advantage of the situation of the environment to maximize the value of your life. Those slender and handsome loofahs are hung on the wooden fence. From the first autumn wind to the bleak autumn wind, they continuously deliver fruits. One crop after another, not long after it was picked, another crop appeared soon, like a kindergarten child, one crop after another, always so happy and full of joy. I haven’t calculated how many loofahs can be produced from one loofah seedling, but I know the number must be amazing.
  However, the passage of seasons is the magical code of nature, and no life can violate the will of nature, and the decline of vegetation is an inevitable law. I clearly remember that after the vines had withered and yellow leaves, the fruit still did not give up growing. Some vines have withered more than half, but the fruits on them are still tenaciously holding on to their final dignity. As a fruit, it is its last dignity not to stop growing. Although it is a little weak, it is still doing its best. My mother once told me that the melons and fruits in the late autumn taste very good, not inferior to those in the peak season. I think so too, there should be more mellow flavor in such fruit.
  After the fruit was completely gone, only the dead vines were left. After reminiscing the life course of Kuteng, the kind of tragic emotion in my heart suddenly changed, “sorrow” was wiped out, and only “strong” remained. “Zhuang” means majestic, majestic, and heroic. Suddenly, I feel that the slanting withered vines seem to have been carefully composed by the brush of nature, forming a big picture of the nirvana of the phoenix. The phoenix was thrown into the fire, burned to ashes, and then reborn from the ashes. The withered vines of Nirvana are really the phoenix reborn from the ashes, leaving an eternal image. The withered vines exhausted their last strength and turned into dust to take over the new life of the next spring. Withered vines never die, life is eternal.
  Any dedicated life is worthy of praise.

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