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  Mr. Hua is married again. It is said that this is his fourth marriage, and the bride is twenty years younger than him. Marriage is a matter of mutual consent between an adult man and a woman, and there is no need to explain it to outsiders. Although I have known him for many years, I don’t know much about the number of marriages of Mr. Hua. More than ten years ago, I sat next to him when I participated in a novel seminar. I heard that he had just arrived in Hainan, was divorced, and had a child alone. Because he did not have a local hukou, he had many troubles in going to school. At that time, a literary lady next to her was an enthusiastic person. Hearing Mr. Hua’s experience, she didn’t know whether it was true or not, and her eyes were red. Mrs. Hua’s red eyes made Mr. Hua feel warm, like nectar dripping on the cracked ground. Mr. Hua quickly absorbed this sympathy, and exchanged contact information with Mrs. Wenyi in case of emergency.
  The big sister of literature and art has a lot of friends, and the list of best friends is numbered to avoid confusion. Sister Wenyi has always attached great importance to the friendship between girlfriends. After getting to know Mr. Hua for a month, Sister Wenyi grandly launched her No. 3 best friend. The eldest sister’s best friend is also a strange person, with extensive knowledge and knowledge, and an expert in the field of island education. Probably because she spent too much energy professionally, the number three best friend is young, but her love life has been blank.
  Mr. Hua is eight years older than best friend No. 3, and during these eight years, he has accumulated a wealth of emotional experiences. At that time, Mr. Hua worked in a newly spawned urban media, hosting a column on emotional topics. During the back-and-forth interviews, Mr. Hua learned about the true background and power of girlfriend number three. One day, when the sun was setting, Mr. Hua asked girlfriend No. 3 to go for a walk by the beach. Walking to the place where the flowers are clustered on the shore, there is the guzheng song “Liang Zhu” lingering. Mr. Hua suddenly knelt down on one knee and held a small red brocade box. Inside the box was Mr. Hua’s recent business trip to Chengdu. 99 yuan spent in Kuanzhai Alley Purchased a high imitation silver ring.
  Mr. Hua’s marriage proposal is not long. An untitled poem by Li Shangyin has been refurbished by Mr. Hua: “It’s hard to say goodbye when we meet each other. With tears in her eyes, after so many years of guarding her, she finally met her beloved. The third best friend naturally had mixed feelings and wept with joy.
  The wedding between Mr. Hua and his girlfriend No. 3 was grand and enthusiastic. Girlfriend No. 3, who is nearly thirty years old, has always had her own persistence and persistence in love and marriage. She believes that marriage is a big drama in life, and this wedding is naturally a “play within a play”. She has never been a reckless person. Now that she has found someone who can be entrusted to for life, the relationship between the two should be “I am in you, and you are in me”. Only such a marriage can feel safe.
  Mr. Hua’s temperament fits perfectly with the requirements of BFF No. 3 to a certain extent. So, on the eve of the wedding, Mr. Hua persuaded the No. 3 girlfriend with his abstract and sacrificial economic theory. On the first day after marriage, the No. 3 girlfriend transferred the newly allocated welfare housing to Mr. Hua. under the name of
  In return, Mr. Hua bought a pair of embroidered high-heeled shoes for his newly married wife. It is said that he bought it according to the description in Lu You’s “Notes of Lao Xue’an”: “The woman’s trail, the bottom is pointed at the front and the back is round, and the round end is nailed with wooden boards. They are about inches tall, and they rattle and sway when walking.” The newlywed No. 3 best friend kept the pair of embroidered high-heeled shoes containing the “eternal tenderness” in her safe as a treasure, which is the symbol of her love with Mr. Hua. In the words of Mr. Hua, “the most beautiful love starts from the soles of the feet. The feet carry the weight of the whole body. When the feet stand firmly, love will come to fruition.” The No. 3 boudoir of the literary young woman is struck by her husband’s romantic exposition about love. What is a house? Money can’t buy true love. So, the third best friend after marriage spent all her heart and soul on transferring the son born to Mr. Hua and his ex-wife to another school. She used all the network resources she could use, and finally made the child a native of Haikou half a year later. And enter a local famous school to study.
  During this period, Mr. Hua’s emotional column became more and more famous, and many women who were frustrated in life and emotions regarded Mr. Hua as a tree hole to confide in. And Mr. Hua, who has read thousands of sails, has already cultivated a pair of piercing eyes, and as a loyal preacher, he gets close to the prey he is interested in.
  After the transfer procedures of the house were completed and his son’s study life stabilized, the marriage between Mr. Hua and his best friend No. 3 seemed to have entered the undercurrent of marriage ahead of schedule – the “seven-year itch”. The day of marriage is less than two years away.
  News about Mr. Hua’s derailment came out from time to time. For his wife’s questioning, Mr. Hua took a tight-lipped attitude. Hitting a snake and hitting seven inches, he has a deep understanding of the temperament of girlfriend No. 3. She is a celebrity in the local education field, and she has to take care of her face and not show her off. The cold violence in the family made girlfriend No. 3 unbearable, so they asked their Yue Lao, the enthusiastic literary and artistic elder sister, to mediate.
  Facing Mrs. Literary and Art, Mr. Hua was eloquent when he approved the third girlfriend: “Outsiders see her glamorous and beautiful, and think that I have taken advantage of this marriage, but they don’t know how hard I have lived in it. People often ask Why did I marry her? She has such a big temper. What is there to love? For such a woman, I just ignore her. But I gave her two years of marriage, and everyone thought I was either crazy or greedy for her Money. But what kind of money does she have? I even paid for the renovation fee for that crappy house! When I married her, she was ugly, so who can look up to her? Not to mention now , the wrinkles on her face cannot be flattened by an iron, her eyebrows and nose are all crowded together, but she has one thing that stands out, that is her teeth – buck teeth! Her figure is also ingenious, straight like a bucket It’s straight down, and there’s no bumps or convexities at all, let alone curves. She just puts one leg on the seat when she sits down! The food she cooks is also unpalatable, and her brain is as inelastic as the skin on her face. Tell me, can I still have love for such a person? God knows what kind of gloomy life I have lived for such a wife…”
  He spread his opinion in the life circle of No. 3 best friend All of her shortcomings, highlighting his loss in this marriage, so that he can take away the house that originally belonged to her under his name when he divorces, and he wants everyone to think that this is the compensation he deserves .
  Mr. Hua was born on the other side of Bashu, in the land of Chuxiang. Among Chinese men, those born here are the ones with the best combination of rationality and sensibility. Most of them are suitable for the career of politicians, with a dignified and harmonious temperament, easy-going, friendly and rigorous. Although Mr. Hua did not engage in politics, he was born with a very high talent for acting, which may be related to the natural conditions of his birthplace. The weather in Chuxiang is hot and exciting. Coming to the island alone, he has no chance to enter the political arena, so all kinds of suppressed desires can only be released and fulfilled through feelings and marriage.
  The men in the land of Chuxiang all appear to be “inner handsome” from the outside. “A great brain is originally half female and half male.” Mr. Hua has inherited these advantages very well. In front of women who need to please, he shows enough reason and gentleness. It is a political game full of style, which is an interesting journey of wisdom. And once the goal is achieved, he abandons it like a shoestring, using his high IQ to detour and get rid of any factors that may affect his interests.
  Girlfriend No. 3 couldn’t bear Mr. Hua’s slander and cold violence, and finally decided to divorce. As a result, Mr. Hua obtained a house worth several million yuan without a single soldier. The son is still his own son, and the child’s household registration is still Haikou. There will be no change, and there will be no harm to the child. Enrollment has any impact. After all, Mr. Hua is a good father. He needs a house to shelter his children from wind and rain. Who can blame a single father for his love for his children? ——Most of the people around have a kind heart. Regarding the experience of the third best friend, they sympathize with the weak, and think that Mr. Hua’s two years are indeed worth such a house. Who made your No. 3 girlfriend’s career so successful? You’re still an expert! Mencius said thousands of years ago: “Fish is what I want; bear’s paw is also what I want; you can’t have both…” More recently, Su Shi more than 900 years ago is also in the poem Long sigh: “People have sorrows and joys, and the moon has cloudy and sunny waxes and wanes. This matter is difficult in ancient times.” Aren’t these two better than your No. 3 best friend? Don’t have to accept this incomplete reality. This is fate!

  Mr. Hua has learned more wisdom from the crusade against No. 3 best friend by the people around him. For many years, he wrote some books about Laozi, Confucius, Mencius and other sages for a publishing house in Hunan Province. After all, he was influenced by sages.
  Mr. Hua, who is full of knowledge and benevolence, loves Chinese traditional culture from the bottom of his heart. With a full belly of economics and benevolence, Chinese medicine should be put on the agenda logically. How to master this skill inherited from the ancestors as soon as possible, and let it shine in his future life has become Mr. Hua’s most firm belief and ideal in the second half of his life.
  After many inquiries, Mr. Hua found someone among the readers of the emotional column who could help him learn Chinese medicine—a newly divorced woman named “Ai Lian”. Ai Lian’s grandfather is said to be a famous Chinese medicine doctor on the island. Ai Lian got an excellent name, and she was probably born as the apple of her parents’ eye. People also look weak, with a natural and lovable appearance. Such a woman has soaring ambitions. She has been a top student in the school since she was a child, and she is a model of a good child in the eyes of teachers and parents.
  But the love and pity, which is a collection of thousands of pets, is stumbling on the emotional road. When he was in college, he and Fa Xiao lived in the north and south of the Yangtze River, separated by a river, which could not stop the hazy love affair in the beginning. The two places frequently passed letters from swan geese, and it seemed that everything had been settled.
  As college graduation approaches, Ai Lian decides to visit Fa Xiao’s school. In order to hide her shyness, Ai Lian brought her best friend from the same dormitory. The girlfriend and the loving Fa Xiao hit it off, and quickly developed into a fiery love affair.
  Ai Lian was able to marry quickly with her blind date, probably due to the failure of her first love and the betrayal of her friendship. The marriage without expectations has been deadlocked from the very beginning, the delicate love seems to have become weaker, and the cold temperament has become more cold.
  After less than a year of marriage, Ai Lian left. A person as proud as she was began to become discouraged, the healthy flush disappeared from the cheeks, the smile disappeared, and the mind no longer dreamed of the future. For several months, she was immersed in self-pity, almost becoming the embodiment of sadness and despair.
  Mr. Hua appeared in Ai Lian’s circle of friends at the right time, and as an emotional expert, he analyzed the Achilles’ heel in her emotions: “Your love is too silent, and the other party will think that your love is not true. You are not that This kind of woman who is good at talking, to associate with you, you need to understand what is in your heart under the silent appearance. Sometimes your eyes are confused, and your hands are habitually clasped tightly. This is your habit of self-protection. In fact, what is happening inside you For fierce conflicts, you need someone who truly understands your inner world.”
  Mr. Hua’s words stirred up a storm in the lonely heart of love and pity, and it turns out that there is really a soulmate in this world. In the process of falling in love with Mr. Hua, Ai Lian feels that his soul has extended countless sensitive tentacles, and some words that have been settled in his heart for a long time can be blurted out with the encouraging eyes of Mr. Hua.
  Marrying Mr. Hua seems to be the most logical thing to love and pity at this time. Moreover, after marriage, Mr. Hua is very filial. He runs to Ai Lian’s grandfather’s house every now and then, saying that it is because Ai Lian’s body is too weak. Take care of his beloved wife. The grandfather always loved his granddaughter very much. Now that she can meet a husband who treats her so attentively, the old man is very happy, and the secret recipe of ancestral medicine that he didn’t want to be passed on to the grandson-in-law consciously began to be revealed to the grandson-in-law.
  Mr. Hua is really eager to learn Chinese medicine. Especially learning from a famous doctor like his loving grandfather, every cell in Mr. Hua’s body is like a baby waiting to be fed, excitedly absorbing the knowledge of Chinese medicine. On weekdays, Mr. Hua would serve him tea at his grandfather’s house, and his grandfather would play chess with the old man when his hands were itchy. My grandfather’s house was often full of guests, all of whom were rare figures in the medical field. Being able to serve them tea is a blessing that Mr. Hua has cultivated for a hundred years. Not only can he learn from others’ strengths in medicine, but it can also become a part of his talk that can be shown off in the future.
  In less than a year, Mr. Hua began to be a teacher in the field of Chinese medicine. Mr. Hua’s “emotional expert” on the radio station added a new title “famous Chinese medicine master”—after all, so many famous Chinese medicine masters have the same student, so can they not be famous masters?
  Doctor is a sacred profession. Sitting in the studio of the radio station, Mr. Hua felt that his image instantly stood up, because he is both an “emotional expert” and a “famous doctor of traditional Chinese medicine”. He can relieve the pain of patients from the body to the spirit. Patients also have to believe in these names. After all, life and death are important matters, and doctors take the mission of helping the world and living people to hold the power of life and death of patients.
  Mr. Hua, who was sitting in the live broadcast room, was wearing a gray and white Tang suit with hand-embroidered buttons, his head was shaved and his face was rosy—you can see the exquisiteness of this “famous doctor of traditional Chinese medicine” in the details. Seeing the image of a “famous doctor”, the patient feels at ease, and the disease will go away for eight minutes. When the doctor took the pulse, the heartbeat was completely normal, and the blood pressure also fluctuated between the upper and lower limits. Mr. Hua’s reputation has risen rapidly in the radio station’s “Wonderful Doctor” column.
  Mr. Hua, who has become a “miracle doctor”, is very busy. Because of her previous status as an “emotional expert”, most of the patients who came to Mr. Hua for treatment were women. When a person is sick, his outlook on life is always prone to change. He feels that life is impermanent, and he has a little more forgiveness for everything he is obsessed with when he is healthy. In particular, most women in this world are temperamental people. When they are sick, if there is no lover by their side, their desire for life will be as low as dust, and it is very easy to compromise with others, even if the other party is just a stranger. An ordinary greeting , can breed the illusion of love, thinking that this world can still be nostalgic.
  Mr. Hua met such a female patient Yan Ying in the third year after his diagnosis. Mr. Hua has always been good at giving when people are weak. As a well-known emotional expert, he has enough in-depth research on psychology. He understands that sympathy should be given when people are weak, so that the other party can easily cherish this sympathy. When a person is so ill that he can’t even take care of his own food, if someone visits him, that little bit of sympathy will be like nectar dripping on dry soil, and there will be a “sizzling” echo, and it will be sucked into the heart immediately.
  The general mentality of Yan Ying who was ill did not exceed Mr. Hua’s setting. From the first time she stepped into Mr. Hua’s clinic to inviting Mr. Hua to her villa by the sea, within a month, Yan Ying experienced countless tortuous ideological struggles, and finally love defeated her as a young woman. All the sanity of a successful businessman and the presidents of countless associations hanging over his head. When Mr. Hua stepped into this mansion that he had only seen in movies and TV series for the first time, he clearly set his next goal in life, and he will definitely become the male owner of this mansion. Mr. Hua, who has been married three times, has a more transparent understanding of marriage. He understands the importance of money in marriage. Therefore, starting from the second marriage, before getting married, he thought that what he married was a dowry, not a permanent wife. “If I have a new and better goal, I can naturally start over.”
  Yan Ying is probably his newer and better goal during this period. “Do you know? Since I met you for a month, I have been inexplicably anxious. I can’t help but think of you, as if we met many years ago. You are very similar to the one I met in Tianya community back then. Girl, in those days she always wrote some sentimental articles, and I fell in love with her almost desperately. The attraction was both physical and intellectual, but not enough to make a good marriage, because at that time we were both Lack of firm and sincere will. But you have this kind of sincerity and firmness, which just fills the void in my heart. Therefore, when I first saw you, I silently swore that I should put this ups and downs Attraction is always fixed. I have identified you, I will no longer look for someone I like, but do everything I can to make you happy…” Mr. Hua, who has hosted the emotional column of newspapers for many years, has listened to countless empty-nester women Confession in his heart, for Yan Ying, a young wealthy businesswoman, he can probably grasp her psychological needs at this time, so the wording of the love letter will not appear too hot, he understands that the indifference like a sage is more attractive to such women—they Have the same career as a man, and get good grades. But they are emotional animals after all, they are always consciously or unconsciously immersed in love, and then motherhood. Influenced by the instincts of their race, their minds are more closely connected with their bodies.

  Mr. Hua stood out from Yan Ying’s many suitors effortlessly. After confirming Yan Ying’s intentions, Mr. Hua began to consider how to file a divorce request with his third wife, Ai Lian, and how to minimize the possible economic losses caused by the divorce. Divorcing Ai Lian involves too many aspects, and the process will not be smooth. After all, they have a son with autism who just turned two years old, and Ai Lian also has such a grandfather. It is difficult to get along in the Chinese medicine community on the island. ——Mr. Hua repeatedly weighed and thought: In this marriage, love and compassion are impeccable. She is an excellent employee in the unit and an important expert in the field of island astronomy. with her husband and children. Like everyone’s perception of island women, she has almost all the advantages of traditional women, which makes this divorce much more difficult, and public opinion will undoubtedly tend to love and pity. This is especially true for Mr. Hua who has become a public figure. In other words, it is difficult to gain more from the division of property.
  For more than half a month, Mr. Hua carefully observed and argued about the various details of Ai Lian’s life. He found that in order to minimize the risk of this divorce, Ai Lian could only propose it on his own initiative. So, on a typhoon night, when Ai Lian hugged him to seek Huan Ai, Mr. Hua refused. He lazily glanced at the shy love in front of him, and said: “I think making love to you is a very boring thing. We have been married for so long, we have done it many times, and we have children, but I have never felt happy. , only unhappy, very unhappy. So, I don’t want to do these things with you now. I know you are very good, a good wife and mother, and the best character among island women. Now this kind of woman is very popular in the world. Rare, my son and I are lucky to have a wife and mother like you. But sexual disharmony is our reality and a deadly part of marriage. What can I do? I’ve tried so hard…”
  While making these expressions, Mr. Hua broke free from his loving embrace and went to the other side of the bed, leaning against the wall, with a helpless and sad tone. After all, after living together for a few years, Mr. Hua knows Ai Lian’s temperament very well. He knows the arrogance in Ai Lian’s bones, and he knows how to hit the key point and hit Ai Lian’s pain point directly, thus arousing her to resolutely leave.
  Just as Mr. Hua expected. After hearing these words, Ai Lian glanced at Mr. Hua in a daze, then got up and left silently. Before leaving to find Mr. Hua, Ai Lian stood for a long time on the balcony under the sound of the typhoon’s call signs, and after nearly two hours of mental construction, he mustered up the courage to find Mr. Hua—they had not been married for a long time. live.
  Ai Lian who returned to her room did not cry. Outside the window, the typhoon has passed, and the wind has gradually weakened. In the yard, a single lamp dilutes the night. Under the light, the drizzle was flying. On the sea in the distance, there is a broad ripple, almost a row of big waves, and some faint white spots, maybe egrets, whose heavy wings flap weakly, hitting the small boat that is still swaying with the waves. The water surged up and met the light, shining a sticky shimmer. Ai Lian was drawn by this twilight, and felt that all of this instantly took on a special meaning. On the emotional road, she has felt pain for half of her life, and only pain can make her feel the movement and existence of life. What disturbed her was that if there was no love or anything but pain, it would not be enough to give her soul peace. She felt that in the past few years when she met Mr. Hua, she had devoted herself to Mr. Hua. Later, she had a son again, and because of his autism, she spent more time with her than others. The sentimentality of her youth staggered before life, and her misery was closer to the truth of art than the bent and drooping pale arms of a swan dancer. What she had neglected had to be picked up bit by bit, and the little emotions in the marriage with Mr. Hua over the years had been reduced to ashes and had to disappear from her heart.
  On the third day after the typhoon night, Ai Lian found her grandfather and told her that she wanted to divorce Mr. Hua. She took all the reasons and faults required for divorce on herself, and only wanted to get out of this marriage as soon as possible. Mr. Hua knelt in front of Ai Lian’s grandfather for half the night, made a midnight confession, and begged his grandfather to come forward to dispel Ai Lian’s crazy idea of ​​divorce. The grandfather, who has been persuaded by love and pity, loves his granddaughter and promises not to meddle in their affairs. So, he waved to Mr. Hua and turned his back.
  Mr. Hua knew that everything was settled. He knows love and pity too well. Because he was worried that he would disturb his grandfather, Ai Lian quickly drafted a divorce agreement: the child belonged to the mother, and the two properties, the one he was living in was a gift from his grandfather. Ai Lian reluctantly left it to herself and the child. The newly purchased villa in Jiangdong was originally under the name of Ai Lian. On the second day after the divorce agreement was signed, Ai Lian went through the transfer procedures, and the head of the household became Mr. Hua.
  On the day of the divorce procedure, Mr. Hua came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, and went to Yan Ying’s mansion with a purple divorce certificate and a red real estate certificate to start his fourth marriage.

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