Let children look down on “grades”

  After dinner, my daughter calmly took the schoolbag, stationery box, eraser, pencil… everything and put them all in front of me. Needless to say, I understand that it’s time to “upgrade” her school supplies again. In the stationery store in the community, my daughter frowned at the schoolbag displayed by the shopkeeper: “I don’t want it, this grade is too low, and the price is not even a fraction of the schoolbag at the
  same table as me !” I heard that it is said to be the child of the boss of a large company. On weekdays, his clothing and stationery are of higher grade than those of his classmates, and the car his mother drives when attending parent-teacher meetings also gives people a feeling of “standing out from the crowd”. Seeing my daughter’s contemptuous expression, the owner and I were a little embarrassed. I put up with it and said, let’s go home and think about it first, and buy it later.
  When I got home, my daughter still frowned. I poured her a glass of milk and asked softly, “Are you still sad about buying schoolbags?” She nodded. I asked again: “Then what do you think is the good thing about the schoolbag at the same table?” The daughter immediately became interested, and replied without thinking: “The schoolbag is a famous brand, very delicate, with many pockets on it, and it looks very elegant on the back!”” Do you usually use so many pockets?” “No, actually two or three pockets are enough…” “Schoolbags are used to hold books, and they are strong and durable. No matter how many pockets it has, no matter how famous it is Big, too many and useless may not be a good thing.” The
  daughter said: “Then his pencil case is fully automatic, very dazzling! During recess, students in our class like to borrow his pencil case to play with. “”The stationery box is used to hold pencils, erasers and other stationery. When the lid is closed, it should lie quietly on the side. If it is used as a toy, the pencils and erasers in its stomach will definitely have objections. What do you think?” “Then his crayons come in boxes of all colors, and his erasers come in sets, including animals, dolls, and so many shapes!” I asked her back. : “His crayons are so full of colors, so is his art work the best? He has many types of erasers, so is his homework the neatest in the class?” My daughter smiled and shook her head: “No No. His paintings are ugly, they don’t look like anything; his homework is also very sloppy!”
  I said: “Really? Maybe it’s because he has a lot of colored pens, so he just painted some of each color, and in the end it didn’t look like anything; and he felt that there were a lot of erasers anyway, so he didn’t take homework so seriously anymore. So the handwriting is very illegible.” After listening to my words, the daughter didn’t make a sound.
  Then, I took out two blank sheets of paper and said to my daughter: “Now let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of you and your deskmate. First, he has more pocket money, but his academic performance is not very good; Good academic performance! Second, his popularity is good because some classmates are greedy for his snacks; your popularity is also good because some classmates want to ask you for learning experience! Third, his family conditions are good and he lives in a villa , drives a famous car, and eats and drinks the best; although our family’s conditions are limited, we are harmonious and loving, and the whole family loves you the most!” As soon as I finished the analysis, my daughter blushed shyly and said cheerfully He yelled at me: “Mom, you are still the best, and now I feel much more comfortable!” My
  daughter wanted to buy a brand-name schoolbag. On the surface, she was vain, but in fact she had a feeling of inferiority in front of her classmates with superior families. As a parent, I think the most important thing at this time is to let the children look down on the so-called “class”, let the children understand that everyone has their own advantages, and there is no need to use their own shortcomings to compare the strengths of others, such a problem that seems difficult to deal with It was solved easily.

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