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How to get rid of pimples and pustules quickly

  A large amount of oil is secreted in the hair follicle, which passes through the duct of the sebaceous gland to the surface of the skin. Excessive accumulation of old dead skin cells will block the pores, and the new oil secreted every day will be blocked in the pores, and Propionibacterium acnes will multiply in large numbers in the hair follicles. Metabolites can inflame hair follicles and cause red, swollen acne.
The main cause of excessive oil secretion

  Increased male hormone levels
  High temperature and sultry weather
  Increased progesterone levels in the body (“visited” by the aunt)
The state of acne formation

  Inflammation, redness, swelling and pain, non-persistent itching
care plan

  1 High-efficiency cleaning: Use multi-claw structure surfactants to clean, can penetrate deep into the pores, emulsify and clean the sebum that is metabolized daily.
  2 Anti-inflammation and anti-bacteria: Red, swollen and pustules indicate that there are a large number of acne bacteria growing, which requires strong anti-bacterial ingredients such as totomol, high-purity tea tree essential oil, O-cymene-5-ol to anti-bacterial, combined with anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients Myrrha alcohol, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, allantoin, and purslane extract to soothe redness and redness.
  3 Water and oil balance: reduce oil secretion, prevent acne from recurring, and restore acne skin health.
  4 Diet: Change bad eating habits, try to eat some light food, and eat less high-fat, high-sugar and irritating food.
  Before eating, eat a bowl of green vegetables to reduce the increase in GI value.
  Reduce sweets (all kinds of sugar water, honey water, milk tea, etc.)
  1 to 2 tablets of vitamin B6 per day to assist conditioning.
  Reduce the intake of dairy products, up to 500ml of milk per day (ie 2 boxes)
  Uncle Hong’s reminder: Acne cannot be cured by medicine and skin care products, but appropriate treatment measures can be given according to the type of acne. Impetigo is mainly caused by clogged pores and bacteria. If we clean our skin daily, give mild antibacterial ingredients and adjust our diet, we can speed up the removal and reduce the frequency of acne.

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