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Have you really removed your makeup?

  With the improvement of people’s self-image requirements, makeup has become a daily habit of more and more people. When making up, apply foundation, make-up, sunscreen and other products on the face, which can play a beautifying effect. But at the same time, the powder and oil in these cosmetics are not easy to be absorbed by the skin. If the cleaning is not timely and thorough, it is easy to cause skin problems such as pigmentation, dull complexion and acne. Therefore, daily makeup removal is very important.
Gently removes makeup without damaging the sebum membrane

  Makeup removal is the first step in skin care. Improper cleaning and over-cleaning can easily cause a series of skin problems. As the vanguard of cleaning, if you don’t remove makeup properly, everything else will be in vain. If you do not choose the right makeup remover products, skin problems such as closed mouth, acne, dullness, damaged barrier, sensitive redness will follow.
  The best way to remove makeup is not to rub vigorously, but it can break down the makeup well without damaging the sebum membrane. Through the correct and thorough cleaning method, the skin can be restored to its original function, making subsequent maintenance more effective.
  Among the cleansing products, cleansing oil has been very popular on the Internet in the past two years. Compared with other categories, cleansing oil does not need to be wiped with a cotton pad, and it will not cause a lot of friction when in contact with the skin, and the damage to the cutin of the skin is relatively small. Every time I remove makeup, it’s like making a SPA for my face. It’s clean and safe, making makeup removal a pleasure.
Do I need to remove my makeup without makeup?

  In fact, the word “makeup remover” is very misleading. What we want to remove is not only makeup, but also “dirt”.
  Living in an environment of air pollution every day, free heavy metals, oily pollutants, floating dust, car exhaust, ultraviolet rays, etc. in the air will erode the skin and accelerate aging.
  For some people with strong oil secretion, especially oily skin, too much oil accumulates together and forms corner plugs after being oxidized, which will clog pores and produce blackheads over time.
  One can imagine how important makeup removal is to us. Even without makeup, there are all kinds of dust and pollutants in the air that adhere to our faces. Using makeup remover products can cleanse the oil, blackheads and other substances produced by the skin itself.

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