Hammer sees only nails

  When the world disappears, only nails, nails, nails are left in the eyes-is this “hammer” a bit paranoid? Is the thinking too single, is the vision too narrow?
  Buffett’s partner and investor Munger also said: “When you have a hammer in your hand, everything you see is a nail.” With a rich toolbox of hacksaws, screwdrivers, etc., you can’t handle the world with ease.
  The wrench has the mission of a wrench, and the pliers have the strength of the pliers; and the hammer’s mission is to strike and help the “nail”. Is there anything wrong with the nail being the only hammer?
  The “hammer” automatically shields the hustle and bustle around you. It doesn’t talk big, doesn’t sell dreams, and doesn’t aim too high. Instead, it looks for its own goals, taps, exerts strength, and perseveres day by day, year by year, and works hard with nails. The most beautiful look of life. Isn’t this kind of pragmatic and focused quality very valuable?
  Don’t underestimate the simple power of the “hammer”. Day after day, the seemingly monotonous persistence will produce incredible results. Just imagine, which of the tens of thousands of high-rise buildings in the world lacks a hammer and a nail? Looking at the reality again, how many people can’t achieve focused persistence? It has been investigated that 90% of entrepreneurs fail because they are not focused enough: either they have just tasted it, and they will always pass by the abundant springs;
  Throughout the ages, most of the ideals in the world have become slogans. There are very few people who can really concentrate on their work and turn their ideals into reality. Mathematician Chern Shiing-shen, who entered mathematics in his teens, determined to use it until his death at the age of 93. He has been dedicated to mathematics for more than 70 years. Faced with temptations such as becoming an official in politics and making money in business, he was never tempted. He said: “I will only do one thing in my life, and that is mathematics. Mathematics is simple, just a piece of white paper and a pencil.” Chen Shiingshen only has mathematics in his eyes. It is this spirit of concentrating on one thing that helped him dig deep into the “spring nest” in the field of mathematics, allowing him to taste the richness and sweetness of mathematics.
  The hammer has only nails in its eyes, and what matters is consistent concentration.
  Everything in the world is full of dialectics. Many things seem simple and not difficult. Once you focus on them, you will find that small things contain a big world, and mustard seeds can also be contained. For example, driving a nail with a hammer: It is very simple to drive a nail well; but it is not easy to drive each nail well. You have to figure out where to nail, which is the direction and target positioning; you have to see whether to use only a hammer, or need the cooperation of wrench and pliers, this is the method; you have to choose whether to use a big hammer or a small hammer , This is the precision of the tool; the choice of the nail hole is the precision of the point of force; the strength of the nail is the precision of the progress and strength… All these elements are accurate, so that the nail can penetrate three points at the target, and the hammer The work is considered complete.
  It is easier said than done to be precise in everything. Without long-term persistence and accumulation, one often loses sight of the other.
  American writer and thinker Emerson once said: “Focus, love, and concentrate on what you expect, and you will gain.” If you are more focused than your opponent, you can leave him behind. The British writer Johnson has dominated the literary world for decades with his knowledge and character. He also said similar words: “The great things do not lie in the size of strength, but in how long they can last.” In fact, the beauty of life does not lie in the expansion of desires
  . Material possession; it does not depend on how beautiful, extravagant, or dazzling you are. Have a dedicated job and profession, talk to it, discover new possibilities and form new perspectives; you will gain a secret passage and find the ultimate happiness of tranquility.
  The degree of civilization and education of a person, an era, and a society often lies in the concentration of people’s hearts and the wisdom of their hearts. Today, what we lack is precisely that kind of sustained focus. Concentration is a great power, even a supplement and completion of wisdom.
  A hammer sees only a nail. Concentration on one thing, one profession, will dig out the hidden energy of the body and mind, and let people enjoy the splendor of life, which is the splendor of life that extends infinitely in time.
  The great principles of life, the great state of life, one hammer and one nail, you can see the difference.

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