Chimes, act in the midst of internal friction

   “Chimes, go to the pier next door and order some French fries.” It is said that this sentence has cured many people’s internal friction.
   A Shiba Inu named Chims has become popular on the Internet because of his “weak and helpless” temperament. In the simple and sloppy video, it is a salaryman who works overtime in “996”, an examinee who is overwhelmed by his studies, a struggler who is carrying forward a burden, and an artist who pursues ideals in the world. Fuzhong keeps denying himself… You will find that everything it has experienced gradually coincides with you and me in reality.
   And “go to the pier next door to order French fries” is the spiritual core of one of the videos. Just watching the video content, this little dog was smoothed by the society, but he was unwilling, until he tried his best to fulfill his childhood dream – “Watching the Aurora”, and found that his bad life did not change because of the fulfillment of his dream Change, once fell into the ultimate negation of the meaning of life, and decided to embrace death. But a seagull woke it up: “Your so-called aurora watching is just a way to escape reality. You don’t understand life at all. So, Chimes, go to the pier next door and order chips, and don’t be too obsessed with those Formal meaning.” The deep meaning of this sentence is that you should live in every moment that will come, instead of being controlled and tortured by meaning. The reason why you are internalized is because you have been avoiding reality. At the end of the story, the seagull healed the puppy’s internal friction.
   In contrast to the reality, how many people, like Cheams, use the aurora as a cover for their dreams, but actually escape the boring and trivial daily life. And when they concentrated their energies and ran towards the aurora, they still couldn’t see the essence of life clearly, and then fell into the next round of internal friction.
   Due to work pressure, I resigned and moved to Dali for a while, trying to heal internal friction by living in seclusion. After paying the rent for half a year, I soon fell into a panic because I suspected that the house had excessive formaldehyde. Next, in order to maintain basic expenses, I took on some online jobs, but I was quickly overwhelmed by the requirements of Party A. Next, I started to stay awake in the middle of the night and wake up in the morning, relying on drugs to help me fall asleep, and staying with my mobile phone and computer all day long. After a little time, I lay motionless on the sofa. Half a year later, I realized that I just changed places to continue internal friction. I never even got up early one morning to look at the rising sun.
   You see, whether it is watching the aurora or going to Dali, escaping cannot cure internal friction. Leaving may be cool, but to resolve the internal friction, you need to recognize the essence of the matter, and not try to heal through external forms.
   A friend once fell into crazy internal friction when preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination. While speeding up his review, he struggled with the problem of “the target college is highly competitive and difficult to pass the exam”. In the end, because he spent a lot of time and emotion on an unsuccessful question, he failed the postgraduate entrance examination and was devastated. . Seeing that people are middle-aged and can’t accomplish anything, they have to try to make some changes. Since you have repeatedly failed the rankings, it is better not to take the test for the time being, but to start learning new skills; since you are looking for double speed when watching videos, just learn calligraphy and hone your patience; Put on the backpack and let the horse go on a journey. Everything that was unwilling or afraid to try has been formulated as a goal, and one by one is tried with the mentality of enjoying the moment. A few years later, my friend got a good-paying job because of his proficiency in skills. At that time, he not only practiced good calligraphy, but also had better physical fitness than previous years; because he has seen a wider world, he has more choices A kind of courage in life; because I always try my best to do everything with the mentality of enjoying the moment, so I seldom feel depressed about the difficulties of the moment. He said that all of what he has now is far more meaningful than a certain result he was persistently pursuing.
   When people face the unknown, they often spend a lot of emotion thinking about some uncontrollable things at the moment, which causes anxiety and internal friction. At this moment, don’t try to find meaning as an excuse to escape. The correct way is to start self-help, keep yourself in a state of learning, updating, and recharging. When you have enough knowledge reserves and spiritual energy, you will have more control over the things you may face, and the internal friction of anxiety will be greatly reduced. .
   Maybe there is a chimes deep in your heart who wants to see the aurora, and you also have the same happiness and difficulties that will inevitably come, but the experience of others is for reference only and cannot be copied. Only yourself can always heal internal friction. So, Chims, act and find ways to save yourself. What are you afraid of? Life is like a sea, and the tide rises after the tide goes out.

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