After 29 years of ups and downs, he finally became the prime minister of Malaysia

  After five days of political stalemate, what was described as Malaysia’s “most acrimonious ever” general election came to a close on Nov. Tenth Prime Minister. Anwar served as the deputy prime minister of Malaysia in 1993, but his political career has been full of ups and downs since then, and he finally took 29 years to complete the “last step” of becoming prime minister and reach the peak of power.
   Anwar was born in a county called Bukit Mertajam in Penang State, Malaysia. His father, Rahman, was a politician who was a handyman. The grassroots political movement of the National Unity Organization (UMNO) is very enthusiastic. Anwar studied at the University of Malaya as an undergraduate and was keen on political movements when he was a student. He served as the chairman of the Malaysian Muslim Students National Union and was later elected as the chairman of the Malaysian Youth Council. In 1974, Anwar was arrested for participating in the anti-poverty and anti-hunger student protest movement and was imprisoned for a full 20 months.
   Due to his rich political experience and extraordinary ability, Anwar had already emerged in the political arena as early as the early 1980s. In 1982, Anwar was “incorporated” by Umno and entered the Mahathir government. Anwar was appreciated by the latter at the time and regarded him as a “disciple”. Anwar also stated in public that the relationship between the two is “like father and son”. Under Mahathir’s promotion, Anwar’s political career has been on the rise. Since 1983, he has served as the Minister of Culture, Agriculture, Education and Finance, and has served as Deputy Prime Minister since 1993.
   Since September 1998, Anwar was first kicked out of the cabinet and then expelled by Umno. At the same time, he was accused of sexually assaulting his male driver and was jailed in 1999 for sodomy and corruption. It was not until five years later that Anwar was overturned due to “insufficient evidence” of the charges.
   In 2022, Anwar will attack the position of prime minister for the third time. Considering his age, the outside world regards this as his “last battle”. On November 20, Anwar announced the victory of the Harapan Alliance the day after the election. The media mentioned that in the face of domestic differences and contradictions in Malaysia, Anwar’s efforts to build a more diverse and inclusive Malaysian society will become very difficult.

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