The “Mother” Bewitched by Cults

  On June 9, 2020, an unremarkable pet cemetery in Arizona, USA, became the focus of American attention. On the same day, the police dug up two bodies here. It was soon revealed that they were the long missing Teri (16) and Joshua (7).
  The owner of the cemetery is De Belle, the stepfather of two children. Just six months ago, he and his child’s mother, Lori, were married in Kauai, Hawaii. Police suspect that the deaths of the two children were related to the couple.
  Since August this year, Lori, who is a murder suspect, has appeared in court many times, and the mainstream media in the United States have also made a lot of reports on the case. In court, she seemed indifferent to the dead child, and she showed a creepy smile from time to time, which made people shudder. At the same time, the deaths of Terry and Joshua also led to a series of suspicious deaths.

After Farrow’s death, Lori looked relaxed at the scene of the crime.
“loving mother”

  If it weren’t for the news of Lori’s arrest, her high school classmate Lopez still couldn’t believe that she might kill someone. “She studies well, and she is as pretty as a Barbie doll. We joined the school cheerleading team together, and we often went to her house to play.”
  Lori, who seemed to have everything, was repeatedly frustrated emotionally. She has been married 5 times and is a victim of domestic violence. But in the heart of the eldest son Colby, Lori is an amazing mother.
  Colby’s biological father, Lori’s second husband, has a history of domestic violence. Lori decisively chose to divorce. In 2001, she married her third husband, and daughter Teri was born a year later. Soon after giving birth, Lori went out to work and participated in a beauty pageant in Texas, becoming a local celebrity. She once spoke on a TV show about family life: “I have a wonderful husband who is home looking after our two beautiful children. I love them.”

Lori and Farrow love to travel with the kids.

Lori and Farrow at the wedding of eldest son Colby.

  But what Lori didn’t know was that the man was a pedophile who often sexually harassed and even raped the young Colby while she was out at work. Colby was severely beaten for the slightest disobedience. Soon, her husband also punched Lori. After seeing her husband’s true face, Lori quickly left with her two children.
  After this experience, Lori was extremely worried about her child’s safety. In order to prevent the child from being hurt again, she refused the love of other men until Farrow appeared.
  Farrow was a businessman who had been married once. He met Lori at a baseball game and fell in love with her at first sight. With Farrow’s help, Lori got out of the shadow of domestic violence. The pair married in 2006 and later adopted Farrow’s nephew Joshua. Lori treats Joshua, who has autism, as her own, and takes care of his daily life with all her heart.
  At that time, Farrow and Lori were recognized by their relatives and friends as a loving couple and the best parents. They traveled around with their children and left many photos. In the photo, everyone is smiling. But this enviable happiness was ruined by Lori herself.
kill husband

  In January 2019, Faro, who was on a business trip and was about to go home, suddenly found that the return ticket had been temporarily canceled and his credit card had been deactivated. He finally borrowed money to buy a plane ticket, and rushed home in the middle of the night, only to find that his family had disappeared, his car and clothes were gone, and Lori’s phone could not be reached.
  A restless Farrow tried to remember if his wife and children had behaved unusually in the past. He suddenly remembered that Lori had claimed to have been inspired by heaven and had seen angels. Farrow was terrified and immediately called the police. But the police believed that Lori and the child had just moved, and Farrow could go to the police station the next day to solve the problem.
  The next day, Farrow called the police again, saying his wife threatened to kill him, and he also suspected that his wife had joined a cult. The policeman became impatient and brought Lori in for questioning. Lori gave the police another set of excuses-Farrow had been cheating, and she planned to separate from him, so she took the child away. The kids also refused to speak to Farrow, let alone see him.
  Farrow was angry and desperate, and felt that there must be something wrong with this matter, so he asked someone to investigate Lori secretly. Investigators told him that Lori seemed to have joined a mysterious organization, and her anomaly might be related to it. This confirmed Farrow’s suspicions. But he loved Lori so much that he still wanted to talk to her and make another effort to save the marriage.
  On July 11 of that year, the police suddenly received a call to the police, and Farrow was shot and died. It was Lori’s brother Alex who shot. Alex said that after he learned that Lori was in trouble, he has been living in her house. Early that morning, Farrow showed up and attempted to sneak up on him with a baseball bat. In self-defense, he shot and killed Farrow. A police autopsy found that Farrow had been shot four times.
  After hearing the news of Farrow’s death, Lori nonchalantly took the children to buy hamburgers, and then returned home as usual. People who saw her that day said that there was no sadness on her face, but a smile.
  It turned out that Lori was the one who cheated, and the person who cheated was Debelle, her fifth husband mentioned at the beginning of this article.
  Debelle is a “magic stick” who runs the train with his mouth full. After an accident, he claimed to have been reincarnated, able to communicate with the gods, and preached “the end of the world”. He opened a publishing house and printed several masterpieces of “predicting the end of the world” by himself.
  Coincidentally, Lori is also obsessed with the “end of the world” talk. Her family believes in a sect of Mormonism. Mormonism once practiced polygamy, and the religious consciousness of believers is relatively strong. Under the influence of her parents, Lori also believes in religion, thinking that everything about herself is “guided by God”. At her insistence, Farrow also converted to Mormonism, and the family moved to Hawaii for a few years, largely because of the Mormon community there.
  Since 2018, Lori has hosted a missionary podcast. She likes to talk about the “end of the world”, death and rebirth on the show, saying that her children will suffer no more in the afterlife. The partner thought that Lori said this to brush traffic, but she didn’t know that she really believed in these things, and even fantasized about driving to commit suicide with the children in order to escape the “Doomsday Judgment”.

  Lori often organizes religious gatherings. At one point, Debelle was at a party and rant about the “end of the world,” boasting that he had experienced 31 different lives on various planets. Lori was completely mesmerized by the nonsense, and the two exchanged contact information. Since then, Lori has been taken by Debelle, and the “evil smell” has become stronger and stronger.
  Debelle told Lori that he could discern “good and evil spirits.” He divided human beings into 12 levels from “Ming Ling” to “Dark Ling” according to the degree of good and evil. The lowest level is the 6th level “Dark Spirit”, whose body will become a “zombie” after being occupied by demons. After some “identification”, Debelle said that Luo and the children were “dark spirits”, which hindered Lori’s reincarnation. He said that July 22, 2020 is the “doomsday”, and only by killing her husband and children can Lori become one of the 144,000 “minglings” and survive the “doomsday”.
  This nonsense was regarded by Loli as “truth”. In order to kill her husband, she carefully disguised herself as a victim, avoiding everyone’s eyes, and then used her brother’s hand to get rid of Farrow.

  Soon after Farrow’s death, Lori couldn’t wait to move the family closer to the De Belle’s. Debelle was still living with his wife at the time. Two weeks later, his wife also died. Debelle said his wife died in her sleep and refused to perform an autopsy on her, burying her hastily.
  At this time, the only “obstacles” for Lori and Debelle were Terry and Joshua. In order to hide it from the eyes of outsiders, Lori deliberately took the children to change places and confiscated their mobile phones, so that the outside world could not contact them.
  It was Farrow’s parents who first became suspicious. They made an appointment with Teri and Joshua early on to spend Thanksgiving together, but the two children did not show up as promised. Coupled with Farrow’s sudden death and Lori’s change of personality, the old couple felt that something was wrong, so they called the police, hoping that the police could help find the child.
  The police also realized that things were far more complicated than they thought. At the end of November 2019, the police first used the location of the mobile phone to track down Lori’s whereabouts, and found that she and Debelle were in the same room, but the two children were missing. Lori pushed that the baby was at a friend’s house. The police thought there was something wrong with her words, but they didn’t have a search or arrest warrant, so they had to go back and apply. Lori and Debelle fled overnight while the police were away, and were eventually found in Hawaii.
  Police also tracked down that the two had married in Hawaii in late September 2019, shortly after Farrow’s death. Lori said she had only one daughter, who died in 2017, the person who held their wedding said. The matter has come to this point, although the police have no clear evidence, but it is basically confirmed that Lori and Debelle have concealed the truth.

Lori and Debelle got married on the beach in Hawaii.

  On January 30, 2020, the police set a deadline for Lori to hand over the child within 5 days. Five days later, Teri and Joshua still did not show up. Police arrested Lori on charges including child abandonment and child failure.
  During the ensuing investigation, Lori maintained her innocence and refused to reveal the children’s whereabouts. The police used Debelle as a breakthrough, hoping to find clues from him. Soon, the police saw a message on their mobile phone posted in September 2019, “I killed a brown bear and buried it in the backyard.” The police believed that this information was problematic and decided to conduct a large-scale search of Debelle’s home, and finally found the bodies of the two children in his backyard.
  The police also became suspicious of the death of De Belle’s ex-wife, and opened the coffin for an autopsy after finding her cemetery. A forensic examination confirmed that Debelle’s ex-wife died of asphyxiation. Immediately, De Belle was also formally arrested.
  In court, facing the corpses of the two children, Lori was still playing tricks. Claiming to be Abraham (a biblical figure), she said Joshua “was lying on the walls and ceiling like a zombie” and that she “killed the zombie” in anger when Joshua damaged the picture of Jesus.
  Lori’s eldest son, Colby, moved out of the home when he came of age at 18, escaping the tragic fate of being murdered by his biological mother. He asked Lori: “Do you feel sorry for me? Do you feel sorry for Teri?” Lori said lightly: “I’m sorry, you didn’t fully understand the situation.”
  In January this year, Lori’s eldest brother Cox Interviewed by ABC. He said: “My mother talked to Lori and said she was exactly the same as before. My mother felt that being in prison had no effect on her, and her perception of everything that happened was still so outrageous.”

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