What is the difference between the freedom of Chinese and Americans

  Some American netizens say that Chinese people will never understand freedom. Is that so? The website of PR Newswire recently published an article titled “How “free are the Chinese”? In an interview, a Chinese reporter raised the difference between China and the United States’ views on freedom: In China, freedom is based on human decency and is connected with society. inseparable. In contrast, American liberty places more emphasis on individual desires.
  Western civilization, including the United States, has a distinctive feature—the respect for personal values. In the short history of the United States, freedom has been written into the foundation of its founding – the “Declaration of Independence”. The “natural rights” proposed in the Declaration of Independence include “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.
  From an individual’s point of view, it is understandable that the satisfaction of one’s own desires is the highest priority, but if you look at it as a collective, sometimes personal desires will just become a stumbling block on the collective operation and development track. During the most serious period of the epidemic in the United States, a person who refused to wear a mask swaggered on the street. When a passerby reminded him to wear a mask, the response he got was, “It is my freedom not to wear a mask. If you are dissatisfied with this, You can stay in the house and don’t come out.” Later, the U.S. government began to issue executive orders requiring people to wear masks when entering and leaving public places, but the “fight between masks and freedom” did not end there. Anti-mask activists in the United States began to take to the streets to protest that the mask mandate is the government’s policy on individuals. free interference.
  In China, if you don’t wear a mask in public, people will first worry about inconvenience and trouble to others. In this case, they would rather sacrifice some of their own freedom to protect the greater freedom of others. In the end, this collective freedom is returned to the individual, which is clearly visible in the process of China’s fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic.
  Both Chinese and Americans value freedom, but have their own definitions of what freedom means. We cannot judge (others) by our own standards.

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