Those “shocked waves crashing on the shore” that have passed away

  Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor died at 96, taking away a generation’s collective memory of graceful England.
  Time flies, and many well-known celebrities are leaving one by one amid the fatigue and repetitive routines of the epidemic. The shared memory of the past and the accumulation of time they represent is also gradually disintegrating.
  Familiar faces are fading, and a new storm is brewing in the world. Before the years cover them, we may be able to look back at the people who have left—the world we once walked through together, where storms and opportunities coexist.
Fossil life

  On August 30, Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union, died at the age of 91 due to ineffective treatment for a long-term serious illness. The politician who stood on the cusp of the upheaval of the times and was quickly forgotten, with mixed reputations, finally came to the end of his long, fossilized life.
  In the photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin bidding farewell to Gorbachev’s body taken by the media, Gorbachev’s posthumous photo – his hands on the table, smiling and looking forward with a classic look, with the remains in the coffin and Putin holding flowers , to construct a rather tense picture, which seems more like a scene in a film and television drama than a real farewell.
  Indeed, when those days of the Cold War, the arms reduction agreement, the removal of the “Iron Curtain,” and the collapse of huge empires are over, when those who are defined as “the heroes of the end of the Cold War” or “the sinners of the collapse of the Soviet Union” are “liberal and democratic” The noise of “the guide” or the “completely failed reformer” has been run over by time, and Gorbachev’s name is a symbol in the hearts of more young people, an ancient memory of being surprised that “he is still there”, and also Character performances in many films about the Soviet Union.
  Since 1992, Gorbachev has been keen on “playing himself”: first in the GDR children’s education documentary filmed by a German film and television company, and then in the film “A So Far Away”. In the years that followed, Gorbachev “played himself” in more than 70 films and never got tired of it.
  Gorbachev even shot commercials for Pizza Hut pizza and Louis Vuitton handbags in 1997 and 2007, respectively. In the US Pizza Hut commercial, Gorbachev also brought his little granddaughter. The grandparents and grandchildren sat happily at a Pizza Hut with Pizza Hut’s signature pizza in front of them. Gorbachev picked up one of the pizzas and lovingly fed it to his little granddaughter. The last leader of the Soviet Union shot a commercial for an American fast food company.
  Putting oneself into literary and artistic creation to deconstruct, blurring the truth and interpretation, and not investigating the metaphor, irony or other behind it, is probably Gorbachev’s philosophy of life after the storm. After all, Margaret Thatcher, Gore, Honecker, and even Yeltsin, who expelled him, have all become dusty names early on; only he, after reaching the age of 90, has seen more in this world truth and absurdity.
ordinary and impermanent

  The passage of time and the aging of the physical body cannot be avoided. This is true for the “emperor”, and the same is true for the “general”. In 2021 and 2022, the United States has lost two highly iconic former secretaries of state—the first black secretary of state, Colin Powell, and the first female secretary of state, Madeleine Albright. Coincidentally, their lives stopped at the age of 84.

Gorbachev shoots ad for Pizza Hut pizza

Gorbachev plays himself in ‘So Far Away’

  Gorbachev “played himself” in more than 70 films and never got tired of it.

  Madeleine Albright held the post of Secretary of State for only a few years, but she left an extremely shocking legacy for the United States and the world. Albright is less than 1.5 meters tall, but as long as you have seen her – even through photos, it is hard not to be shocked by her aura. In Saddam’s opinion, it was “a unique venomous snake”.
  Albright was not afraid to wage war. In her proposition, “muscles” must be shown early in order to deter disobedient people. As for the price after the gunshots, and the pain of all beings under the emperor and generals, it is not within her scope of consideration. Faced with the question, “Is the price worth the cost of 500,000 children in Iraq due to the US sanctions against Iraq?”, she responded: “We think the price is worth it.” The tone was flat, as if discussing irrelevant dishes Normal price.

On November 5, 2021, the funeral of Colin Powell, the first African American Secretary of State, was held at the Washington National Cathedral. President Biden and his wife, former President Obama and his wife, and former President George W. Bush and his wife attended the funeral

  Entrepreneurs such as Ren Zhengfei and Sun Zhengyi were deeply influenced by Kazuo Inamori’s thought.

  Albright spent his childhood in the fire of World War II. As a Jew from a diplomat family, young Albright went to Greece under the full protection of the Yugoslavs, and then entered the United Kingdom, escaping the fate of death. But after becoming Secretary of State, Albright “sent” a massive bombardment to the FRY countries.
  Albright died of cancer on March 23, 2022. The chairman of the Serbian Socialist Party heard the news: “Albright will always bear the curse even if he dies.”
  Compared with Albright, Colin Powell seems to be moderate. As a centrist Republican and a pragmatist, Powell performed an “iconic American success story” in the first half of his life: as a descendant of African-American immigrants, the hardworking “poor boy” eventually won a place in politics through constant struggle. But in addition to being inspirational, Powell is also inseparable from the Iraqi war, which cost people and money. In February 2003, Powell took out a tube of white powder at the UN Security Council meeting, claiming that it was “evidence” of weapons of mass destruction being developed in Iraq. After that, the Iraq War started and lasted for many years. Iraq, which was turned upside down by the war, was finally confirmed to have no existing weapons of mass destruction, but the consequences of the war were irreversible.

  That tube of white powder became a laughing stock and a key word that stuck with Powell all his life. Putin once ridiculed in public: “Powell shook a small bottle of unknown substance, saying it was evidence of chemical weapons, and it is likely to be washing powder!”
  On October 18, 2021, Powell died of complications caused by the new crown virus. As an officer who once galloped on the battlefield and a “proof person” of a long-term war, he did not die on the battlefield, but was knocked down by a new virus, which is lamentable.
create, not destroy

  Politics brings a roller coaster-like life. When death comes and the years add a layer of distorted frosted glass, the brilliance or tragic brought by politics gradually blurs. But there is always something that can stay beyond the rest of death and gain another dimension of eternity.
  On August 5, 2022, Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake passed away at the age of 84. If you don’t know much about Issey Miyake’s fashionable clothing all over the world, or the BAO BAO handbags with geometric imitation architectural designs that can be seen everywhere on the street, you will definitely be aware of the “semi-permanent” Steve Jobs wears at Apple’s new product launch conference or other official appearances. The black turtleneck is impressive – that’s Miyake’s usual design.
  ”Clothing is the extension of the body, and the body is the outline of the clothing” is Issey Miyake’s design philosophy. Using a piece of cloth and a thread to get rid of the shackles of symbols imposed by the outside world such as gender and size, and only serve the shape of the human body itself. From then on, clothing will not be influenced by so-called fashion, trends, etc., and become a real free form.
  The seemingly unchanging turtleneck is actually very suitable for the wearer – such as the living habits of people like Steve Jobs: rather than choosing a top and matching a tie, busy people who are constantly producing value want to put these fine moments in more time. For important things, the “unstructured” clothing design that flows with the wearer’s lines is practical and requires no special care, and the texture can be used in any occasion, solving the “decision fatigue” that people think about wearing every day.
  Just as the moment Jobs took out his laptop from the kraft envelope was as shocking to portable electronic production tools, Issey Miyake’s designs triumphed over extremism with minimalism and became a strong, sought-after fashion choice. Even though the man has passed away, the minimalist legend written by “a piece of cloth” continues.
  On August 24, 2022, the famous Japanese industrialist and entrepreneur Kazuo Inamori passed away at his home at the age of 90. He founded Kyocera at the age of 27, KDDI at the age of 52, and rescued Japan Airlines at the age of 78… Kazuo Inamori is a rare entrepreneur who has founded two Fortune 500 companies, and he continues to influence the world with his unique business philosophy and management philosophy. Entrepreneurs in the range.
  Kazuo Inamori is not your typical “top student”. When he was a student, he often failed the exams, and his dream of becoming a doctor could not be realized because of the limited grades, so he had to work in a ceramics factory. But with unpretentious effort and constant determination, he finally reached his potential and achieved impressive results—and this has profoundly influenced his management philosophy. He believes that among the three most critical elements of an enterprise, “professional talents, money, and technology”, the most important are talents who have potential and believe in simple and hard work.

Kazuo Inamori, an industrialist who founded two Fortune 500 companies

  This philosophy, paired with his own management experience, became a living textbook. Sun Zhengyi, the richest man in Japan, was taught by Kazuo Inamori, and he said bluntly: “Without Mr.’s teaching, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” Around the world, entrepreneurs such as Ren Zhengfei are deeply influenced by Kazuo Inamori’s thoughts – 100% of Huawei’s employees hold The shareholding structure is derived from Kazuo Inamori’s idea.
  In nostalgia or cursing, some people end their ups and downs; in the continuous flow of works and ideas, some people seem to live forever. Issey Miyake once talked about the reason why he loves design in an interview: “I prefer to think about things that can be created, not destroyed.”
  The wheel of history is moving forward. If there is anything that transcends concrete faces, condenses fading memories, and resists the storms of the times, it might be about the creation of beauty and vitality, not the pursuit of destruction by power.

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