People live the real life, they have the most flavor

  I feel more and more that people can only have the most flavor when they live their lives truly.
  A person who shows that he is excellent everywhere to others just proves that he (she) is not excellent, or that he or she shows off what he or she lacks.
  True excellence does not mean that a person is perfect and radiant like an idol. It is to live truly and truly love.
  Have enthusiasm for life, be satisfied with some small luck, but also withstand temptation, endure loneliness, and always be as innocent as a child.
  You know, every step you take is to meet a better self and to live up to all the good years.
  A real person must also be a responsible person.
  No matter where they are and what kind of adversity they live in, they will not be afraid of rough and stormy attacks. Because knowing the meaning of life is to truly face the storm.
  As human beings, we can fail, but we cannot fail without character, and even dare not have the qualifications to challenge.
  Humans are like jade, without bones they will not lose their bodies. Born in the dust, standing in the world, you should have a heart of generosity and benevolence, and you should have a tolerance for the affairs of the world.
  A real person, but not too obsessive.
  Because I understand the truth, “When the water is clear, there will be no fish, and if the person is perfect, there will be no disciples.” The greatest sadness of perfectionists is that they live unrealistically and do not know how to judge the situation and stop when it is enough.
  A window, open it is a sunny day, close it, but also warm and sunny. Don’t worry, don’t worry, cherish what you should come, and take it calmly; just let it go if you want to go, no complaints or regrets.
  To live is to practice cultivation, and the greatest joy is to seek happiness from suffering. In a positive state, live every day well, life is not perfect, we must also be born to beauty.
  A real person must know love.
  In the journey of time, most of them are passers-by in a hurry. Only so few people can meet and walk together. And this kind of companionship must be based on like-minded, similar-minded qualities.
  The best love is not to share wealth and honor, but to share weal and woe, just like a pair of wings that can only fly when they embrace each other. Love is like colored glass, precisely because it is pure and clean and does not contaminate the beauty of the world.
  People who understand love must be real people. It is precisely because it is not easy to understand true love, so they face each other with their true faces, with their fingers clasped together, willing to see all kinds of scenery in the world with the person they love, regardless of the wind and rain, they will be accompanied by warmth.
  A real person must have great wisdom.
  In life, we pursue good and perfection in everything. Although this is a positive thought, it will be very tiring. Not only will you be tired, but the people around you will also be tired because of you. In the end, you will be exhausted and lose yourself.
  ”Orchid lives in a secluded valley, although lonely and fragrant; the plum blossoms in the corner, although it is quiet and fragrant.” This is a sense of indifference and calmness. Do your best for some things, be worthy of others, be worthy of your own heart, live earnestly, and live up to it.
  Because I understand that the scenery of life is ultimately a return to the origin of the soul. Harmonious symbiosis, equality and friendship are the respect for life and the cherishing of oneself.
  Time will eventually be warmed by love, and years will be enriched by love. This kind of life is wise and respectable; and this kind of life is real and tasteful.

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