Hold on, don’t lose your mind

  The term “crash” is often used to describe the continued decline in real estate and stocks.
  What is a “crash”? Judging from the language sense, it has collapsed, not only the price is over, but the entire system is irreversible. However, in a mature market, ups and downs are the norm, and the fundamental market will not collapse. It can be seen that the “collapse” is actually a discourse phenomenon. It does not reflect the fact, but the mentality of a certain group of people. It is the mentality of these people that has collapsed, not the collapse.
  This is similar to the current state of mind of many small and medium-sized business owners.
  Some time ago, under the chill of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, many business owners began to break their defenses: If even Huawei is under pressure from future uncertainty, then we, who are still struggling on the line of survival, have no chance of surviving. ? Where will it go?
  In any case, maintaining strategic focus should be an essential quality for entrepreneurs. Only with strategic determination can an enterprise not capsize in the midst of violent storms and turbulent seas.
  For the future, we need to recognize two things:
  First, fear comes from myth. The easiest thing to do is to cycle and the hardest thing to do is to explore the unknown. At present, the most cutting-edge enterprises in China are facing a situation with no coordinates, no reference, and no direction. Zhang Ruimin described it as “the era of losing coordinates”. The ignorance of the future is not only because of the advent of the Internet age, but also because Chinese companies have begun to stand at the forefront of the world. Standing at the forefront, the future is unknown. Even as powerful as Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, they cannot predict the future.
  Since about 2010, Chinese companies have begun to realize that they are at the forefront and are doing valuable explorations for the development of the world. The reason why so many companies in China attract the world’s attention is because they have done the most cutting-edge exploration. Therefore, Ren Zhengfei calls such an era an era of uncertainty, and some of his strategic deployments are normal, and we don’t have to be rude.
  Second, wintering, not hibernation. There is an essential difference between active wintering and passive wintering. The former is trying to find a grip in uncertain times, and the latter is just laying flat.
  In the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”, the Red Queen has a line: “You can only stop in place if you keep running.” In Alice’s fantasy dreamland, in order to fight for a chance to survive and avoid being eliminated, animals must There is only one chance of life if you keep running.
  It’s not just the absurdity of fairy tales, it’s real business. In an uncertain market environment, if an enterprise does its own thing well, it does not mean that it can survive. It also depends on whether its market position in the industry can maintain the baseline of survival. Therefore, it is necessary for enterprises to maintain a winter mentality at all times, like walking on thin ice.
  Why did some companies collapse and some companies leap forward under the epidemic?
  The key is how the company treats the epidemic. Is it a hindrance on the way forward, or an opportunity for growth?
  Zhang Lijun, the founder of Entrepreneurial Yeast, said: “What’s more scary than the epidemic is that you have an epidemic mentality.” Blame all the lack of effort, carelessness, and failure on the epidemic and the bad environment. This is a passive winter. It’s lying flat.
  During the 2008 financial crisis, one investor said the financial system would either collapse or it would not. If it crashes, it doesn’t matter if we buy it or not, because it’s all over. But if it didn’t crash, and we didn’t buy it, then we didn’t do our job well. So, buy it!
  And when you realize that it’s not the fact that it’s broken, it’s just that some people’s mentality has collapsed, and the opportunity will come.

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