Who is easier to win when making cars and making mobile phones

  From Apple, Huawei, OPPO to Xiaomi, smartphone manufacturers continue to extend their business boundaries to car manufacturing; on the other hand, from Tesla, Geely, SAIC to NIO, many car companies are eager to enter the mobile phone field.
  ”Xiaomi’s car manufacturing is progressing smoothly, and it can even be said to exceed expectations.” On August 11, Lei Jun’s speech was officially launched, with the theme of “passing through the trough of life”. In a speech full of chicken soup, Lei Jun announced the latest progress of Xiaomi Auto. In his view, autonomous driving is the key to the success of smart electric vehicles.
  While Lei Jun is spending a lot of money to enter the auto industry, car companies such as Weilai and Geely have announced their plans to enter the mobile phone industry. In the context of the era of intelligence, mobile phone manufacturers make cars and car manufacturers make mobile phones, which are forming a cross-border trend.
  ”Building a car is extremely expensive” has almost become the consensus of the industry leaders. Until now, only Tesla and BYD have been able to achieve profitability in the seemingly prosperous new energy vehicle field. Not only is it burning money, but from the experience of the forerunners, it is a big challenge to launch mass-produced models, but this does not prevent latecomers from continuing.
  As early as 2014, Apple’s car-building project code-named “Titan” has attracted the attention of the global technology and automotive industries. The outside world’s expectations for Apple’s cars are not lower than Tesla’s. After all, Apple has created disruptive products in the era of PCs and mobile phones. Now that eight years have passed, the Apple car is still difficult to produce, and the progress of commercialization is still far away.
  In June of this year, Luo Yonghao announced that he had started his own business again and for the last time, he chose the AR track, but in the interview he expressed his desire to build a car: “Car is definitely one of the biggest tracks. In addition to making more money, the track is more important to create greater social value.” However, Lao Luo thought that he had missed the time window for building a car.
  Unlike Lao Luo, Lei Jun not only decided to devote himself to car building, but also bet on the “family wealth” that Xiaomi has accumulated over the years. Lei Jun previously mentioned that by the end of 2020, Xiaomi’s cash reserves reached 108 billion yuan.
  Now, 500 days have passed since Xiaomi officially announced the car. At the recent Xiaomi conference, Lei Jun revealed: “The number of Xiaomi’s autonomous driving team has exceeded 500, and the first phase of research and development costs have reached 3.3 billion yuan. We hope to enter the first camp in the industry in 2024.”
  From the perspective of autonomous driving talent investment, Xiaomi It took two years to catch up with Weilai and Ideal. Nearly 7 years after the establishment of Weilai, the size of the autonomous driving team has only reached about 500 people; nearly 6 years after the establishment of Ideal, the number of autonomous driving teams has exceeded 300. However, at present, the number of autonomous driving teams of Xiaopeng and Huawei still exceeds that of Xiaomi. In March of this year, Xiaopeng Motors founder He Xiaopeng said that there are about 1,500 R&D personnel and data personnel in Xiaopeng Motors’ intelligent assisted driving. Huawei’s external caliber last year is that the autonomous driving team has more than 2,000 people. In July this year, Yu Chengdong revealed that the biggest investment in Huawei’s car business is intelligent driving assistance. “70% to 80% of the 10,000 people we invested are in this field.” It
  is not difficult to understand that mobile phone giants have joined the car industry in the past. According to IDC data, global smartphone shipments have declined for four consecutive quarters. Among them, global smartphone shipments in the second quarter of 2022 were 286 million units, down 8.7% year-on-year. And new energy and smart cars, as the industry on the tuyere, have broad prospects.
  However, this does not mean that the mobile phone industry has been left out. While Apple, Xiaomi, etc. have entered the car manufacturing industry, it is no longer news for car companies to make mobile phones across borders.
  According to media reports, experts close to Tesla have revealed that Tesla plans to launch a mobile phone in 2024 to compete directly with Apple.
  There is no definite news on whether Tesla will make mobile phones, but the plans of many domestic car companies to make mobile phones have been confirmed. In 2021, Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Automobile, announced to enter the mobile phone industry and established a mobile phone company Xingji Times.
  On August 4, “NIO Mobile Technology Co., Ltd.” was officially established with a registered capital of US$100 million. According to information from NIO, NIO plans to develop a new mobile phone every year in the future.
  Referring to the original intention of Weilai to build mobile phones, Li Bin said: “Not to build mobile phones is equivalent to having the key in the opponent’s hands.” Digital key), Apple does not open the interface, which also prevents NIO owners from enjoying this flagship feature.
  Shen Haoming, deputy general manager of SAIC’s technical management department, said when talking about the deep integration between SAIC and mobile phone manufacturers: “All mobile phone manufacturers and auto manufacturers have begun to continuously integrate.”
  Mobile phones and cars, two originally unrelated things The industry is now inextricably linked and is about to enter the same battlefield. In the near future, users of Xiaomi mobile phones will have the opportunity to drive Xiaomi-branded cars, and owners of Weilai and Geely may also choose mobile phones of the same brand. Perhaps, only the integration of the two can achieve a complete full-scene mobile Internet ecosystem.

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