Two oranges

  ”Dong dong dong…”
  Qi Chengcheng held fruit and refreshments, raised his hand and knocked on the door politely, then took out the key card and opened the heavy metal door.
  She walked into the house, and it was quiet inside. The room is enclosed on all sides, with only a bed and a desk, and a separate bathroom. Su Xiaobu was sitting on the floor at the moment, with her back against the edge of the bed, looking at the reader. When she heard the door open, she did not look up, but frowned.
  ”Doctor Qi, you’re late today.”
  ”Sorry, something was delayed. How’s your reading plan going?”
  Qi Chengcheng put the fruit and refreshments on the desk and sat down next to Su Xiaobu.
  Su Xiaobu didn’t continue to ask questions. He pointed to the text on the reader and asked, “Is this true? Is that terrifying epidemic really over?”
  Su Xiaobu’s voice was a little dull, as if it was thick and wet. Sounds from the fabric. Qi Chengcheng was stunned for a moment, then nodded.
  ”Of course, but I was not born at that time. I just heard from my parents that it was a difficult time for a few years. People at that time were afraid that they would be ‘taken away’ by the virus if they were not careful.”
  Qi Chengcheng paused for a while. Seconds, as if recalling something, when he spoke again, there seemed to be something warmer in his tone.
  ”It is said that there was a very popular saying back then, ‘overcoming the epidemic is a lifetime’. My father told me that the most common sentence he said to his mother back then was ‘hold on, and when the epidemic is over, we will get married’. Now my mother is always making fun of him about this.”
  Su Xiaobu stared at Qi Chengcheng’s profile seriously, and didn’t make any sound from beginning to end. Su Xiaobu’s eyes were beautiful light brown, and there was a hint of yearning in these overly clean eyes.
  Qi Chengcheng suddenly came back to his senses and smiled a little embarrassedly.
  ”I’m sorry, patronize and listen to me. Do you need anything? You can tell me anything.”
  Su Xiaobu shook his head, nodded again, wrapped his arms around his knees, shrank into a ball, and said slowly, “It’s nothing, it’s always been good here, but this is not the world I originally lived in. I miss my parents very much, but the nurses said that those are all fakes, and it will get better if you get over it.”
  Su Xiaobu’s voice became more and more heavy, she buried her face deeply into her arms, and the sound she made It started to get vague.
  ”But, what is the truth…”
  Qi Chengcheng raised his arm, hung it in the air, hesitated for a moment, and finally landed on the girl’s back, patted it lightly, and said, “What you believe in, then It’s true.”
  Su Xiaobu’s body trembled, raised his face, looked at Qi Chengcheng with wet eyes, and said again: “In my world, the epidemic is not over, it has swept everyone in the world. The corners attack everyone indiscriminately, and people spend their days in tension and panic.”
  Qi Chengcheng’s expression was a little confused, but she didn’t interrupt Su Xiaobu, just got up and took two oranges and sat back. In situ, cut open the soft skin of the orange with your fingernails, gropingly push the gap with your fingertips, carefully clamp a section of the peel, and peel it off gently to reveal the fresh and tender pulp.
  Su Xiaobu was attracted by Qi Chengcheng’s actions and looked over curiously.
  ”What is this?”
  ”This is an orange, a kind of fruit, you can eat it.”
  Qi Chengcheng stared at Su Xiaobu in amazement, and tried his best to answer in a calm tone. After he finished speaking, he quickened his movements, and under Su Xiaobu’s gaze, he peeled off a whole fruit and put it in Su Xiaobu’s hand.
  ”You can break them into pieces and eat them. Try them, they’re delicious.”
  Su Xiaobu held the oranges, feeling a little overwhelmed. She used her thumb and forefinger to pinch the cool sphere and hold it in front of her eyes to observe.
  ”This is the first time I have seen real fruits. In my world, fruits and vegetables cannot grow because the harsh conditions on the ground are not suitable for them to survive. I still saw this kind of thing in the fairy tale book my father picked up when he was a child. .”
  Su Xiaobu held the orange, sniffed it in front of his nose, and tentatively opened his mouth to bite a small piece of pulp. Her eyebrows were raised suddenly, her eyes were wide open and slowly closed, and her originally stiff body seemed to be slowly relaxing at this moment. She sighed in a low voice: “It’s so sweet, can I eat it again in the future?”
  ”Of course, you can eat as much as you want.”
  Su Xiaobu gave a rare smile, his curved eyes like orange petals She followed the steps taught by Qi Chengcheng to break open the oranges rusty, and kept feeding them into her mouth one by one, puffing out her cheeks, and continued vaguely: “I really hope my parents will also I can taste it, but unfortunately my father can’t taste it anymore. When I was 10 years old, he went out to look for supplies and never came back.”
  Qi Chengcheng continued to peel the oranges, and the fragrance of the oranges permeated the room. Qi Chengcheng sighed with some regret: “The world is impermanent, your world must be very dangerous, you must miss Dad very much.”
  Su Xiaobu swallowed the last orange, but instead of being sad, he shook his head happily.
  ”Although I am sad that my father’s body is gone, my father’s spirit is still there. Uncles and aunts have completely saved my father’s thoughts and memories to the biological computer, so that my father can chat with me at any time, even more than before. There’s more.”
  ”That’s not bad.” Qi Chengcheng said subconsciously, but he quickly reacted, staring at Su Xiaobu with his mouth open, “What… what? A biological computer? What is that? ”
  Don’t you know? In our world, people don’t disappear after death, and they can choose to transfer themselves to another world.”
  ”This… I really haven’t heard of it.” Qi Chengcheng scratched He scratched his head, put the peeled orange in Su Xiaobu’s palm, picked up the reader on the ground, unlocked the screen with his finger, clicked a few times in the search bar, and showed Su Xiaobu the displayed screen. “Although there has been a scientific research project of ‘consciousness uploading’ in recent years, there has been no major breakthrough so far, and it has not been recognized by people in terms of ethics. After all, any breakthrough requires a large number of experimental subjects to conduct research. No one wants to do something like that without guarantees.”
  ”So that’s how it is.” Su Xiaobu held the orange tightly, as if afraid that it would “escape”, glanced at the reader, and then looked at Qi Chengcheng with sympathy, “In your world, if people’s bodies are bad If it falls, wouldn’t it be completely broken? Then there will always be a day to face death.”
  The question raised by Su Xiaobu is indeed the ultimate problem that human beings have faced since ancient times. Whether it is physical or psychological, living So far, no one can give a convincing and satisfactory answer to everyone.
  Qi Chengcheng was silent. In fact, everyone knows that when everything is settled, we will face death. If such a device really exists, will we choose another life? If one day human beings no longer fear death, will we become desireless? Will war disappear because of this? All this is unknown.
  Qi Chengcheng suddenly sighed, not knowing whether it was for his own destiny or for the magical girl in front of him. She shrugged and said, “Then, if the orange in your hand is the last orange you can get in your life, will you feel pain when you eat it?”
  This time it was Su Xiaobu’s turn to be stunned. She clenched the orange in her hand tightly for the first time, stared down at it, and used her thumb to fiddle with the upturned orange network. Then she shook her head gently and muttered in a low voice: “No, I will cherish it and enjoy it with the grandest ceremony.”
  Qi Chengcheng laughed, and said with some relief: “This is what we are in this world. Life, but…” Qi Chengcheng changed the subject, took Su Xiaobu’s hand with a smile and continued, “If I have the chance, I would also like to experience your world.”
  Su Xiaobu held Qi Cheng back . Orange’s hand, nodded.
  ”Thank you for believing in me.”
  The clock on the wall suddenly sounded a mechanical chime: “It’s 6 o’clock in the afternoon.” Qi Chengcheng stood up and said goodbye to the girl.

  ”Then… We’re here today? Thank you for sharing. Tell me about your father tomorrow.”
  Su Xiaobu smiled and nodded.
  ”If possible, please bring me two oranges tomorrow, thank you.”
  Qi Chengcheng nodded, opened the sturdy door, and left the room.
  Back in the office, Qi Chengcheng sat down on the chair, turned on the computer, and started browsing and processing emails. A specially marked email attracted her attention, Qi Chengcheng moved the mouse and clicked on the email.
  Doctor Qi:
  Hello! I’m Su Xiaobu’s father. I’m sorry to disturb you again. I’m sorry if it has affected your life and spirit, but I beg you to spare two minutes to read my old father’s letter.
  Xiaobu is my daughter, although she is not my biological daughter, but I love her very much. Have you heard of the “325 Sharks” incident? Xiaobu was the victim of the “325 Sharks” incident.
  I’m sorry, whether it’s for Xiaobu or you, I can’t stop the human experiment of the Shark Company. They collect newborn children everywhere, place them in various extreme conditions, and record them for 24 hours. Some subjects died in the early stage, Xiaobu was the lucky one, and all I could give Xiaobu was spiritual support. From beginning to end, she deeply believed that she was the last surviving human being in 2094, but in addition, she was healthy and had a normal knowledge reserve, and it was very likely that she would return to a normal social life.
  Here I take the liberty to ask you to save Xiaobu! She is a good boy and I am sure you will not give up on her.
  At the same time, I also ask you to tell Xiaobu that her father loves her very much.
  Xiaobu’s father stayed
  Qi Chengcheng helplessly looked at the emails on the screen. This was the first few emails she had received in recent days, and the sending address was different each time. She even began to suspect that her computer was infected with a virus. She deftly deletes letters, blacklisting senders again.
  Qi Chengcheng took off the thick transparent booklet from the bookshelf. The cover had several large characters: Medical Records for Mental Patients. She turned to a page belonging to Su Xiaobu and began to record today’s progress:
  On November 25, 2050, the patient was in a good mood, her ability to express herself was improving, and her appetite was strong. I have recently started to become interested in the real world, which is a good development, but the possibility of returning to normal life remains to be seen.
  Qi Chengcheng wrote a brief record as always. She is a newly appointed psychiatrist. As a new employee, her first task was assigned to a patient like Su Xiaobu. As for those emails and another world, time will tell. Qi Chengcheng thought so, and got up to prepare the oranges that he would bring to Su Xiaobu tomorrow.

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