There is no such thing as “the best life”

  My father’s friend bought a large piece of land in the countryside, built an 80-square-meter glass house, and built a 200-square-meter vineyard. I went to see it a few times, and I was envious.
  When you go out of the glass house, you can see the mountains and rivers, and you can hear the chirping of birds, songs and insects, which is quite leisurely like an expert in the world. If you live here, you can understand what Mr. Su Dongpo said back then, “You can eat without meat, but you can’t live without bamboo.”
  Everyone joked: “This is the highest state of ‘the countryside encircling the city’!”
  After a while, everyone talked about it at the dinner table, and the senior was hurriedly pouring out bitter water: “Oh, no Is that so! The vines left by the previous landlord are all wilted, we don’t know what to do, and the flowers and plants are not working; I drive back every weekend, the house is vacant, and the wind is raining, The glass was spent, and it was foggy from the inside out. I originally wanted my child to grow up in nature away from the hustle and bustle, but the children around here couldn’t play with her, and my daughter still loved her games. And comics, I don’t think that such a comfortable life is so happy, but I keep shouting that there is no wireless network.”
  ”Did you choose the wrong one?” He asked us, scratching his head.
  Now think about it, in fact, life itself is not wrong, but we often imagine a certain kind of life too beautiful.
  When I was young, I always felt that a good life was not far away, as long as we bravely overcame thorns and thorns, we could reach it by crossing the mountains. When we don’t want to study, our parents will persuade us to say, “It’s good to go to university.” But when we actually go to university, many people start to be confused: “Is this the life I have pursued after studying hard for so many years?” After helping us “filter” a small group of people, life still has to continue to fight.
  For a while, the Japanese movie “Little Forest” was very popular. The Japanese countryside in the movie is quiet and peaceful, and the dense forest is full of light. The heroine walks slowly on the field ridge, arousing countless people’s yearning for rural life.
  In the video barrage, I saw a comment with a completely different style: “If the heroine carries a hoe like this every day, working at sunrise and resting at sunset, why would there be no calluses on her hands?”
  Yes, if you are determined to reap the prosperity of the countryside, regardless of whether your heart is rich or not, you must also have a pair of hands that hold a hoe and a pair of feet that often go to the field. This is the price you pay for the life you want.
  Don’t deify any kind of life, imagine it as unique. As long as you can take responsibility for your own life, it is a good life.
  For a while, I heard that rapeseed flowers were blooming in Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province, and I immediately dragged my friend all the way to the rapeseed flower field. As a result, we were bitten by mosquitoes and covered our whole body, and the itching was unbearable along the way. And the rapeseed flowers are really not as good-looking as we imagined, when we arrived, they didn’t know what was wrong, they were wilting and dejected, as if they were deliberately mad at us: “You think beautiful, well, I’m just ugly. Show you!”
  But we were really happy that day. When we reach the distance we once dreamed of, even if it is not as good as we imagined, we feel joy in our hearts. This joy is not for others, but for ourselves. I am glad that I have the courage to say go and leave, I am glad that I have met countless people along the way, and I am glad that I can finally refute others aloud: “That place is not so good at all!” When I was
  a child, I read a fairy tale: a A little frog saw the glistening concave ground in the distance, so he went through all kinds of difficulties and dangers to reach the other side, but found that it was just the “golden clothes” that the rays of light put on the stinking ditch.
  Because of the distance, “another life” always shines, and I don’t want to pick the distant stars, I just want the happiness of the earth.

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