The French rack their brains to fight shit

  ”The fine of 750 euros for not picking up dog shit!” The “most expensive dog shit ticket in history” in the small French town of Bergerac made netizens talk about it. In fact, the city of Bergerac raised the fine for not picking up dog feces from 35 euros to 750 euros not to attract attention. Although the French love dogs, they do not like to perform the duties of “shit shoveling officers”. The city’s appearance has been seriously affected. The tricks of shit are endless.
  The French love dogs for all to see. Statistics show that there are nearly 7 million pet dogs in France, and there is an average of 1 dog in every 4 households, so that some people describe that: 1/3 of French people on the road are running, 1/3 Walking the baby, the remaining 1/3 is walking the dog. Writer Feng Jicai described his impression of Paris in his essay “A Dog’s Paradise”: “Paris has four more, the first is bookstores, the second is pharmacy, the third is optical shop, and the fourth…dog Too much shit! I stepped on it just now!” The French also admitted that too much shit affects the city’s appearance, and what’s worse is that when they step on it accidentally, their mood plummets in an instant, and no one wants to believe that “the left foot stepped on the dog” Shit makes luck” as the saying goes.
  The French “Liberation” said that at the end of the last century in Paris, there were about 20,000 kilograms of dog feces on the sidewalks every year, and 650 people were sent to the hospital every year because they accidentally stepped on the dog feces and fell. The cost is 37 francs. As a result, Paris’s bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games in 2001 was greatly compromised by the title of “city of shit”. Some Japanese officials directly suggested that “Paris should first solve the problem of shit before hosting the Olympics”. Dog shit is not only making the big cities “hardest hit”, it’s also gradually invading the French countryside. One farmer complained that “dogs often come and urinate in the fields, causing customers to refuse to buy our forage, saying ‘it smells bad mixed with manure'”.
  Dog shit has been criticized and criticized by all walks of life for more than 30 years. In order to clean up dog shit, educate and persuade all “shit shoveling officers” to properly handle dog excrement, France has launched a lot of tricks.
  The cities of Paris and Perpignan have set up “shit-cleaning motorcycle teams”. The cleaners rode special motorcycles equipped with long suction cylinders and dog poop boxes, and went deep into the streets to “suck dog poo”. However, the Paris team was eliminated in 2004 after being criticised for being inefficient and working in a comical mode. The city of Béziers has enacted a decree to conduct DNA registrations on dogs across the city, and use genetic testing to find the owner of the dog in the event of not picking up dog poop. The decree sparked controversy and was finally halted last year after years of judicial proceedings.
  In order to solve the problem of dog shit, the city of Champagne Chalons also deliberately “threw money” in several parks earlier this year. Dog walkers who did not know the truth picked up the 10 euro note on the ground, and were surprised to find that it turned out to be a counterfeit note. On the back is printed the slogan “If you can bend over to pick up banknotes, you can also pick up your dog’s poo”.
  In France, it is stipulated that “dog walkers are obliged to collect pet feces in an appropriate manner immediately”, but punishment is far more effective than persuasion. The constant increase of fines in various places is the helpless move of French people in the face of dog feces.

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