“Sour grapes” can also be eaten

  There is such a story in Aesop’s Fables: A hungry fox passed through the fruit forest and saw clusters of crystal clear grapes hanging on the shelf. The grapes are not ripe, so they must be sour.” The fox described the grapes as sour to dilute his inner desires. In psychology, a similar phenomenon is called “sour grape psychology”.
  In reality, when our needs cannot be met and we feel frustrated, the “sour grapes mentality” may also occur. But sometimes, eating “sour grapes” is not without benefits. As a rationalized psychological defense mechanism for dealing with setbacks, from the perspective of maintaining mental health, appropriate self-comfort has a certain positive significance. For some unrealistic goals, instead of digging into the horns and causing unnecessary troubles to yourself, it is better to face setbacks and failures calmly, tell yourself that “you will lose your horse, you will know it is not a blessing”, and eat a “sour grape” to relieve psychological pressure, Eliminate inner tension, improve the psychological environment, and avoid impulsive behavior. When your emotions are stable, you can calmly and objectively analyze the reasons for failure, re-select goals or improve your efforts, so as to turn negative emotions into positive attitudes.
  Of course, eating too many “sour grapes” will also have side effects. Because the effect of “sour grapes” is short-lived, the problem has not been fundamentally solved. If we avoid objective reality for a long time, it will only make our ability to withstand pressure worse and worse, and always excuse ourselves in the face of setbacks and failures.
  In the face of setbacks and failures, we can neither blindly escape reality nor allow ourselves to fall into the haze of pain and disappointment. The correct way is to actively, comprehensively and rationally face your own shortcomings and problems, correct your mentality, invigorate your spirit, strive to improve yourself, and constantly pursue excellence.

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