Headphones give you half

  I’m used to enjoying the ride, wearing headphones, feeling the lightness of the tires rolling across the road, and roaming around the city carefree.
  Finally ushered in the long-cherished weekend, the romantic escape in leisure time, the days are light and happy, and every frame is a scattered animation scene. I rode my bicycle aimlessly through the unfamiliar and familiar streets and alleys, with no destination and no time limit. I just followed the direction of the wind to feel the rare slow rhythm in the summer city. Cycling time on weekdays is completely different from taking the subway. In the subway, everyone is bowing their heads, their eyes are limited to the small “world” in their hands, crowded in the subway, I feel a sense of depression and suffocation, the dense crowd and the unsmooth air oppress me. As a result, bicycles have become my first choice when I go out.
  Before I knew it, I came to Jacaranda Avenue in the middle of Jiaochang Road. Hundreds of jacarandas came into sight!
  Spring City in April and May is a city shrouded in a sea of ​​purple flowers. The romantic operation of a city, hundreds of jacarandas in Jiaochang Middle Road will never be absent. In the early summer of each year, Jacaranda will arrive as scheduled. This year, the temperature is low and the flowering period is a little later than in previous years, but this does not affect the jacaranda’s quiet and unique confession to the whole of Kunming.
  The fragrance of jacaranda sneaks in the air. It is faint, and it is not easy to attract the attention of passers-by. If you smell it carefully, you will not feel its existence, nor will you find that it has quietly permeated the entire city. Walking into Jacaranda Avenue, at that moment, the whole world became quiet. Stop the bicycle, slow down, under the flower tree, the tourists who check in here shuttle through the Jacaranda Market. Walking on Jacaranda Avenue in the middle of Jiaochang Road, I would bump into Luohua from time to time, and the petals would fall on my head, but I didn’t want to wake up from this dreamy purple romance. I stood under the tree and looked at these jacarandas, which stood there day after day and year after year, becoming a beautiful landscape in the middle of the school. I watched the petals blown by the wind, coming and going Pedestrians passed by, and for a moment seemed to witness various scenery under the jacaranda tree.
  What impresses me is that the stairs of the roadside house on Jiaochang Middle Road have become a holy place for “check-in”. The locked red iron gate at the corner seems to have not been opened for many years. The painted walls themed with cultural elements such as Jacaranda, the Happy Bus and the Book Pavilion add a little joy to the visitors. Spring City integrates the beautification of the block with the display of the characteristics of the block, creating a unique cultural corridor. There is also a symphony performance by the Kunming Nie’er Symphony Orchestra titled “Flower Season Concert – Jacaranda” on Jiaochang Middle Road. The wonderful scenery is overwhelmed. There is a long queue at the door of the ice cream shop on the street. The girl who bought three jacaranda cones instantly caught my eye. The girl shared the cones with her companions. In this hot summer, who can refuse one? What about a candy cone? They were tasting and taking pictures. Standing next to me and witnessing all this, at that moment, I really wanted to melt in the summer with the jacaranda cone.
  All of a sudden, the summer rain met unexpectedly. Everyone was unprepared and rushed to shelter from the rain. While waiting for the rain to subside, I went to the restaurant and ordered a hot beef noodle. At the dining table, everyone complained that the unexpected heavy rain had affected the good mood of the whole day, and then happily gathered together to enjoy the photos taken under the jacaranda tree. After the rain stopped, the asphalt road dried up quickly, and the sky showed a large blue. After being washed by the heavy rain, the petals of the jacaranda fell to the ground, and the jacaranda after the rain looked even more beautiful. The air was still filled with the faint fragrance of jacaranda. Everyone continued to appreciate the fragrance of the flowers after the rain and the weather. Dreamy scenery…
  When I was still immersed in those pictures, the pink sunset made me inadvertently look away. When my feet stepped on the pedals again and I put on the headphones, I felt much more relaxed than before, and I always liked to reach out to catch the presence of the wind, as if this would leave a little trace of my insignificant day. When I put on my headphones, it seems that the whole world is just me, and the noise outside has nothing to do with me. Different rhythms match the changing moods. In summer, it seems that you should listen to some quiet songs, so as to live up to the beautiful scenery I have traveled and enjoyed.
  In the summer of Spring City, there are not only purple jacarandas, but also pink sunsets. Want to give you half the earphones, there are some happy proofs of wanton life, and all the good things about summer!

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