Whether you have it or not, you will remember it

  Xiaoliang turned out all the clothes in the closet and piled them up into a hill, but he still couldn’t find a set of clothes suitable for tonight. Tonight, she’s going to a talk show. She is not a guest, she is just an ordinary spectator who is invited to enter.
  Xiaoliang didn’t have suitable clothes and was very troubled, maybe she had too many clothes.
  Xiaoliang is a fan of Qiao Zhe’s talk show. She really likes Qiao Zhe too much. Qiao Zhe is smart, funny, handsome, and looks bad, all of which are in line with Xiaoliang’s aesthetics, and Qiao Zhe has a mole on his eyebrows, with beads hidden in the grass. Xiaoliang especially likes this mole.
  Now, Xiaoliang has a QR code for admission in her mobile phone, which she asked a friend’s relative to help. During each live broadcast, this relative would squat where the cameras could not see, holding big-character posters, flipping them one by one, and suggesting words to Qiao Zhe.
  At ten o’clock in the evening, the show started. Xiaoliang hoped that there would be an interactive session, and prayed that Qiao Zhe would say, “Which audience would like to come on stage next…”, she would be the first to raise her hand. It doesn’t matter what you do when you come on stage, even if it’s drilling fire rings, flying forks, eating caterpillars, singing two-person dances… Xiaoliang is willing.
  The interactive session really appeared, Xiaoliang raised her hand hard, and she trembled in order to let Qiao Zhe see it. In fact, Xiaoliang knew that this kind of interaction should have been selected before, and there would be a specific candidate, but Qiao Zhe chose her.
  Xiaoliang rushed to the stage in three or two steps. She was so happy that she almost died of excitement. But unfortunately, the long skirt she finally decided to wear was stepped on by herself, and then she appeared in front of Qiao Zhe in a “dog biting” posture. Qiao Zhe had no choice but to say, “Girl, why do you have to give this gift.” He has the ability to save the world.
  Live broadcasts cannot be edited, and a fall is a fall. If you don’t have it all, you can’t make a code. “Dog chewing shit” has been seen by people all over the country.
  Xiaoliang was very depressed when he returned from the scene, and moved slowly towards the apartment like a black cloud. Walking up to the second floor, at the door of her apartment, a burly man was waiting. “Excuse me, are you a resident here?” the big man asked. Xiaoliang said: “Yes, I am, what is your job?” The big man scratched his head: “I’m sorry, my clothes fell on your balcony, can you help me pick them up?”
  Xiaoliang went into the house and searched on the balcony for a long time, but no clothes fell off. The big man said: “Hey, it clearly fell, I saw it fell to the second floor…” He just said to himself unintentionally, but this made Xiaoliang who was in a bad mood, “What do you mean? Am I going to depend on your clothes? Cut it!” The
  big man was blinded by her sudden outburst, he looked at Xiaoliang for a long time, and suddenly said, “I remembered, you are the…the one who fell. Girl…”
  Xiaoliang said fiercely like a basset hound: “Let’s go! Hurry up!”

  Next week, the talk show will be broadcast as usual, and some lucky live audiences will be invited to interact with Qiao Zhe on stage. Qiao Zhe sometimes teases them, sometimes makes fun of them, but in the end, he makes the people on stage very happy and comfortable. He is a great talk show actor.
  This time on stage, Xiaoliang took a closer look, it was that big guy! I saw him wearing the big red shorts that he cherished and found again, with that kind of dirty T-shirt, it really wasn’t ordinary dirt!
  Xiaoliang remembered that at noon one day after the first meeting, the big man was chasing his shorts on the lawn downstairs. It was rolling in the wind. He chased after him and shouted: ” Pants ! My pants!” At the end, the big man mentioned that he can Sanda, and Qiao Zhe let the big man show his hand, so he kicked his fists and kicked his legs on the stage. In those few minutes, Dahan completely took away the brilliance of the host and the guests with his inexperienced Sanda, making everyone dig their toes in embarrassment. Too open-minded, looks so fierce, so hard-working, so stupid.
  After Dahan finished the performance, he held Qiao Zhe’s hand excitedly and said, “Brother Qiao, I like your show so much, I have watched your show since I was a child, I, I, I…”
  Xiaoliang laughed, he was more than Qiao Zhe At least ten years old, still young.
  Because they lived in the same apartment, they would meet from time to time, and Xiaoliang also got to know the big man. After the suspicions were cleared, Xiaoliang realized that this man named Wang Yang came here from his hometown in the north on purpose. In order to have close contact with his idol Qiao Zhe, he has been stationed in the Radio and Television Compound for a long time and rented a radio and television apartment. 808 that single room.
  He quit his job, his girlfriend broke up, and he had a quarrel with his parents.
  ”Then how do you live? The prices here are quite expensive.” Xiaoliang said.
  ”Don’t worry, it will get better slowly.” Wang Yang and Xiaoliang were also very frank. He told Xiaoliang that he found that there are some foods in this city that foreigners like to buy, such as spicy tofu, spicy chicken feet, and spicy pig nose, so he usually broadcasts some spicy videos and earns living expenses as an anchor.
  Xiaoliang almost admired Wang Yang, but Wang Yang sighed: “Alas, I’m too busy every day to buy clothes. I brought these pants from the northeast. It’s a pity that they drifted away.”
  Xiaoliang said: “I will give you an artifact. With it, the red treasure trousers will never float away.”
  Xiaoliang went to the house and took a dozen of the clips for drying clothes to Wang Yang.
  Wang Yang said, “Thank you, Xiaoliang, I will always remember you.”

  Later, Xiaoliang and Wang Yang went to watch Qiao Zhe’s show together. They made a flash board with “I love Qiao Zhe unchanged for a hundred years”, and each took a plastic palm clap. They usually sit in the second or third row. Qiao Zhe once noticed Xiaoliang and asked the assistant who the girl was. The assistant said that she seemed to be the editor of the Agriculture Channel, as if she was a newcomer.
  The Agriculture Channel is the worst channel for radio and television, and the editor of the Agriculture Channel has become the most trivial editor. Xiaoliang is one of such editors. The people at the Agricultural Desk are all lazy. Sometimes at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the first person to go to work arrives, sees no one in the office, and leaves again. Xiaoliang slipped out to go shopping at work and no one noticed.
  This day was very different. Xiaoliang came to work, and her colleagues were full. She suddenly saw Qiao Zhe sitting in her seat, chatting with a colleague.
  What are they talking about? Such a big man actually came to her small office. Xiaoliang walked over, trembling with excitement. “I’m here to find you.” Qiao Zhe smiled like an elder, “There will be a group of enthusiastic audiences on the next show, and I want you to go. Come over to pick and arrange if you have time.”
  Xiaoliang said, “Okay. , good good!”
  ”Come on, add WeChat.” Qiao Zhe said.
  Xiaoliang couldn’t ask for it. He was so excited that his hands were shaking when he scanned the code.

  Xiaoliang later went to the show and was an enthusiastic audience member. He played very normal and didn’t fall down. Viewers all over the motherland have forgotten this girl who once “dropped a dog and chewed shit” on TV.
  Qiao Zhe will give Xiaoliang a voice during the program’s ad break. Or in the middle of the night after the show, when I drank a little more wine in the night market or nightclub, I chatted with Xiaoliang. He said that being a host is actually very hard, the scenery in front of people is beautiful, and the people behind are desolate.
  He likes to chat with girls like Xiaoliang, they are always very simple and gentle.
  ”Desolate? Why desolate?” Xiaoliang said.
  ”Look, the show is so late, and I don’t have a girlfriend, and no one cooks noodles for me.” Qiao Zhe drank the third bottle of beer and told a familiar lie.
  ”Oh.” Xiaoliang said. She wants to say, let me be your girlfriend.
  ”Xiao Liang, are you willing to be my girlfriend? Actually, you don’t know me well. You may think that being a celebrity is complicated, but it’s not like that. Sometimes I’m very lonely and lonely. You can see my scandals. Less.” When the time is right, Qiao Zhe will copy and paste this passage, change his name, and tell new girls, who are often very moved.
  ”I… I would, but…” Xiaoliang suddenly hesitated for some reason. Maybe this good thing came too quickly, maybe it was because the ordinary self was too unbelievable to get this honor, maybe it was… just rely on intuition, and then Silly girls also know that this is not a real relationship – not to mention love, even liking may not be.


  Qiao Zhe really doesn’t have a girlfriend, because once he has a girlfriend, he should be on the hot search. Therefore, girls like Xiaoliang are invisible and placed in places that cannot be photographed by surveillance cameras. Qiao Zhe asked Xiaoliang to wear sunglasses and a mask when entering and leaving his residence, as well as a baseball cap.
  After entering the room, he will say a lot of sweet words, because Xiaoliang is really cute, she is like a small animal, like a little sea otter, a little platypus or a little rabbit hozen, she is a little special, and he can’t bear to hurt her. .
  Such love is like walking on the edge of a knife. Xiaoliang gradually felt that he seemed to be nothing, that he had never owned anything. One day, Xiaoliang and the team went to the countryside to shoot the location. It was a village on a dam. The scenery was very good. There were terraced fields with distinct layers, and there were clouds that were as white as giant fat, piece by piece. , the distinction is clear. And the sun was so full that day that the sun was so blazing that the surroundings seemed to be still, like a vacuum. The companions walked ahead, and soon they were far away. Xiaoliang was walking on the road alone. She seemed to be lost for no reason!
  A car passed quickly behind him, another, and another. For a moment, Xiaoliang suddenly felt that he might as well die.
  If you die, you don’t have to go home, you don’t have to be invisible. Xiaoliang suddenly felt relieved, really, she never seemed to be so relaxed. Is love a yoke? If love is a yoke, then people are prisoners, who hasn’t loved? Who has not longed for love? But there are many types of prisoners. Some prisoners are very happy, while others like Xiaoliang are not.
  She didn’t go to Qiao Zhe that night, she knew that Qiao Zhe would not look for her either. But in order to prevent the 1% possibility, maybe it was just the little hope in her heart that had not been extinguished, she was afraid that Qiao Zhe would find her, so she did not go home and stayed at the hotel.
  Xiaoliang’s phone rang. The ringtone of the phone was Pachelbel’s “Canon”, which brought her back from another world, and it was Wang Yang.
  ”You have to help me. The clothes fell on your balcony again. This time it’s true. I’m staring right now. Can you help me pick it up?” Wang Yang said.
  ”I’m not at home.” Xiaoliang said.
  ”Where are you in the middle of the night? You won’t be alone, right? It’s too dangerous.” Wang Yang said.
  Wang Yang seemed to have telepathy with her. The hotel where Xiaoliang was staying was in the suburbs. At the moment of the phone call, she saw that the door button was twisted and then again…
  ”Come and pick me up…” Xiaoliang Against the door, about to cry.
  Wang Yang came to pick Xiaoliang back to the apartment. Wang Yang didn’t have a car, so he took an online car-hailing car, and they didn’t speak on the road. The driver’s master played an old song, Eason Chan’s “People Come and Go”: Who do you miss the most when you close your eyes, and who is next to you when you open your eyes.

  The story of Xiaoliang and Qiao Zhe, or in other words, that relationship ended like a wind without warning or a cloud that dispersed quickly. Qiao Zhe is still his big star, and he will also recognize many girls who like him, choose the cute ones among them, and be his invisible girlfriend. He won’t have a little moral apology, he even forgot that there was once a girl like Xiaoliang.
  Xiaoliang felt that she was getting more and more lonely. Sometimes she looked at the sky, the color of the sky changed from blue to gray-blue to dark blue to dark blue… Just like that, she stayed for a whole day. But every evening, someone would always call her or send her a WeChat message, “Aren’t you going to eat?”
  Wang Yang would drag Xiaoliang to dinner, the cafeteria or the food stall, and sometimes he would come to cook for Xiaoliang. Xiaoliang knew that Wang Yang was rescuing her, because if he hadn’t forced her to eat dinner, she might not eat a single bite of food or drink a sip of water a day.
  Wang Yang looked at Xiaoliang sadly. “You eat!” he said like an old father.
  She was like a little bird recognizing her life, huddled in the chair, and when she heard the call of her, she pecked at a grain of rice.
  One day, Wang Yang did not call or send WeChat to Xiaoliang.
  Another day, nothing.
  Another day, still no.
  Xiaoliang hadn’t eaten or drank for three days. She walked out of the office and into the scorching sun. The sun is so hot, but Xiaoliang’s hands and feet are cold, like the kind of meat that has been frozen in the refrigerator for a long time.
  She squinted, the outside was too foreign to her, the air was so hot and muddy.
  She suddenly saw Wang Yang walking towards her.
  He was carrying a big backpacker’s bag, had a shaggy beard, and looked like he hadn’t washed in days. He walked to Xiaoliang, his eyes were serious and firm, and then he took out a satin bag from his pocket. In Xiaoliang’s hand.
  ”This is a peace charm.” Wang Yang said, “I went to the mountains to ask for it for you.”
  The satin bag is red, embroidered with yellow and green patterns, peonies, magpies, bats, very beautiful. The talisman inside, which Xiaoliang could not understand, was written on a piece of yellow paper with a brush.
  But the packet was hot, even hot. Xiaoliang held the small bag in her hand, and her mind gradually gathered up and returned to her place.
  Xiaoliang said to Wang Yang, “Thank you.”

  Years later, Xiaoliang, like any other woman in the world, lived a peaceful and happy life. At that time, like all women of that age, she grew her first gray hair and woke up early to find a little pain in her knees or back.
  One day, she found the talisman in an old book, and she remembered the person she met in her life. He was a friend and a good person. Although he didn’t know each other for many days, he ran for her for three days to ask for a talisman, a particularly good talisman.
  He may like her, but that kind of like is not very human, maybe only he knows.
  Isn’t he the same Xiaoliang he used to be?
  Did he ever break down and couldn’t help himself? Did he cry or even hallucinate when he died once? How did he get over it? Xiaoliang doesn’t know.
  Xiaoliang just hopes that he is all well now, just like the day he first met, he is a man with joy, humor and courage.

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