When music falls in love with cars

  Beethoven said: I would rather write 10,000 notes than a single letter.
  And I, would rather use 10,000 words to exchange a note of Beethoven. But I know that he is not rare at all.
  What can be done? There is this inequality between great art and its humble fans.
  But I still worship devoutly, and believe that every time I write 10,000 words, I get one more note closer to the temple of music…
  Opening Haruki Murakami’s new work “1Q84”, I read the first chapter repeatedly. In the taxi, Aomame listened to the passages of Janacek’s “Small Symphony” – “Aomadou buried herself in the back seat, listening to the music with her slightly chinned eyes”; “Aomadou listened to the music while listening to the music. Imagine the gentle breeze blowing from the plains of Bohemia, and let your mind wander in the long river of history”; “What kind of person Yanacek himself is, Aomame knows nothing. But anyway, Janacek would never have imagined that a concert of his own composition would be listened to in a quiet Toyota Crown Salon on the heavily congested capital highway in Tokyo in 1984.
  ” One of the greatest joys in life: sitting in the car and listening to music.
  In the days when the bus was crowded, I liked to take the 68 bus around 2:00 in the afternoon. There were not many passengers on the bus at that time, and the radio would play some classic old songs, and the older drivers would turn up the volume of the radio. , Then, sitting on the bus, the mottled sunlight hit the window through the flowing leaf gap, as if it was a slow motion of Homecoming, leading people to slowly immerse themselves in the memories of old songs… Once, the radio station Zhang Yusheng’s albums, “The Sea”, “I Am an Autumn Tree” and “My Future is Not a Dream” were played in the car, and many people in the car sang along with them. Loaded to the same place without error.
  Every time I board a taxi, I ask the driver to call up the bandstand, and let the singing flatten like the road, surround me, and let me pass through. I once wrote an article with a very hypocritical text in it – “If you are sitting in a taxi, if you happen to be playing a good set of songs at this time, you will wish that your home is farther away. The car is driving in traffic. , The song passed through the bottom of my heart. So, your ordinary and busy days walked in the crowd and dust outside the car, and the ‘young practical cool silence’ deep inside you, in the longer time I will meet you”, the kind of music that came from the car unexpectedly, I call it “One Minute Music”.
  Finally, I also became a car family.
  When I brought my new car home, everyone else was busy putting film on the floor, floor mats, cushions, cushions, etc. But I first bought a CD case for myself, and it was the one with the most memory. I couldn’t wait to stuff the CDs at home one by one. Putting it in the box, I took it to the car in a hurry, thinking that I would soon be able to enjoy the comfort and freedom of sitting in the car and listening to music, I couldn’t help but want to laugh.
  My memory bank is a strange folder, which always contains some inexplicable video clips. For example, I can’t forget those people who sing while driving, like Wu Sang in “If You Are the One”, who sings Tanimura Shinji while driving The “Star”, the bitterness and sadness of living in a foreign land through gritted teeth, seeps out with the singing; and Jack in “Brokeback Mountain”, who drives to Wyoming to meet Ennis, and listens to the radio. The “King of the Road” was hummed together, and I snapped my fingers when it was sung… Maybe in my opinion, who had never been able to drive before, singing while driving was the only way to truly experience the fun of driving.
  When I finally said goodbye to my driving school master and sat alone in my car, I didn’t dare to start the car for a long time. I took a deep breath, took a deep breath, and still didn’t dare to light the fire. Then I remembered that Quinn in the movie “Taxi Queen” Latifah’s persuasive tricks to Jimmy Fallon – “Come on, relax”, “As soon as you start, you’ll be in the mood”, “Listen to the music”, “Sing it”, “Sing it out”, “Have a feeling? Drive now”, when Jimmy Fallon, who was singing loudly, finally stopped being afraid of the car, I also started the car while humming…
  I finally drive on the road, and I can finally listen to whatever I want without worrying about being disturbed by the radio host or the driver. Then, I found that, just like when I entered the movie theater, I realized that the movie was made for the big screen. Some songs, such as the songs of An Likui and Lady GaGa, really have to catch up with the speed of more than 60 miles before they can enjoy the music. The dynamic side of music. And when I listen to Michael Jackson while driving, I always feel that he is volleying a spacewalk and dancing on the hood of the car. It turns out that Mike’s dynamic can only be appreciated by moving.
  Sitting in the car listening to music, I am not the only listener. Since their children entered puberty, they have become taciturn, become rebellious, and begin to give birth to wings, wrapping up their own little world and not letting people enter. I didn’t know how to approach him, so I tried it out with music: I put on the CDs of Westside Boys and Backstreet Boys that he once liked while driving. He frowned and said, “What childish music! Superficial!” Putting on the CD of Savage Garden, which I like, he went on to criticize: “It’s called Savage Garden, the singing should be wild, how can they sing so softly?” I was in a dilemma and finally got angry. I closed the CD with a snap, turned on the radio, and listened to what he liked. Suddenly, he reached out to the radio from the back seat: “This is the song! This is the song!”
  The song that was playing was “Not Alone” from “Linkin Park”, and he started to tell me excitedly: it was “Linkin Park” for the Haiti earthquake relief song, “Lincoln Park” had a “music to the rescue” Website, they implement a “donation download” program, which is to download their songs, which is equivalent to giving love to refugees…
  Glancing in the rearview mirror at his rare grin, I said, “So you like ‘Linkin Park.'” He nodded. “But how loud their songs are!” He said quickly: “No, Mom, their songs don’t have a foul language, and they always care about some social issues, like “Kenji”, which is about World War II. Mom, you give Can I download the lyrics for that song?” It seems like it’s been a long time since he asked me to do anything for him, so I not only gave him the lyrics of “Kenji”, but also bought him “Linkin Park” ” and bought the DVD of their live concert… Now, every day when he is in the car we listen to “Linkin Park” together, songs that I would never have touched before, so I have the opportunity to watch To the heart that he folded his wings and hid: the tough singing grows like a tree, and grows to a wider and wider world…
  I love music when I don’t have a car, and I love it even more when I have a car. The scenery and the music are connected together, so that the music can communicate with the heart. Accompanied by music, drive on the road, and enjoy life to the fullest.

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